Soul Journey Festival Features Out of Body Experiences

Soul Journey Festival Features Out of Body Experiences

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astral projectionOut of Body Experiences will be the focus of a metaphysical festival to be held in Southern California next month.

School of Metaphysical Healing Arts and Sciences presents the Soul Journey Festival Workshop on November 21, 2015 includes Keynote Speaker and Clinical Psychologist, Author, and Researcher, Dr. Carol Francis and nine experienced teachers and practitioners presenting over 33 exercises which can lead to out-of-body experiences such as Astral Projection, Remote Viewing, Shamanic Journeying and Energy Body Shifting and more.

Soul Journey Festival a 2-6pm workshop is followed by spiritual counseling, readings, psychic work, complementary alternative healing services from 6-8pm at additional costs.

About some of the Teachers and Practitioners at the Soul Journey Festival Workshop in Irvine:

Certified Transpersonal Hypnotherapist Christina Gikas will conduct soul journeys through altered state of consciousness so that the experiencer transcends time and space as well as explores personal issues from a transcendent point-of-view.

Gera Farkas as a Certified ThetaHealer®, Angel Therapy Practitioner®, Reiki Master, and psychic/medium will explore communing with Angels in an out-of-body state. Seeing and talking with Angels is a common phenomenon reported by individuals who have had documented near-death-experiences.

Debbie Durrough, a Reiki Master and Intuitive Numerologist, will conduct energy-body exercises that ground, clear, and energize chakras, activate inner rhythms and inner healing processes which enhance the experience of the nonphysical and physical dichotomy.

To establish optimal physical, mental and soulful attitudes that support out-of-body experiences, Jade Elizabeth will lead the group in three arenas of release: energizing and healing through Earth and Physical body work, Love or Heart Chakra emotional release, and mental clarity through Divine energy.

About School of Multidimensional Healing Arts and Sciences

SMHAS brings the study of consciousness to those seeking a broad range of spiritual, metaphysical, or alternative experiences which are both personal and scientific. Both campus and online video classes are available to students. SMHAS provides students with high value courses woven together with integrity, universal wisdom and heart-centered energy. Classes are taught by a large number of passionate, diverse teachers. Classes include meditation, automatic writing, energy healing, psychic development, intuitive painting, hypnosis certification, channeling, conscious nutrition, parenting, past life regression, Reiki, relationships, A Course in Miracles, metaphysical classes and many more – up to 80 classes per month and different certification programs. Holistic Fairs on the fourth Saturday of each month are combined with other dynamic programs such as this Soul Journey Feast. School of Multidimensional Healing Arts and Sciences is located at 18271 Mc Durmott West, Suite H, Irvine, CA 92614

About Keynote Speaker Dr. Carol Francis

As a Clinical Psychologist, Marriage, Family & Child Therapist, Certified Medical Hypnotherapist, and Reiki Master, Practitioner of Astral Projection, Remote Viewing, Shamanic Tools and researcher of spiritual or nonphysical psychological phenomenon for almost 4 decades, Dr. Carol Francis weaves empirical research in various fields of psychology, neurology, and biology with many spiritual and western life-enhancing tools. This workshop reflects a portion of her research which is also presented in her book, Your Soaring Phoenix and Spiritual Gurus, Spiritual Paths, Your Choice.

Dr. Carol Francis presents this workshop throughout the nation, and this Fall, 2015, she is presenting in Southern California providing a course which combines her Shamanic studies from Peru, with Remote Viewing, Astral Projection, Channeling, Light Body Activation, Heart Center Expansion Healing Work, Brainwave Entrainment, Reiki, Vibration/Movement/Sound Work, Kriya Yoga, comprehensive Divination/Synchronicity work and, of course, her grounded scientific 38 years of work as a mainstream, western psychotherapist and Clinical Psychologist and empirical researcher into metaphysical phenomenon combined with neuropsychology.

Dr. Carol Francis has authored 11 books, 3 of which reveal multi-layers of metaphysical tools which evolve individuals and their daily multi-layered materialistic/metaphysical existence.

Her radio show with hundreds of thousands of listeners, features scientists, health professionals, metaphysical explorers, and political activists. For example, Dr. Carol Francis interviews experts in Psychological Tools, Remote Viewing, Astral Projection, Meditation, and Psychic Phenomenon as well on her radio show Dr. Carol Francis Talk Radio podcast at Those interested can listen at, Dr. Carol Francis has also provided instruction on Astral Projection Techniques on YouTube: Spiritual Journey Tools with Dr. Traditional psychotherapies are also provided by Dr. Carol Francis and she can be reach at






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