Starcode horoscopes for September 17 – 23, 2010

Starcode horoscopes for September 17 – 23, 2010

by Heather Roan Robbins

We have some changes to make and are ready to get serious about it as the two emotional planets, Venus and Mars conjunct in intense, focused Scorpio and sextile transformative Pluto all while Jupiter conjuncts change-master Uranus. Scorpio plays hardball; it‘s time to wrestle and work with our passions.

Scorpio energy can get curious on a good day, suspicious on a bad. It is a Scorpio paradox that we can feel unusually curious about others but need unusual amounts of privacy ourselves. This edge can fuel conspiracy theories and reaction will be intense when someone, whether mate or government official, does something unpopular. Protest will be serious, storms intense, and retaliation could be a real problem.

For the next few weeks we may have less sense of humor about our feelings, sharper edges when crossed, be much clearer about what we want and don’t want but less likely to share easily about our feelings casually because they are so deep.

We get to look at our most primal feelings or may feel them leaking upwards into our psyche. Our revenge fantasies can be as intricate as our desires as curiosity or depression calls us to look beneath the surface. To pretend these primal impulses are not there won’t help; if we repress then they just get stronger and run us unconsciously. But we don’t have to let them run the show. If we’re honest with ourselves about what we’re feeling, we can choose whether or not to act out; wanting to twist someone’s head off or to kiss them passionately is not the same as doing so. We can acknowledge them with a rueful smile but call on and act from our more evolved and integrate core.

Relationships will be muskier, more serious, possessive and less flirtatious, with more unspoken non-verbal communication. We want to be alone until we don’t, then may want to connect intensely. We may bless those who can walk with us in companionable silence. In all relationships we need to hold one another with a gentle hand, not tighten up or push away, and learn to be, to paraphrase the poet Rilke, two solitudes who protect, touch and greet each other.

This emotional focus can also confer a boon; it can help us go deep in our studies or help us concentrate on something we really care about. We can throw ourselves into research or some detailed project and see it through.

Friday broods as we react to an influx of new information and get a clearer picture of what is going on for the season. The weekend is more communal if stubborn under an Aquarius Moon, it’s a good time to build new connections, investigate our resources and possibilities, and get serious about working on a project. People may be open-minded but aren’t feeling particularly cooperative, and will work best together here with a shared goal but allowed to go off in their own world and work at their own pace. Practice that companionable silence.

Any helpfulness is useful, because the changes are coming as Jupiter exactly conjuncts Uranus this week. These two conjunct last June, retrograde back and tag again now, and conjunct one more this cycle next January. They last conjunct in 1983 and 1997. Together they usually initiate a jump in technology and cultural difference that change the texture of daily life.

Jupiter and Uranus can take us on a wild ride filled with unexpected twists and turns. It initiates an exciting time, filled with opportunity and new things well worth trying but we have to watch a tendency to want to throw out the past. Many voters will want to throw out anyone in office and elect someone new this year, regardless of the track record of either, but astrologers would ask that we look to see that any change we make is actually a change for the better.

Our world is changing, the generation gap is growing, and the next step of this change, this growing fault line between the past and future by social habits, technology, and the general zeitgeist, will be clearer after this week. It is not time to get stuck in our petty side; this is the time to direct the changes with passion and evolution.

Friday, Sept 17: Feel the competent, focused, if grumpy vibes; we can make great progress on agreed-upon goals, but a controlling or willful streak can make compromise challenging. Grim attitude is anti-social but helps us handle real challenges. Energy surge late afternoon helps us complete. We’ll tend to hold onto this determined streak tonight and process about work, strategize, achieve some short term goal, or party with determination.

Saturday, Sept 18: Morning can be cranky; if we don’t agree on what needs doing, best we smile and accomplish on our own. Productive explorations; moods get worse if we sit still, improve if we learn, do, or fix as Mars sextiles Pluto and Jupiter conjuncts Uranus. No one wants to be told what to do, efforts to manipulate are more obvious than we think and will backfire, but honest requests are considered. Our hearts may feel tweaked later in the day as Moon squares Mars and Venus, we cannot be in two places at once, but need to act with open-hearted responsibility.

Sunday, Sept 19: Notice the urge to change things, to clean, unite, transform. Just don’t try to this to those nearby this morning. Later our community relations flow more comfortably though we can be blind to the needs of those closest as the Moon enters Aquarius and the Sun quincunx Neptune. Higher energy evening, sharp-edged humor and deep stories help us collaborate on a change, familiar gatherings need to take on a fresh meaning or we have less patience with them.

Monday, Sept 20: A dreamy, creative morning can leave us slow of the mark, but this allows us time to heal or fix a tear in relations as the Moon conjuncts Neptune. Dreams may have sifted contents overnight, so check in to see where minds changed over the weekend. It saves time later to get everyone on the same page before proceeding. Tell stories this afternoon, and let the mind wander this evening.

Tuesday, Sept 21: Recent discombobulations can catch up to us and require rest and patience even though we may feel the urge to expand or bite off more than we can chew as the Sun opposes Uranus and Jupiter under a Pisces Moon. Let’s not judge what we’re going to do next base on our sensitive nervous system today. Don’t look too far behind or ahead; stay in the moment and deal with it well.

Wednesday, Sept 22: Simplify life. We’re still feeling sensitive so extra kindness will help. Surplus emotions don’t need to stop us; we process better while busy, though this may seem paradoxical at the time. Push plans forward a step at a time. Tonight is a portal, a gateway to understanding if we tune into it as the Sun enters Libra just after midnight MDT. Happy Autumnal Equinox.

Thursday, Sept 23: The world is hopping in the first day of fall under a Full Aries Moon. It is a day to launch an enterprise, though energy is blustery, erratic; we go far if we work our sails carefully. People are flammable and excitable, want to run with their own ideas and can’t hear ours too well. Enthusiasm can turn to anger and back again in a flash unless we stand back and work with the flow. Go for it: start something wonderful.

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