Sound Healing with Sonic Entrainment

Sound Healing with Sonic Entrainment

by Ed Preston

Sound healing has been practiced in cultures worldwide for thousands of years.  When most people think of sound, they are actually thinking of a range of vibrational frequencies, and more specifically most are thinking of the frequencies, between 20 and 20,000 cycles per second, that human ears can normally perceive.

In order to better understand the concepts discussed in this article, you will need to stop thinking about sound as being the equivalent to what the normal human ear can perceive. It isn’t true. If it were, then you would be able to hear a dog whistle.  Think of sound simply as vibration that can be measured in cycles per second. When you think of sound in this way, it is clear that there is more sound out there than simply what humans can hear!

Our “scientific” understanding of how sound can influence the human body is based on physics, and this understanding has improved dramatically over the past 100 years.  Many people are now aware that concentrated sound, just like the concentrated light in a laser beam, can be fatal. They know this because various law enforcement and military agencies have developed sound based weapons. Far fewer people have stopped to consider the potential healing properties of sound.

Major breakthroughs in our understanding of sound actually began in 1665, with the great physicist Christian Huygens (known as the father of theoretical physics), when he accidently discovered the concept of “entrainment”.  By observing pendulums Huygens noted the tendency of two objects vibrating at different fequencies to vibrate at the same frequency when brought close enough together.

The principles of entrainment theory have become essential to many scientific fields such as chemistry, neurology, biology, pharmacology, medicine, and astronomy, to name just a few. One of the most exciting uses of entrainment is the field of psychology, especially in the area where the studies of brain states, meditation, metaphysical experience, sound and healing merge together. At this intersection of disciplines it turns out the ancient mystics have been right all along!

If everything that exists is vibrating, then everything around you at this moment, including you, is making a sound, even though you may not be able to hear it. That’s right, the desk, the chair, and the plant sitting in the corner are all making a sound.  From this understanding the the human body can be thought of as a finely tuned orchestra, with each organ playing its own special role in the symphony. In physics, the state at which any object naturally wants to vibrate is called resonance. If everything has a naturally health vibration, including you, there is the possibility that the body can be returned to a state of perfect resonance (using sonic entrainment therapy) whenever disharmony develops.

This insight alone is amazing enough, but our understanding of sound now goes far deeper. Those who study brain states have learned that the frequency of 7.8 cycle per second — a brainwave frequency that straddles the border between Alpha and Theta, corresponds to what is known in physics as the Schumann Resonance, and also just happens to be the natural electromagnetic frequency of the Earth — is associated with deep meditation and metaphysical experience. Tibetan monks and Shamanic practitioners in indigenous cultures are able to reach this state, or even deeper, quite easily.

It’s a very different state of mind from the high stress world most of us live in. That world is dominated by the brain state known as Beta, which corresponds to any frequency over 12 cycles per second. While Beta is a very active brain state associated with short term problem solving, anxiety and stress, the Alpha/Theta junction is associated wih relaxation, creativity, extra-sensory perception, and physical rejuvenation.

These insights have opened many new questions about what is going in the human brain.

As practitioners began working with the ability of sound to produce different brain states, they came upon another important discovery: when two frequencies occur at the same time (known as overtones) human brain waves will have a tendency to entrain to the difference between the two. In effect, they were able to induce a state of deep consciousness awareness and balance the two hemispheres of the brain, simply by presenting two sounds, with a difference in frequency of 7-8 cycles per second, at the same time. Furthermore, they discovered that the experience of the individual in this brain state varied widely depending on the intention they carried with them.

The ramifications of that are tremendous. If human consciousness can be induced to experience deep meditation, then sonic entrainment therapy may literally hold the key to universal enlightenment!  It’s now possible to download tons of amazing meditation music from the Internet that has been produced using these principles. It all has one thing in common: you can’t dance to it! That’s because great dance music is mathmatical and linear. Your brain is able to anticipate the beat. The best meditation music is always non-linear, but somewhere in the background you will notice a “wobble” effect that is produced by the overtones. How fascinating that many instruments used in traditional religious rituals (Tibetan tingsha bells are one example) produce two vibrations that differ by 7-8 cycles per second.

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