Shattering the Aura Color Mythology

Shattering the Aura Color Mythology

by Josh Schultz

There is a popular sentiment among many spiritual seekers and beginning meditators that certain chakras and auric layers have certain colors – or that certain colors mean certain things. You’ve heard it before: red is the color of your first chakra and green means love…This is a completely misguided and inaccurate way of looking at an aura. What red means to me is going to be different from you; and what red means to me will change depending upon the context it is in.

The color of your aura changes often. This is the reason that in psychic readings the reader must periodically check to see what color you are vibrating at – to see whether you changed and whether the reader needs to re-adjust where (what color) he/she is reading you from.

Think about this: if you started believing this limited one-to-one layer-to-color perception then you would just start filtering all your incoming intuitive information to fit that pre-defined set of colors and meanings. But think of all the information you are filtering out – almost all of it, since with such a filter you wouldn’t be able to see the colors of the actual energy that is there.

See, the layers of your aura can change colors from second to second or minute to minute depending on what you are doing, who you are thinking about, what environment you are in, and a whole host of other factors. The colors change quite often depending upon what energy you are unconsciously processing or working through. The colors change depending upon what past life energy you are trying to release or bring into the present moment to help you. Many of the colors psychics see in people’s auric fields are not in fact even the person’s own energy, but rather other people’s energies.

So the next time you see a book, meditator, speaker, or psychic that says each chakra or layer of an aura has a specific color you can just smile and laugh.

Bio: Josh Schultz is a Certified Hypnotherapist and a Professional Intuitive Counselor. He does psychic readings and aura cleansings as well. He teaches meditation classes at Raw Satisfaction in San Francisco, California. His website is:

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