Starcodes horoscope for August 13 – 19, 2010

Starcodes horoscope for August 13 – 19, 2010

by Heather Roan Robbins

Kick back and enjoy the peak of summer, our social life is calling but work is put on hold by the weather, vacations, and an exact opposition between Jupiter and Saturn. Although we can still plan ahead and make overtures for the fall, now is a good time to rest up and nurture our relationships, our web of community. We can light a spark and nurture healthy networks now that Venus and Mars are glowing together in sociable and friendly Libra, beautifully visible in the early evening sky.

This Jupiter and Saturn opposition is interlaced with this year’s big astrological news, as Saturn squares Pluto, opposes Uranus and changes our world. Jupiter moves faster than these guys and is just passing through. Whenever a corner of this T-square is struck, the whole pattern rings and big steps are taken to help us shift gears. Looking back through history we will see this time between 2008 and 2012 as absolutely pivotal in defining the future.

But each corner of this big pattern has its own flavor. Jupiter and Saturn act as social arbitrators; they express two balancing extremes of the social and political spectrum. Saturn symbolizes contraction, strength, tradition, walls, inflexibility, and potentially stingy, business, conservatism. Jupiter symbolizes the opposite, expansion, publication, global approach, generosity, potential enabling, and liberalism. We feel interactions between these two more in a cultural way than a personal way, and this week we can expect a temporary political stalemate as the pull between conservative and liberal elements seems to hit equilibrium.

So how does this affect us personally? We may have some great ideas to expand our life but find they run right into our harsher ideas of reality, and so we wonder if we can do it because of restrictions of responsibilities or resources. Some person, place, thing, or lack thereof, may seem to stand in our way and make our dreams difficult. Our desire to stay safe and secure may be challenges by our need to pry us out of the well-worn ruts of our life, no matter how comfortable, and expand our horizons. Our cushy and comfortable habits are challenged by a new need for personal discipline in order to live healthfully in the future. The challenge of this opposition is to find a responsible, fiscally sound way (Saturn at its best) to expand our world and generously help one another (Jupiter).

But meanwhile the lull this opposition can create lets us turn towards our social life, take the heat off it or heat it up in good ways after a difficult last few weeks. It’s time to be in this moment with one another. The better friends we are now, the easier the work ahead will be in the fall.

As far as Venus is concerned, love is art and art is love; creativity abounds this week and we can use it to heal the soul. Let’s relish the peaches of culture and the plums of summer’s bounty to store up memories of heat for the long winter ahead.  It’s a great week to pour our energy to a personal art project, or flirt and love because we have so much to give. Some people may feel needy in relationship as Venus and Mars crank open our hearts, or feel the need for companionship where solitude was once fine. This can add pressure to any relationship if we see it as the only outlet for our heart; we can get so tuned into the object of our affections that it feels a bit crowded.

If we’re feeling the need for love just when our friends or family need fresh air, it will help to pour our heart into other creative forms. Hug a dog, perform an act of charity or visualize the Gulf of Mexico healing. Find allies for a cause dear to the heart. Because our hearts can be more open than usual it’s a good week to visit difficult relatives or bring up a touchy subject that needs kindness and space to express. Weather may stay a major headline around the globe as systems stall our and storm up, caught in the crosswinds of the astrological T-square, but we can appreciate the beauty in every pleasant moment.

The weekend begins warm and sociable but broods more on Sunday and early next week. Resentment or jealousy can be a problem because we’re both reaching out and feeling suspicious at the same time. One may want to cuddle while the other needs time alone or a bit of privacy. Work with the golden rule and each other’s position will make more sense.

Friday, Aug 13: Enjoy this lucky Friday the thirteenth; lovely aspects this morning open our heart if we don’t load our life with dreams and expectations in response. Make the most of the moment, and it will bring bounty. Afternoon spaces out, brains quit early and a few moment of confusion can blow the schedule as Venus and Mars challenges Neptune. Tonight, summer-mind relaxes the schedule but stay present for important bulletins.

Saturday, Aug 14: During the daytime our attention wanders, but the mood is otherwise pleasant and cooperative. Night sharpens our edges as the internal needs and expectations crank up; we want what we want, get less accommodating and more pointed at the Moon enters Scorpio and forms a few minor irritating aspects. Music deepens, sarcasm flourishes; keep it compassionate. If emotions fill up and spill over, say less and dance more.

Sunday, Aug 15: Don’t count on luck. Reach under an externally cranky edge to kindness underneath. Small problems crop-up when we are rushed or irritable, or if we expect others to see things our way. Strange weather patterns are possible as the energy stalls out then speed up. But if we relax and go with the flow we can appreciate this thoughtful, sentimental day; share experience bonds more than trying to talk things out.

Monday, Aug 16: Although this is a buy day, nothing may seem to get done. Go ahead and walk in circles, don’t run, and know that progress is happening in its circuitous pattern. Or take the day off. It takes an effort to stay on task as the Scorpio Moon makes a series of aspects. Some longstanding difference can create cement as Saturn opposes Jupiter, but this merely gives it a form to work with; we can make more progress in the next few weeks once we accept the differences.

Tuesday, Aug 17: Footloose and fancy free is what we want to be, following the path of least resistance as the Moon enters Sagittarius and trines Uranus and Jupiter. Get off the beaten trail, find a new place, topic, or person and see what there is to discover. Minds are generally open but thinking fuzzily. Overtures are returned as long as we don’t ask anyone to work too hard.

Wednesday, Aug 18: Low energy and a mirage -like quality can distort our efforts to communicate as Mars challenges Neptune and the Moon squares Mercury. Assume the situation is more complex than it looks and the change needed is more extensive. Passive aggressive or secretly competitive and needy undertones can be the real bloc; differences arise even though it’s hard to deal directly with conflict. We may feel disappointed or tired in response, but progress will be made if we gently hang in there.

Thursday, Aug 19: Our dreams can take us to faraway places this morning; it’s hard to stay in the here and now as Venus challenges Neptune. Afternoon can bring a pragmatic backlash as the Moon heads into Capricorn, and brings new determination and a need to get practical and cope. Let’s not go overboard proving we don’t need anyone, remember people are as important as the project at hand.

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