Starcodes horoscopes for week of December 21 – 27, 2007

Starcodes horoscopes for week of December 21 – 27, 2007

by Heather Roan Robbins

For those who celebrate, Happy Winter Solstice Dec 21 at 10:56 pm MST. At this time of year it’s traditional to go back to our roots and familiar cultural celebrations as the Sun enters Capricorn. It’s time to remember where we came from and be nurtured by our traditions. And take on the next layer of family karma-slogging.

There’s an extra level of holiday magic in the air this weekend as artistic Venus squares imaginative Neptune increases our sensitivity and decreases our realism. It adds a beautiful spiritual glow but we can naively romanticize whatever sits in our blind spots.

Misunderstandings, or our tendency to over-sentimentalize conditions, can be dangerously confusing. The road may still be treacherous even if moonlight glows across its sparkling surface, and the lovely creature at the bar may have heart just as cold. One person’s wafting holiday mindset can irritate others less patient as Mercury opposes Mars; this aspect picks up the pace and intensifies speech, makes us more impulsive, but can add an irritated, accident-prone edge unless we stay awake, aware and open hearted. Let’s safety enjoy the sparkling beauty and sentimental hearts, and prepare for a very busy week ahead.

This could be a pivotal week for some as one chapter complete and seeds of the next one are sown. The Sun, Mercury and Jupiter and Pluto all swirl around one another, and three out of four enter Capricorn (Pluto is a few weeks behind), which suggests a real change in temperature, a shift in agenda which will resonate a long time.

We feel the weight of what we owe the world as these planets shift into responsible Capricorn. Our work beckon, but not the usual busywork; Capricorn asks us what is our true profession, our Dharma, what do we owe the changing Earth and all sentient beings. In a minor form it can make us wonder if got the right holiday presents, or leave us distracted by worldly duties or the changes we’re contemplating.

Just before Christmas the Full Moon in deep-feeling, domestic, and sometimes crabby Cancer intensifies our family dynamics whether we’re with blood relatives or projecting old patterns onto total strangers. Under this Cancerian influence, it’s easy to long for an ideal, or expect too much our of our family. And, equally Cancerian, if we feel impossible expectations are heaped upon our heads, and know that we just can’t live up to their ideals, we may be tempted boycott the event and not even try. Remember that, too, weaves karma between.

It helps to reminisce together, but look at one another with fresh eyes; don’t waste time in old and difficult patterns as first Mercury, Sun, then Jupiter oppose Mars. If crankiness piles up, it can feel good to get physical, as in a long walk, not a fight. Look for an opening to have a real talk, not to dispense advice (so tempting in Capricorn season,) but a talk about what’s really going on as Mercury trines Saturn. If we can drop our expectations (and forgive them theirs), enjoy their company, and laugh with their eccentricities, it can be a very cozy time.

By the end of the week we’ve had enough with the family, now we want to tango with friends and strangers, and the stranger the better as the Moon heads into Leo. Macho Mars opposes Jupiter which makes for great debates and snow ball fight that just won’t quit. It turns up the volume on competition, assertion and, in worst cases aggression, just as a few Neptune aspects fuzz out our rational thinking. It’s a great time to be on an active vacation, a magical world between the worlds, where we can stretch our soul and our muscles, and not strain our relationships. Sibling rivalry or a fight for attention can send us to our least mature places if there are not enough outlets for healthy competition and exertion, but we can redirect it into a search for our personal best.

Friday, Dec 21 energy winds up as the day progresses and Moon enters Gemini while Venus sesqui-squares Mars. Don’t take disjointedness, or occasional social awkwardness, personally; appreciate a puppy -like enthusiasm in the air. If a serious note seeps into the conversation, our heart is more there than we may like to admit. A highly social evening can expand our community; reach out and connect.

Saturday, Dec 22 brings a dreamy morning though our judgment may be off; great conversation with an impatient, rushed edge midday. If a disagreement brews, check for misunderstandings or false assumptions but protect their pride in the process. Easy surface conversation glistens over deeper feelings. It’s tempting to long for an idealized reality, then become impatient with, and so miss, the beautiful flawed gift of this moment. This evening we can present our most potential-filled selves as the Sun conjuncts Jupiter.

Sunday, Dec 23 a moody morning could leave us tired or aching for missing warmth. Rest, take care of self and check in with the soul in the midst of seasonal buzz. The Full Moon at 6:15 pm MST can really stir up the heart; old emotional issues vibrate but we can make better choices. Do not enable bad family dynamics, but kindness to self can translate into compassion with others, and vise-versa. Tread carefully on territorial issues.

Monday, Dec 24 a dangerous impulsiveness and crankiness early on Christmas Eve as the Sun opposes Mars can move into coziness in the afternoon if we prioritize tenderness, comfort foods, and familiar people. Camaraderie matters, the details do not; relax and let go of the illusion of a perfect holiday. Extend a familial hand to those without home at the moment. A pleasant twist on old themes tonight as the Moon trines Uranus can help us release the past and honor this moment’s beauty.

Tuesday, Dec 25 respect traditions; history feeds our soul. The deeper the better, older than the grandparents if possible, as Saturn whispers to us of ancient wisdom. Enjoy serious and sane conversations, just avoid the temptation to tell others what to do (unless begged for advice) and don’t take it as an insult if others are not so restrained; it’s a natural, if not effective, outpouring of love under the aspects. Let go of the family and seek peers this evening as the Moon enters festive Leo.

Wednesday, Dec 26 Mars opposes Jupiter just as the Leo Moon brings out our gregarious and competitive nature; all the puppies want petting and all the children need praise, all countries want to be right. Redirect this into exploration and a contest with one’s personal best; boldly snowshoe where no one’s snow shoed before. Just hold the spiked eggnog before the adventure or the argument as an intoxicating Sun-Neptune semi-square can fuel misperceptions. Better to turn its glamour into great storytelling. We are loved in proportion to the attention we offer, not demand

Thursday, Dec 27 another morning between the worlds, let go of the plans and look for the adventure. Be consciously diplomatic this morning, kindness weaves a deeper unspoken connection. Avoid entertainingly true, but uselessly tactless, comments as Mercury semi-squares Venus. Artistic and technical work needs attention. Tonight, we ache for more, can take our work deeper or reevaluate our life with fresh eyes and a new sounding board. Let the conversation unfold without trying to fix their problems. Unwind; renew health as the Moon enters Virgo.

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