Spirit guides, automatic writing and how prayer saved me

Spirit guides, automatic writing and how prayer saved me

by Kay Christy

I believe in guardian angels, spirit guides and the power of prayer. I have personally witnessed how these connections can help other people. For myself, I was skeptical and a quasi non-believer in the beginning. My left-brain would take over and says things with sarcasm. I am not proud of it, especially since using prayer and affirmations saved me in my darkest moments.

At first, I thought card reading and psychic development was a novelty and a hobby. I went to psychic fairs and metaphysical stores looking for people advertising something I had never heard of. At these stores, I wondered if I had a sixth sense. Psychic and intuitive development had captured me. I began practicing with a deck of playing cards and a pendulum. I learned astrology, numerology, took classes in psychic development and worked with a tarot card deck. My confidence grew and friends began asking for readings. I am a natural helper and loved the connection we were making with spirit and spiritual principles. In addition, friends reported feeling helped and comforted by the spiritual messages I offered. I noticed peaceful and calm mindsets for all of us as the readings unfolded.

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In the early 1990s, I met a woman who does angel readings and uses automatic writing to communicate with her guides and angels. I had never seen the automatic writing process or watched someone communicate with his or her guides directly. I had seen mediums and psychics commune with those who have died, but not those from other realms.

Another surprise was that she suggested these guides could help in my daily life. Not just the big picture in my life, but also all the activities in my day. I realized at this point that I could use an active connection with spirit guides and guardian angels to enhance my daily life. A window of awakening opened in me and changed the trajectory of my life. I started writing daily and practicing this craft of communing with my guides through automatic writing. I express gratitude often for the patient teaching and kindness I received as I was shepherded to a higher consciousness of thought. After logging many hours of practice, I realized I had become proficient in automatic writing and was communicating daily with my personal team of spirit guides and guardian angels that I choose to simply call guidance.

I had found a spiritual tool to use as a daily compass pointing me in the direction of God. I kept my true north calibrated to the divine presence of spirit and self-healing. I then directed my personal conversations as positive and hopeful. The automatic writing process provided this comfort for me. When I began writing for others, they reported that it provided the same feelings for them. The conversations with myself became positive, which immediately boosted my self-esteem and self-confidence. When my thoughts drifted to a well-laid pattern of worry or anxiety, I inserted the affirmations and prayers I was writing as a way to stay focused on health and happiness in the present moment.

During a 10-year period, I wrote several hundred affirmations and longer pieces that I call prayers. I hear them when I write as individual words and phrases or sections of the whole. When the writing is complete, I am able to read it in its entirety and understand the context and spiritual meaning. As my personal ritual became writing each morning, I noticed I felt inspired, hopeful and oddly calm in response to daily stressors.

A swelling feeling of desire grew in me to share this work with others. I hope that individuals will feel relief and peace. I really do believe that when we are at our lowest points in life, affirmations, positive thought and prayer can bring some measure of lightness to the darkness. Today, my troubles and worries seem to pass quicker. This is because I have practiced inserting spiritual thought and positive affirmations when I turn to an old habit of fearful thinking.

I am so grateful to my early teachers for guiding me to this intuitive gift that is innately mine. To be able to hear these beautiful messages through writing has helped me and saved a few of my closest friends. It is my greatest desire to help people who are suffering or have survived the crashing reality of addiction, betrayal, failure and loss.

About The Author

Kay Christy is a life coach who has been in recovery for more than 30 years. She received a bachelor’s degree in business from The Evergreen State College and a master’s degree in behavioral science from City University of Seattle. She resides in Olympia, Wash. For more information, please visit www.giftsfromguidance.com.

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