The Seven-Step Process for Spiritual Expansion and Healing

The Seven-Step Process for Spiritual Expansion and Healing

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By Clifford Michaels

Part of being equipped to bridge the worlds of the physical and the spiritual realms is going within yourself and clearing the emotional and mental pathways for your own energy to flow. Becoming centered and more grounded helps provide a good foundation for developing your psychic senses and working within the heavenly realm.

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  1. Put aside your doubts and be open to possibilities. An open mind is a powerful receptor
  2. Understand the connection between mind, emotions, body, and soul. If one of these areas is out of alignment, it short-circuits the connection and power they have together. Strive for harmony of being.
  3. Learn to tame and manage your outward and inward feelings, recognizing how you express emotion in order to hear the voice of a greater power – love.
  4. Be authentic; be true to yourself. Know there is a higher power that loves you unconditionally for who you are and wants you to love yourself and others.
  5. Learn to meditate, and then do it regularly. Quite the body so you can focus the mind with intention. Your mind is not your brain, it is not part of your body, it is not limited to the physical boundaries of your body, and it will exist even after the death of your body.
  6. Join or create a spiritual development Circle with others where you can practice meditation, raise your energy vibration, conduct psychic exercises, and expand spiritual awareness.
  7. Trust this process and those in the heavenly realm. Have faith in a higher power.

The tools given here, if followed, will lead you to a new relationship with yourself and a much greater expression of the true reason you are here.

Says the teacher White Eagle, in Spiritual Unfoldment 1, “The fundamental purpose of your life is that you may find truth, truth which will be unveiled to you by your own inner self. As we search for this truth, which lies buried deep within, the barriers erected by the outer self will vanish and we shall become free.”

About the Author:

Clifford Michaels is the author of Harnessing Heaven: How One Reluctant Wall-Streeter Tapped the Power of the Hereafter. He started his career as a Wall Street trader before moving into private practice. He has a B.S. in finance from Syracuse University and an MBA from the University of Pittsburgh. Following a reluctant journey of self-discovery, he developed the sensitivity to interact with the heavenly realm and now has one foot planted firmly in two worlds. He transmits energy for healing and words for communication from the “other side” and aims to raise humanity’s awareness of who they are and how they can reach universal harmony.

Learn more and connect with the author at, Twitter and Facebook.

Harnessing Heaven (July, 2016) is available for pre-order in e-book and paperback formats now on Amazon, Barnes&Noble, and select local retailers.

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