Starcodes Horoscope for April 29 – May 5, 2011

Starcodes Horoscope for April 29 – May 5, 2011

by Heather Roan Robbins


If life is our garden, this is a good weekend to break new ground, plow, prepare soil, eliminate pests (organically, we hope) and rearrange beds. Next Tuesday’s New Moon in earthy Taurus is the most fertile day all year to set new seeds. The weekends under a busy, cross-pollinating Gemini Moon, time to water, guard and fertilize all those seedlings, no matter how busy we feel.


One more weekend of the jumpy irreverent enthusiasm and quick-flame tempers and circumstances of the recent super-saturated Aries qualities, and then we begin to calm down. But first we’ll need to move, shake, and experiment this weekend as the Moon joins Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Uranus in excitable, impulse-control-challenged Aries. Even the weather is stirred up, impatient, extreme, making a storm where a simple rain would do.


With five planets all in impulse-control-challenged Aries through mid-May, the mood is brave if reactive. We have plenty of time to initiate but really have to watch what we start. Aries makes us easily inflamed; allergies may flare, fevers spike, winds howl, and temper and romance sparks. We’d be seeing more revolution in the headlines if it were easier to coordinate people into a united front.


But we also have an unusual access to courage and can face odds which might feel insurmountable under other circumstances, though we may forget until we get going. With Mercury in Aries, direct, applying to conjunct Mars and Jupiter, deep sleep and true rest may be hard to come by or maintain, as our mind can run all over the place. If we’re feeling tired or fried, which can be another by-product of all this planetary fire, we can access this courage and energy by either reacting against a problem, or just get moving.


Maybe we’re not so mature. It helps to take an extra breath when we’re feeling reactive and invoke a wise response. The mood is generous, but we can be unconsciously self-centered. It’s so easy to think it is all about us. Aries is not malevolent, but it can be abrupt and ruthless. Notice that most interpersonal difficulties arise not out of meanness, but because someone is inconsiderate or uncooperative; their ideas of what should be done are different from ours, and maybe different from everyone else’s. But it could be our agenda that is the problem. People just won’t be doing what we expect from them, but if we drop our agenda, what they do produce can be awesome.


This intense, individualistic Aries lineup may test relationships; we need to give each other a little more room to be their gloriously eccentric self. It pays to be honest and direct with one another- but we need to say what we mean without exaggeration, as bridges burnt now will tend to say burnt. Enthusiasm brings people in, but control or confinement will repel them, and competition brings more of the same.


Maybe we’re not so mature. We need to take an extra breath and consciously add the maturity.


This weekend it can feel like responsibilities or traditions get in the way of our love and art-forms as Venus opposes Saturn and Mars conjuncts Jupiter. It will feel good to put some muscle into a good cause or creative enterprise, learn a new technique or put some solid effort on to our creative expression.


Fierce competition adds to spring training fervor this weekend. Opportunities can feel as thick as pollen, including the opportunity to argue. In reality, a bit of personal disciple mingled with spacious compromise can helps us grow. Explore, but do not take any safety short cuts. Keep an eye on the weather both for sunshine and for flashes of severe weather.


Midweek is stubborn, fertile and hardworking. Plant those seeds for the future, whether those are resumes, phone calls or tomato seeds. As the week ends it’s time to meet and greet, flirt, disseminate what we’re doing and find out what everyone else is doing, but not get so distracted that we forget to tend those recently-planted seeds.


Take advantage of this productive time. Many seedlings will sprout right away. In a few weeks, we’ll need to weed out all but the few plants and plans that look strongest and most ready to grow. But for now let’s garden life with care and enthusiasm.


Friday, April 29: People are emotional and touchy this morning. By midday we may find that we either get fed up or actually finish one cycle and need to start something new as the Moon enters Aries and conjuncts Uranus. It’s time to get on with it and make changes at home. Make quick comments around work in progress but don’t waste anyone’s time. Afternoon mood is distractible, spontaneous and combustible; friction builds where we work against the grain. Tonight, reach for something completely different, just watch out for hotheads and wild winds.


Saturday, April 30: Be curious. If we’re not too busy, we have a potential for a breakthrough this heartfelt morning. Our interpersonal judgment tweaked, avoid testing one another or building stories to explain any weird feelings, explore what’s really going on instead as Venus opposes Saturn. Let go of plans and be present to the moment, work towards something beautiful. Nap through a tired spell this afternoon as the Moon opposes Saturn. Interactions sing tonight if we stay in the moment as the Moon conjuncts Mercury.


Sunday, May 1: Strew someone’s path with flowers, do something courageous or outrageous. Optimism inspires action, so what overture, do we want to proffer, and what do we want to instigate as the Aries Moon conjuncts Jupiter and Mars. Communications gets screwy and fanciful midday as Mercury semi-squares Neptune, participate in creative practice but fine tune signals. Watch the weather.


Monday, May 2: We may feel slow of the mark this morning, our bodies seem to slow down and take root, and may want to savor the sunshine or need pragmatic care as the Taurus Moon sextiles Neptune and the Sun challenges Saturn. Basic disciple helps us stay on track and not drift away in dreams. Keep it slow and steady, deal with concerns this afternoon as a thoughtful melancholia sweeps past when the Moon trines Pluto. Prepare to plant tomorrow.


Tuesday, May 3: This Taurus New Moon (12:50 am MDT) is the most fertile planting day of the year, so let’s make the most of it and be careful what seeds we sow. The mood is willful, stubborn, people ride their groove and do not change lanes easily. Leave words that could sprout into anger or divisiveness alone, and reach for more fertile seeds. Pitch proposals, change habits, launch product. Applaud all good efforts.


Wednesday, May 4: The conversation picks up on this nervy, telepathic day; follow through on yesterday’s beginnings. Respond to leads. People are more open to subtleties and willing to dream along as the Gemini Moon squares confusing, imaginative Neptune. Push a pawn forward late afternoon as the Moon sextiles Uranus and lubricates the gears of change. If sleep is fugitive tonight, jot down notes of the details, hopes and fears, and explore images of rest instead.


Thursday, May 5: After early morning aches and edges, the day buzzes productively. Many pots begin to simmer and need tending, we may feel spread thin, but a little energy put into a lot of different projects will keep doors open and the momentum up. Work-related conversations further this afternoon, let them know we’re serious and have what it takes as the Moon trines Saturn. Finalize details. Understanding flows tonight if we open to one another.


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