Starcodes horoscope for December 12 – 18, 2008

Starcodes horoscope for December 12 – 18, 2008

by Heather Roan Robbins

We’re rocking and rolling in history, the Full Moon in Gemini is ordinarily a chatty, nervous, holiday-festive Full Moon, but this one today, Dec 12, is high octane, we’ve felt it building all week. Not only is it a Full Moon today, but Mars conjuncts the Sun in Sagittarius, and as those two oppose the Moon, all three square Saturn and Uranus (which are also opposed) for a wild grand square. In a grand square we can feel hauled in four opposing directions or blown by the winds, sometimes feeling a precarious peace, but one that rips open if we loose our balance.

This also goes for our culture; this is a Full Moon to rip up history; truth before wisdom, action before forethought, we certainly can get excited. Situations that have been stuck can crack open suddenly. It’s a wild, anarchistic, anything can happen Full Moon, just watch it stirring up the streets of Europe, and notice the wild cards dealt in our own politics as hidden truths percolate to the surface. Sagittarius loves the truth, especially when it is mischievous. The mood is not angry, it is impatient wild and honest; anger only build where our truth feels blocked, but can turn into a productive, fresh wind where we feel heard and have room for action.

In our own, life, hopefully quieter than present politics in Greece or Illinois, this can make an office party interesting, or give us the challenge and gusto to live our life in a more honest way.  With the Sun and Mars in restless and fresh Sagittarius, our ambient holiday cheerfulness may be real, but can get easily strained. This is a physical aspect, Sagittarius likes to move. Once we get going momentum can really build and physical balance can be a dance; we can slalom down a slope or juggle presents if we pay attention, but drop all our packages if we loose our focus. Even machines feel this delicate balance, engines can get out of whack and throw a rod, so take clanking sounds seriously. Dance with the ice rather than slip.

In a more symbolic balancing act, notice how the balance of economic, political and social power is shifting footing. This can be a relief in simple ways as the power dynamics in a family could become more open and easy, or a working team more egalitarian and efficient. But missteps are all too easy when we throw Mars in the mix, the energy is extra irritable and impatient, and we need to make careful choices before we act.

We get astrological support for this needed careful thought as Mercury enters intelligent, determined Capricorn for the next few weeks.  Mercury in Capricorn adds tenacity, it can look at the down side, assess the problem and strategize goals, but it can have trouble being optimistic and imagining something better than what is already in place. We have to add the vision.

As the weekend begins, Mercury conjuncts Pluto for the first time since Pluto shifted to Capricorn; it acts as spokesperson for Pluto’s new agenda. We may see a break in communications which lets us know where the wire is weak or where the problem lives. Pluto brings tough, but probably honest, news, and keeps media focus on our world’s vulnerabilities, it helps us get real fast. We may find our mind chewing over some touch aspect of our life, deeply aware of what’s lost or leaving and what needs to be done in this next era, this next decade and a half as Pluto wanders through Capricorn. Look for clear signs around Capricorn issues, our work and our government, all the ways we organize and structure our life. Pluto calls for renovation now and intensifies this call through this Winter Solstice, when the Sun conjuncts Pluto.

With a little mistletoe thrown in between. There may be a rather desperate attempt to get us to spend money this year, and an equally strong desire to scrounge the last bargains in some efficient manor. But the best idea may be not to do a usual holiday but on a shoestring budget, but to revamp how we do holidays.  The tinsel tinkling can get high-pitched if we use our celebrations to cover concerns, but we can create beauty wherever we simplify and make it real.

So, as Mercury enters Capricorn and conjuncts intense and curious Pluto, let the mind go where tough work is needed, but don’t let it get stuck just looking under the rocks. Mercury in Pluto is also a deeply psychological aspect, it can get depressing, we may feel it’s hard to control some element of our life. But its gift is penetrating insight if we look past our first response and dig in deep.

Early next week as a square between Saturn and Mars perfects, our plans can feel uncertain as we work within a limited budget or with a limited color pallet; while this may be frustrating, we can still make it beautiful if we focus on what we do have, not what we don’t. After a few high energy, almost manic weeks we may feel tired or depleted; it’s time to take care of the immune system and rest up.

Towards the end of the week, our deadlines are rushed; we’re called on to work hard and clear the decks as the Moon joins Saturn in Virgo. We can get touchy about criticism, so let the pressure of the project breathe down our necks instead of a more human supervision .Scolding is tempting as a way of relieving our own stress, but assume we’re learning from our own mistakes. Watch the tendency to over extend, listen to and support the body, and look for beauty in the oddest places.

Friday, Dec 12 early morning crisis or energy released as the Moon peaks full in Gemini. Midday, recent urgency spawns new plans and deep determination as Mercury enters Capricorn and conjuncts Pluto.  Look beyond a temporary discouragement or superficial frivolity to understand a deeper truth and plan accordingly. Some will feel lightened after a recent deadline crunch and appreciate the now-scattering energies. It’s a great day for a holiday party, but there may be way too much sharp-edged honesty if the egg-nog flows.  If feeling stretched thin by opposing demands, make the most of the center; get people talking, gather info, and wait until the path becomes clearer. Evening we can talk, but, as the Sun squares Saturn, we may need to curtail plans because we’re tired or some responsibility looms. Be real with one another. Energy fades quickly close to midnight as the Moon enters Cancer and calls us to rest.

Saturday, Dec 13 nestle in, keep activities close to home. Regroup, reorganize, work on one’s nest under a domestic Cancer Moon and as the Sun sextiles imaginative Neptune.  Personal traditions and cultural richness adapted to changing times help us integrate the past, adapt to the future, and find comfort in change. We may feel swamped by people, places, or weather conditions and need quiet support. Art projects may not go as planned or need more technical support; relationships can be tested or supported by our willingness to work together in life’s chores. Certain defensiveness permeates headlines and interactions; we can choose not to let it run the show. Follow up on, but do not demand, any olive branches offered tonight as Mercury aspects Chiron.

Sunday, Dec 14, keep plans light and deal with what comes up; use the day to catch up, tend to loose ends and prepare for the busy weeks ahead. Work on some deeper challenges that are working their way to the surface.  Generous afternoon as the Moon opposes Jupiter breaks into a sociable if more personally demanding evening as the Moon enters Leo turn us up our need to feel seen and be heard.

Monday, Dec 15, it can be frustrating to work within the confines of what we’re supposed to do this morning, the inner teenager is feeling rather narcissistic, wants what it wants, just as the inner grown-up worries about what needs to be done. This may test our self-control on the holiday sales; let’s see if these sides can find a compromise. Tension between generations or between rebels and authority figures can intensify, but can be constructive if, instead of cracking down, we listen to one another.

Tuesday, Dec 16, brings the potential for creative solutions and creative personalities this morning as Mars sextiles Neptune; make rather than buy holiday presents. Finesse a conflict by encouraging our imagination, help us see the alternatives. Faith can stimulate action as Mars sextiles Neptune may it encourage random acts of kindness; any charitable act seeds the future, but watch for a tendency to misunderstand what’s really needed as Mercury semi-squares Neptune.  While this is great for storytelling, watch for scam artists. A maudlin streak this afternoon may be seasonally appropriate, but also may speak of a surplus of real feeling that just needs to be honored.

Wednesday, Dec 17, don’t just worry about some important issue or dealing, get to work as the Moon enters Virgo and trines Mercury and Pluto this morning. Anyone can feel under the gun or pushed by some newly-revealed flaw in the system, or missing personnel. Our real worries or wounds do need to be dealt with so they don’t need to enlarge.  Don’t waste time or morale faultfinding; encouragement and cooperative prioritizing get us a lot farther. This nervousness or doubt could read in financial markets and at the dinner table; it helps to focus on the healing possible.

Thursday, Dec 18 deal with one challenge at a time; our spirits feel better if we’re making progress, however small. Expect the unexpected; plans get tweaked and result in potential delays midday as the Virgo Moon conjuncts Saturn and opposes Uranus. Make adjustments while calm, get experimental; just hold still and stop flailing if nerves get edgy. Don’t make financial decision while the moods are swinging, nor tell off coworkers and so endanger the job, but do keep an eye open for an unusual bargain or other opportunity that may just solve a conundrum. Energy drops late afternoon, returns later with a touchy temper. Tonight, don’t say the true but useless critique; be kind.

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