Stages of Life

Stages of Life

by Shaman Maria Gurule

“Purple Fields of awareness flashed before me . . . I recaptured the innocence and beauty of that day so long ago when I was a four-year-old filled with inner joy. ”
Shaman Maria

I live in Colorado Springs, Colorado, at the foot of Pikes Peak and near the Garden of the Gods. Adjacent to the Garden of the Gods with its majestic red rock spires and spectacular views is Glen Eyrie. General Palmer, the founder of Colorado Springs, built the impressive castle for his family in the 1930’s. The pristine, sprawling grounds, tall pines, lush gardens and wandering wildlife make it a haven when undisturbed by crowds.  Because it is adjacent to the Garden of the Gods, one feels the flow of energy between the two natural wonders. After General Palmer’s death, his family gifted Glen Eyrie for public enjoyment. The current owners are The Navigators who use it for workshops and Core Wilderness Training.  It is one of my favorite places to visit. Its air of mystery and gorgeous surroundings help me clear my mind and get perspective.

Today I needed it.

Glen Eyrie was particularly inviting this morning. The hazy mist added to the surroundings and produced within me instant feelings of surreal proportions. Living in Colorado Springs, I had not realized that this incredible place existed. One of my group participants began work for the Center of Creative Leadership and she took me there to explore the site.

The Bighorn’s Gift

Strolling up the path toward the waterfall today, I relished the essence about me. It would set the tone for my day and make accomplishing mundane daily activities bearable. Wild turkeys walked about undisturbed as they searched for food. The bighorn sheep atop the hillside resembled immobile sentinels placed there by ancient lords who revered them.

Bowing to the impressive masters of the hillside, I sent a telepathic thought of admiration for their beauty and their ability to walk on rough terrain and stone. A seasoned shaman, I decided to call on their medicine; so that it would become a part of me. A trained shaman undertakes this measure as an act of power. It is only after mastering the world of shamanism that this becomes a gift of power. By undertaking this act of power I would have the ability to walk through the rough terrain swiftly and sure-footedly as they did.

A mystifying exchange took place when the alpha big horn lowered his head and his light amber eyes met mine. It was as if he understood my proposed intent of merging with his medicine. When the big horn below began to move farther up the hillside, our fixed gaze broke as he joined the herd. The magical connection energized me physically. My body became lighter and my precise movement ensured rapid ascent to the waterfall.

The sounds from the stream that cascaded alongside the trail became pronounced, bringing me calmness. I chuckled silently because I was driven by my anticipation to reach the waterfall. I acted like a horse on the home stretch. Soon the towering stream of water cast droplets upon my face and a gentle breeze caressed my body. Perhaps by meditating at the waterfall, I would receive answers to my disconcerting questions. I felt fortunate that I  had been the only person on the trail, and now at the waterfall, I knew that my private time there would be short-lived.

I thought about the bighorn sheep and was grateful at the fast-paced record time it had taken me to arrive at this tranquil location. I stood there surrounded by the essence of the cascading waterfall, thankful that the power of nature enveloped me. Then I chose a huge flat boulder and sat down. Closing my eyes to absorb the magnificent sounds of nature enveloping me, I soon felt a peaceful embrace. The pressing questions that needed resolution were soon forgotten and I saw myself running gleefully in purple iris fields. The scene was so real that upon opening my eyes, I realized that I had experienced a visual image from my childhood.

Years of experience had taught me that when memories surface and telltale dream indicators pop up like highway markers, I must pay attention. Certainly there was a foretelling about past events, present situations or future indicators. The sound of the cascading waterfall and the chirping of the birds became a vibrant concert.

Taken from the book “Pachaqutec: The Transformation of the World” by Marie Gurule, Shaman Teacher.

Shaman Maria believes that together we can change the course of history for the earth. This is Pachaqutec-The Transformation of the World. Shaman Maria is an Astrologer, Spiritual and Life Coach, and Personal and Business Counselor, and provides spiritual consultations with the Goddess Amulets and Tarot. She is clairvoyant, clairaudient and clairsentient. She helps people to change their lives and has succeeded in designing services that will enhance the quality of your life. Maria is available for book signings, lectures, workshops, radio and television interviews. Maria has earned international recognition and serves clients worldwide. She has been featured in major international newspapers, radio and television. Maria’s website is

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