Simple Chakra Rehab

Simple Chakra Rehab

By SunTiger

To invite more color, creativity and psychic ability into to your life, it’s good to exercise the body’s seven primary chakras; power centers from which spiritual and life-force energy flow. Simply treat those chakras to any of the following easy meditation or clearing techniques and you will soon be zooming down the fastest track for acquiring the most magical and expressive talents, growing more vibrantly and spiritually gifted.


First Chakra: this red (tail-of-spine) chakra is all about feeling safe, secure and confident. It has to do with a person’s sense of survival, since, on some level, we know our vulnerabilities. Human bodies are red meat, after all. To recharge this chakra, meditate on the lowest part of your spine as though it were a super large and round, very bright, tail-light, perhaps one from the back of a large Harley Davidson motorcycle. This glowing red orb represents your life force energy and makes your strengths seem ominous to the world when you allow it to expand and radiate fully. If this chakra is diminished in any way, nothing else matters (one must first feel safe before any other soul productivity can happen).

Second Chakra: this (below-the-navel) orange energy permits us to celebrate all that is juicy and sweet to the senses. It pertains to creative expression with fantasy and pertains to sexual and creative passion. Visualize this chakra as that most plump citrus fruit in the sky: the Harvest Moon. Mentally explore it by pulling that orange moon-energy down into your lower abdomen, feeding your life force. This is the chakra that allows you to address emotions: feeling happy, joyful, guilty, sexually aroused or sad.

Third Chakra: golden-yellow (under and inside the lower-ribcage). Just as the brightness of our Sun enables sight and nurtures seasonal growth, this chakra is powerful for launching astral travel and “feeling” intuition. Pay attention to this “inner sun!” In meditation, allow it to expand beyond your body. Empower its rays to burn off anything that might feel intimidating, demeaning or restrictive. With its bright warm radiant glow, explore beyond the building and to the outdoors. This inner sun has a fiery heat. Feel your power! This chakra is where your future success are manifested!

Fourth Chakra: this green thumb (heart energy) nourishes everything that grows as it affects intuition and love. The Earth is greenest when well-watered. Take care to exercise compassion and love by doing something thoughtful for others. When someone is not acting kindly towards you, plant a virtual hedge to protect this heart center! Visualization: imagine yourself fully successful, feeling utterly adored and admired by others as an accepted and contributing member of society. Notice how this heart chakra feels as you conjure and focus on love (being loved completely) as you always were meant to be.

Fifth Chakra: ocean-blue (throat energy). Just as humans speak and listen through this chakra, so all the animals of the sea consume and eliminate in the same blue water. Not speaking your truth will soil this chakra and clog its flow. It’s important to listen to what others are saying and it’s also really wise to hear what your body and soul also desperately need to say. Take care to speak truthfully and kindly – free-flow with honest communications to keep this chakra clear .

Sixth Chakra: purple and dark blue (center-of-forehead energy). Like Merlin’s robes, or an emperor’s clothing, this plush and magical chakra is rich with psychic abilities. I often visualize breathing in and out again through my forehead. (The exercise helps receive greater psychic-clarity.)

Seventh Chakra: white (crown energy), where we connect with the divine. Smell the fresh and soft scent of white linens just cleaned and line-dried by the most superior of all laundry care.  Imagine that purest scent coming down as a great cone of power beaming more brightly than any high powered light bulb know to humans. Feel it shining warmth into your body from above. As white hair can symbolize wisdom, so this chakra is where you connect most deeply with any higher power and the divine.


  • PENDULUM DOWSING: This technique requires a partner. With one person reclining, as the “patient,” face up or down makes no difference, the assistant with the pendulum can dangle a button from a string (or employ a commercial pendulum) over the resting individual. Starting at the first chakra, watch the pendulum for movement. Then move the pendulum to the second chakra, below the navel, watching for movement and on up from the third to the seventh. When the dangling pendulum does NOT move in a circular pattern over a particular chakra, or when it moves very little, it means there is a blockage to be removed.

One word of caution: when clearing blockages near the heart center, the “patient” may have an emotional release and cry or otherwise expresses extreme joy. Do not feel alarmed. This is a normal process for healing.

To remove any blockages from a chakra, simply hold the pendulum tightly and with purpose, swing it counterclockwise very fast in a circular motion above that chakra. (Be careful the swinging pendulum does not hit the patient or fly from your hands!)

Allow that counter-clockwise swinging pendulum to slow naturally until it comes to a near stop. Then, grasp the top of the pendulum’s chain or string with your free hand and gently drag that hand down the pendulum’s shaft and over its bulb. Then shake that hand far away from both the pendulum and the patient, mentally releasing the negative energy that previously blocked that patient’s chakra.

THIS NEXT STEP IS VERY IMPORTANT! With the chakra now “cleansed” spin the pendulum CLOCKWISE over that same chakra. This is to channel divine-healing energy back in where the counterclockwise swirling created a vacuum to release negative energy. When the pendulum comes to a natural stop, you can check the chakra for movement again. The pendulum will definitely begin to move freely and show no signs of blockage. This, after all, has been my experience and I’ve done many chakra clearings.

  • HYPNOTHERAPY: A hypnotherapist can guide you to open and expand chakras while you are in peaceful trance. Working with your subconscious mind, hypnotherapy is the only way I know of to clear and address issues and concerns that may have arisen from previous lifetimes.
  • REIKI: Locate a Reiki circle to have your chakra’s “treated” with Universal life force energy or else pay a Reiki Master to give you a private healing session! Many Reiki circles are offered as a free service by practitioners who merely want to gain more healing experiences!
  • WEARING COLOR: As each color vibrates at a unique frequency for healing, so wearing a red outfit will enhance the red root-chakra, wearing orange will feed the second orange chakra, wearing golden-yellow will enhance the sun-energy chakra and so on. Quite often, humans feel drawn to wear a particular color not realizing their body needs its vibration for greater emotional, physical, spiritual and mental health.
  • SOUND: Your chakras are very reactive to any external environment. Playing Tibetan singing bowls, chanting and humming will release any negative energy. Whatever music you listen to will have a positive of negative effect on your physical and astral bodies; equally as much as breathing clean air and eating healthy food. Playing a meditative CD or finding a number of quality “chakra chants” will also help! (e.g.
  • MESSAGES IN WATER: as Researcher Masaru Emoto explained in his book: The Hidden Messages In Water simply taping a label to a drinking glass, water bottle or pitcher of water, can either enhance or diminish the water’s cells inside, depending on what message is written on that label. Since our bodies are largely comprised of water, it might be a good idea to write ‘vibrant chakra health’ and taping the label to your skin. You will also want to stamp your drinking vessels with affirmations such as: “I am vibrant. Enjoying life fully.”

SunTiger is a freelance writer, artist, psychic and healer (e.g., Nationally Certified in both Hypnotherapy and Massage Therapy; a Reiki Master, offering metaphysical healing). In addition to teaching metaphysical courses, SunTiger is very active as an environmental volunteer.

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