Soaking in the Energy of our Environment

Soaking in the Energy of our Environment

By Sherrie Dillard

In recent years we have become aware of how the mind-body-spirit connection affects our health.  Leaders in the field such as Dr. Andrew Weil and Deepak Chopra have pioneered this path. We more fully understand how our emotions, thoughts, and daily choices of diet and exercise affect our overall wellbeing.  We know emotional and mental stress can decrease our overall stamina and immune system.

We are becoming more aware of how to protect ourselves through mind-body-spirit activates. These include meditation, yoga and eating healthy food.  Our thoughts and emotions are so powerful and important to our overall health that the Mayo clinic has developed a plan to teach people how to replace negative self-talk with positive optimism.

We are more aware than ever that our thoughts, emotions and the environment affect our health. But what of the more subtle energy that we are constantly surrounded by?  Can others’ thoughts and feelings and the energy of our environment impact our health and well-being?

Most of us have had the experience of walking into a room of people and feeling a certain stirring or queasiness in our stomach. At other times we feel elated and energized when thinking of an upcoming event. We may have had the experience of spontaneously thinking of a friend and have accompanying feelings of stress and tiredness. Later we hear of a difficulty that they were experiencing. We might think of a relative and feel warm and happy and later be told of a recent success in their life.

A friend of mine related to me that she recently woke up from an unsettled sleepless night feeling anxious and stressed.  She told me that there was nothing in her life that would have caused these feelings. That was until she got to work and heard the announcement that her department was soon going to suffer massive lay offs.

Every day we unknowingly receive intuitive awareness, without knowing why or how it happens. Spontaneous moments of intuitive insight bypass our logic and reasoning. We are naturally intuitive. Our intuition is always at work. Our intuition is always busy absorbing and interacting with the world around us.

Our intuition emerges through four basic modalities. We may receive intuitive information emotionally, mentally, spiritually or physically.  We all have innate intuitive receptivity. As we become more aware of this part of ourselves we can use our intuition in ways that enhance and support our health. When we are unconscious of the ways that we absorb energy we are more prone to take on the emotions and thoughts of others. We are also more prone to be affected by stressful and negative situations. Becoming aware of how we intuitively connect with our environment is good health for our soul and body.

Our intuition can also connect us to the rich treasure of our inner wisdom. It helps us to tap into life giving and healing energy. As we become more aware of our innate intuitive type we are more able to make choices that support our overall health and wellbeing.  We can then utilize our intuition in ways that support and improve our health.

Daily setting aside a time for quiet listening within allows us to let go of stress and negativity and replace it with positive and life giving energy. We can further reinforce this calming state by doing an intuitive body scan. Simply close your eyes and take a few long, deep, relaxing breaths. Continue to breathe and relax.  Then draw your awareness through your body starting at the top of you head. Scan your body and become aware of any place where you sense or feel any stress tightness or tension. Pause and breathe positive life giving energy into these places. Listen to your inner wisdom and pay attention to any feelings, thoughts or impressions that surface.

It is normal to not always understand what impressions you receive. Just keep breathing in positive energy.  Continue moving your awareness through your entire body noticing where you might be tense, listening and then breathing in positive energy.  When you have fully scanned your body, imagine brilliant divine white light completely surrounding you.  This white light protects you and shields you from any negativity and at the same time continues to clear and cleanse you.


Sherrie Dillard is a pastoral counselor, clairvoyant-medium, author and teacher with an international client list. She has been featured on television and radio for her work as a psychic detective and medium. Sherrie is a popular speaker and retreat leader, both nationally and internationally, and teaches intuition development at Duke University. Sherrie is the author of the book, Discover Your Psychic Type, (Lleweyllen Worldwide, 2008), and a soon to be published book on Intuition and Relationships. She has produced several healing and visualization CD’s. She has a M.Div degree in spiritual psychology. For more information visit

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