Star Wisdom and Earth Wisdom by Gene Andrade

Star Wisdom and Earth Wisdom by Gene Andrade

Earth Wisdom: One Man’s Spiritual Journey (The Wisdom and Spiritual Insights Series) (Volume 2)

Star Wisdom: Principles of Pleiadian Spirituality (The Wisdom and Spiritual Insights Series) (Volume 1)

Review by E. Maceri

These two books, which are called “The Wisdom & Insights Series Volume 1 & 2,” by Gene Andrade, share an amazing amount of helpful spiritual insights.  Star Wisdom presents an overview of life from an extraterrestrial viewpoint that, paradoxically, is very much down to Earth.  The reader is presented with a universal set of seven timeless principles to guide both the individual and society as a whole, which diverge significantly from what we presently practice in our Earthly philosophies and religions:

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1.  Oneness:  instead of duality and multiplicity (God, Christ, Holy Spirit, multiple religions, etc.) there is the principle of oneness.

2.   Eternal Evolution of Spirit:  instead of Heaven and Hell (or Nirvana and Samsara), there is the principle of eternal evolution of spirit.

3.  Self-responsibility:  Instead of saviors, avatars, gurus, popes, and priests, there is the principle of self-responsibility.

4.  Unconditional Love:  Instead of the often false and fickle emotionalism of Earthlings, there is the principle of unconditional and abiding love.

5.  True Balance:  Instead of the chaos, fanaticism, and imbalance so characteristic of the individual and societies on Earth, there is the principle of true and real balance.

6.  Truth:  Instead of dogmas and falsehoods, there is the principle of truth. 

7.  Equality:  And instead of the widespread discrimination, suppression, and repression of women and minorities, there is the principle of equality.”

The author goes on to state, “These seven basic principles provide the foundation for a philosophy of life that is conducive to real spiritual growth and harmonious transformation of both individuals and society as a whole.”

Even though this book is based on information gleaned from direct personal encounters between a poor Swiss farmer and extraterrestrials, the information is not only fascinating, but the practical applications are very helpful. After reading the uplifting material in this book,  I find myself now seeing life differently, in a better way.  The vicissitudes of life don’t seem quite so chaotic—everything seems to make more sense. The spiritual principles give an underlying rationale for life’s ups and downs.   I feel more peaceful and accepting of the way things are now in a world that, when presented to us in the daily news headlines, often appears to be spiraling out of control.

Earth Wisdom is the second volume in this Wisdom & Insights Series and offers numerous insights and novel ways for individuals to work on themselves in a spiritual way.  After briefly giving an overview of his life and relating his own intriguing experiences with different teachers and gurus over the years, the author proceeds to give some direction from the spiritual wisdom he gained for himself.  And this I found to be the most interesting material, as it offers useful practical methods that really work when applied to one’s daily life.  Andrade jumps into a series of techniques for helping to stay balanced in a crazy world.   He lists nine basic principles of spiritual growth and then presents three different ways of applying them Andrade encourages the reader to question how these principles are being lived in one’s life and how they balance each other.  Using many beautiful diagrams and drawings to guide the reader, he urges one to reflect on one’s life and see the underlying causes of mental, emotional, and spiritual disharmony and exactly how to achieve true balance and happiness.

In my opinion, these two books are invaluable in discovering the wisdom and insights so necessary for a life well lived, for a life of genuine joy, and, most especially, for a life of true value.  I highly recommend Star Wisdom and Earth Wisdom for the curious reader who is looking for practical and useful spiritual guidance, which has the potential, one person at a time, to change our world.

Earth Wisdom: One Man’s Spiritual Journey (The Wisdom and Spiritual Insights Series) (Volume 2)

About the author, Gene Andrade:

I am a lifelong seeker of truth and wisdom. For many years I studied with a famous spiritual teacher who glorified yoga and meditation. When I realized that I was out of touch with my feelings, I then studied with a teacher who glorified emotions. Feeling bored after a few years, I then studied with a teacher who glorified the mind. Awakening to the reality that all are equal and that nobody should be followed, I finally went my own way. Now I follow my own heart and look within for the light to guide me on my path. 

These two books are the distillation of what I have found to be helpful and true.  After 50 years of searching and seeking for spiritual understanding, I can testify that the Truth is simple and obvious.  It is just our minds that cloud our vision and seem to obscure our own innate wisdom.  It is my experience that spiritual practices are necessary for illumination and personal growth.  Earth Wisdom is my attempt to share what I have found helpful in my own life.  Star Wisdom presents an overview of how life can be harmonious, balanced, and conducive to maximum spiritual evolution.  It is my hope that you find the insights in my books to be helpful in your own journey. ”


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