Spiritual Author Focuses on Healing and Self Awareness

Spiritual Author Focuses on Healing and Self Awareness

The Portal to the Hidden Sun is a visual manifestation of KA Chinery’s book, “Perceptions From the Photon Frequency,” a forty-year culmination of sacred wisdom that had come to her in what she describes as “the internal dialog between the ego and Soul.”

After publishing her book in 2013, Chinery created the mystical place to share her quest with others in discovering the infinite potential of their higher Self. Conducting group meditations along with a unique method of individual restorative therapy, Chinery tunes in to the collective energies to understand and reflect the diverse truth of humanity.

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“Truth cannot exist within one single view. To find the highest understanding of truth, all possible angles of perspectives must be contemplated.”

“The hidden Sun represents the higher Self within—the divine Light that is emerging through the evolution of human existence,” Chinery explains.

“As we observe the ever-changing universe, we can understand the evolutionary unfolding of ourselves. This understanding enables us to live with greater ease, appreciation and insight into the magnitude of our divine existence.

There is divinity in everyone and I am compelled to enlighten others to this incredible light that shines within.”

Chinery created the room as an artistic expression of what exists “beyond the veil of the illusive reality.” The walls and ceiling of the room are covered with a custom mixed metallic gold paint combining select metals and minerals. The energetic components of the environment are designed to neutralize negative electromagnetic fields that can cause discord within the mind and body.

Chinery chose “gold” to promote the visual association of ‘alchemy’, a medieval science and philosophical theory that one can transmute base metals into gold.

“I believe that everything within our perceived reality is clue to a more intricate understanding of our higher Self,” she states, “and through life experiences we are given the opportunity to ‘transmute’ our struggles and confusions into wisdom. To me, this is true alchemy.”

Since she was a little girl, Chinery was fascinated with the notion of what lies beyond human perception.

“I had much difficulty in school, frequently being reprimanded for daydreaming, although I never saw it as daydreaming; I was simply ‘processing my reality’—interpreting the microcosmic metaphors into the macrocosmic Self. It’s a deep, self-reflective process, which is why it took me over forty years to complete my book; but it has given me amazing insight and understanding of human existence.”

At five years old, Chinery began having [conscious] out of body experiences, which inspired her search for a broader perspective. “I spent many years searching for the truth of my perplexing existence, wondering why there are so many religions and philosophies. At times, I felt lost and discouraged, but through the years I came to realize, that what I thought was a fruitless search for enlightenment was really the incremental process of awakening. The road to enlightenment is a gradual acclimation to the Light through many layers of belief. Only from an ever-expanding consciousness can we understand an ever-expanding existence.”

Chinery recalls one of the most memorable and powerful revelations that came to her as a child in an out of body experience. “You are a crucial thread in the fabric of the collective Soul. Your thoughts and beliefs affect the energetic flow of the macrocosmic state of being. Truly know thyself and you will know the power in the energies you sustain. Through the process of karma, you have come here to grow, experiencing trials and errors to gain wisdom through the complete radius of understanding. Your life force is driven by your will to expand into omniscience, the infinite potential of what you truly are. What you currently adhere to as ‘truths’ are the building blocks of awareness in an eternal expansion of being. Your limited scope of right and wrong, of good and bad, are only illusive labels of ego-based insistence, lacking the broader view of a much greater understanding. As your perception broadens, you will understand the elements of being far beyond your current awareness. With the realization that your perception is unlimited, you will know that your potential is infinite,” Chinery interprets this revelation as the recognition of God.

“Everything is in the now,” she adds, “The past has given us wisdom to understand our existence and what it means at this very moment. Although it will inevitably change, we are always in the current of perceptual expansion.”

Chinery continues to see the world through a lens of metaphors.

“‘Right now’ is our masterpiece, a truly unique work of art that we have been working on our whole life. This masterpiece has been meticulously created with a lifetime of experiences—an artistry of human experiences, painted with failures and triumphs, emotional milestones of joy and sadness, and beautifully framed with wisdom. Because art is subjective to the observer, there really is no superior judgment of it, only wisdom to understand it.

“We are all artists, creating our lives through our thoughts and actions. Leonardo da Vinci described art by saying, ‘Art is never finished, only abandoned,’” thus, Chinery adds, “each moment is an opportunity to add to the beauty of the canvas, a crucial task that can only be carried out in the present.”

Chinery designed the Portal to the Hidden Sun to replicate the visuals and sounds of her out of body experiences. An immersion of sensory stimuli creates sensations of flight and deep introspection. Using light/color therapy, solfeggio tuning forks and ambient spacemusic, Chinery evokes an awareness to the wisdom that is hidden beneath the conditioned mind.

After becoming certified as a Reiki practitioner in 2012, Chinery discovered new pathways to healing through therapeutic touch, energetic transfers (through elemental conductors) and sound and light frequencies. During her sessions, Chinery “tunes in to the Divine energies and becomes a conduit for self-healing.”

Seeing a direct correlation and response between sound/light frequencies and Reiki, Chinery has developed specialized techniques based on personal, scientific and esoteric research, enhancing her practice with a unique process of energy conduction. Using crystal bowl sound frequencies, Chinery can tune in to the client’s chakra system to determine imbalances and blockages. She uses gem-stones and precious metals to direct and absorb conducive and obstructive energies to and from the client’s body and auric field. With this technique, the client can experience awareness to the higher Self.

Chinery believes that healing can only be attained by the self; a task that must be carried out through proper effort, awareness and energy currents (but guidance is often needed when there is confusion and/or energy blockages). Her ability to find the divinity in everyone and everything allows her to tackle life’s most difficult challenges with wisdom, clarity and understanding, which is her main focus during her sessions. Above all, Chinery believes that the active practice of such virtues successfully manifests healing through the energetic focus and clarity of mind and body.

Throughout her book and healing sessions, Chinery affirms, “you have the ability to realize the infinite potential that exists beyond the confines of conditioned thought; and with this realization, all things are possible.”

Perceptions From the Photon Frequency


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