Star Journey Symbol System – Unique and Modern Self-discovery Tool

Star Journey Symbol System – Unique and Modern Self-discovery Tool

Review by Michael Wall

How often does a truly unique and different method for personal reflection and inspiration come along? The Star Journey symbol system, first released in 1984, has once again transformed itself, and offers users an easy, empowering set of tools for self exploration, decision making, understanding relationships and more.

The original core elements of Star Journey are a series of 96 simple archetypal images, and a geometric grid called “The Circle Pattern”. When first published, the images were a deck of cards, which was the mechanism for random selection. Recently the methodology for accessing the system took a quantum leap through the creation of an interactive virtual world within which the symbols can be encountered in real time. (More on this below.)

The symbols are simple and rely on familiarity for interpretation, in contrast to needing to study or memorize pre-assigned meanings. For example, the Pearl might suggest the idea of beauty, value or incremental growth depending on the perspective of the querent.

Each image is related to one of seven distinct “Levels of Living” that describe aspects of the inner landscape of the mind or psyche and their related cycles of growth, such as the Star symbols (fundamental energies of the self), Gifts (innate abilities) or Keys (life lessons learned through challenge).

In addition to the right-brain oriented visual imagery, there are also Keywords and a brief descriptive text for each symbol, supporting those who wish to augment their experience with left-brain information.

The Circle Pattern is a wonder of sacred geometry that offers a map of the interrelationships between the various symbols. The Pattern reveals connections and influences between the symbols by proximity, as well as by the placement of a given symbol in regions like the “Gateways” (similar to houses in astrology) and a ring of related Stars, which represent twelve archetypal energies.
These many layers of symbolic, contextual, and relationship interaction provide for easy, yet rich and complex stimulation of ideas and insights – without the prerequisite course of study necessary to systems like the Tarot, Numerology, Astrology and the like. One of the things I like best about Star Journey is that it reinforces that the answers are already within us. The system simultaneously demystifies and teaches a process for looking within that will be accessible for anyone regardless of religious or spiritual orientation.

Back in 1984 I was already a long time student of the Tarot – and the Star+Gate system, as it was then called, immediately proved itself to be a superior tool for insight. I especially valued the unique map of consciousness it offered, and the way it helped me understand human dynamics. Sometime around 2002 I began wondering what had happened with Richard Geer (the author of the system, including a book “Star+Gate – Keys to the Kingdom”). Periodic searches on the internet turned up nothing new about the system or Geer until 2009.

At that time I found the Star Journey website. ( To my delight, I found out that the 96 symbols were now available on-line, complete with their own random generator. But that was just the tip of the iceberg!

There was now an entire 3-D virtual world where one could go (via an “avatar”), and roam around, encountering the symbols on a magical island in virtual space. Star Journey island exists in “Second Life” and is – once again – something entirely unique in the world of symbol systems.

Upon arrival in Second Life, one goes to the Star Journey starting area where there are 12 portals, each one leading to one of the broadly themed Gateway Galleries. In these ever-changing galleries (featuring the art work of some of the world’s finest digital artists), you continue your inquiry via any number of methods that lead you out into the island itself, and the various symbols (and many adventures!) Imagine scenarios like asking a question, and then finding yourself looking at a huge pile of stones blocking your path. As I considered the meaning of these apparent obstacles between me and the situation I was considering, I came to the conclusion that the “message” was that there were alternate paths to my goal. As I turned, and began to walk away, all the stones tumbled to the ground behind me. Quite a confirmation – with the extra emphasis of interactive sight and sound!

As with any new technology, there is a bit of a learning curve as one figures out how to build one’s avatar, and then navigate through the island. Richard Geer’s partner in Star Journey is Vanessa Taylor who is the main designer behind the Island. She or Geer are usually online, and on the island, and can provide all the assistance one needs to get started. Further, the two of them offer free real-time classes in how to use Star Journey several times a week!

There is much, much more awaiting your interest in the universe of Star Journey, including a really great iPhone app, on-line user forums, live phone consultations, Geer’s new book Star Journey – A Cosmology of Self, an on-line personal Diary of Discovery and much more.

Star Journey continues to grow and expand. I’ve learned that Geer is now planning a multi-player version for use among friends on social media, such as Facebook and Twitter.

If you are someone interested in a whole new approach to tapping your intuition, gaining new reflections on life and living, learning about a fascinating map of consciousness… then Star Journey is an adventure well worth considering! And now you can choose your mode of use. Whether it be interactive symbols on its website, reading Geer’s new e-book, using the app for the iPhone, or fully immersed in a 3D virtual world with symbols, Star Journey will bring you to new insights.

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