Spiritual University: Individual Learning Sequence

Spiritual University: Individual Learning Sequence

By Dr. Stewart Bitkoff

Each traveler is a unique being and as such has an individual learning sequence.  All travelers are on the path to completion.  This is the Divine Command and the mission for which each soul was created and sent out into the universe.  Each soul is to travel and return more complete so they can reign in Kingship.  The universe governed is oneself and when one has become master of self- other responsibilities are added.

Before encountering a teacher, each traveler must undergo preparation. Often this  involves searching within them self and the world.  Looking for an answer to the burning question within: the traveler is not satisfied with what has been encountered.  Still there remains a yearning, an inner emptiness which is pushing the traveler toward the Source. This burning must be relatively free of self-interest and what will be gained from the search.  The Teaching will not enter a house that is filled with self.

Because the Teaching emanates from another dimension; it operates within a framework and structure that is different than ordinary classroom preparations.  In familiar learning structures, the sequence and course of study are fixed.  For example, if a student is interested in learning mathematics, they sign-up for a class at the local high school or community college.  There is a text, the teacher meets with the students twice weekly for 60 minutes and depending upon complexity, specific mathematical problems and exercises are taught and learned.

In higher studies, the structure is less rigid and learning occurs when there is something to learn.  For months, the traveler may follow specific exercises and tasks to little or no effect.  Then one day, because of a coming together of factors, learning is imparted.  This learning is neither cognitive or emotional.  A different level of energy is involved and the student perceives something finer, more subtle and holistic.

In contrast to academic presentations, higher learning occurs in a flow more uneven, and occurs sometimes at levels that may not be consciously perceived.

Another technique used is the scatter method.  Whereby a number of ideas are presented in different ways: dropped, picked-up again, restated and dropped again.  Collectively, these learning impacts call to the higher consciousness and come together at the intended time and form a deeper, more lasting impact.  In this method, over time the material is absorbed, coming together at the right time, in the right place and with the right people.

This form of learning requires a highly skilled teacher who can assess each traveler’s individuality and specific learning pattern.  The course is always individual and based upon the teacher’s assessment and requirements of the Teaching.

*          *

Each traveler is a one of a kind, original, expression of the Source.
There never has been
Nor will there ever be someone exactly like you.
You are a multi-level being
Traveling through the worlds
Expressing who you are.

O traveler, learn about your self.
In this activity there is greatness.

*          *

Why do travelers have so much trouble accepting
They came into this world to grow closer to the Source.

While our activity in this world serves a multitude of purposes;
In some respect it will have been wasted
Unless we come to accept this unifying principle.

*          *

Beyond words and desires there is an underlying Reality
That unifies all things?  This Reality and the method to perceive it
Is the birthright of humanity.

In their journey through this world,
Most travelers become distracted and fixate on all manner of things.
In a sense these things become their reality
And then have no need of anything higher.

*          *

That which is formless
Takes on a physical shape,
So we may know it.

*          *
Brief is our stay in this world.
Yet as we disconnect
From our higher nature,
These hours seem like an eternity.

*          *

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