Spiritual Sight

Spiritual Sight

by Stewart Bitkoff

That which is permanent is seldom known to the five senses. It must be perceived by another capacity. Until this capacity or organ of perception is awakened, we are like children playing with fire. Sooner or later our actions create problems for us.

The completed individual, or enlightened one, is able to temper their expectations with reality. Often it is our reaction to daily events and not the events themselves which pose the lasting problem.

We must learn to view and accept what is present; not what we want or expect to be present. By clouding reality with expectation and desire we shift off center. This lack of balance, in turn, prevents us from perceiving what is before us.

This capacity or necessary ‘attitude’ to view what is actually there may be learned. It is the birthright of humanity and is taught to those who are capable of using it in the proper way. This spiritual sight is a matter of function; it becomes available so it may be used to benefit others. By learning to view what is actually present, we are then able to perceive higher or spiritual realities which manifest in this realm.

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