Sedona Medicine Wheel Balance Explained

sedona medicine wheel

Sedona Medicine Wheel Balance Explained

sedona medicine wheelShamanic healer and soul guide, Anahata Ananda, was recently invited to the New York Times bestselling author, Aubrey Marcus’s Onnit Podcast with Kyle Kingsbury to discuss the importance of balancing emotions and processing life changes on a continual basis. The principles of a traditional medicine wheel acts as a life-compass a person can use to enhance their awareness of where imbalances may exist. Anahata poses these questions from the principles of each of the four directions: “In the west- what do I need to let go of? In the north- what guidance or insight can I receive? In the east- what seeds am I planting? What are my intentions? And in the south- what am I grateful for?” She goes on to assure listeners “This is a tool for modern day balance… you can do it at night, you don’t need to be in a medicine wheel in Sedona…you can do it in your living room, you can do it anywhere.”

“The Medicine Wheel is a tool for balance,” she explains. The main stones are geographically lined up with the west, north, east and south. With each of the four directions representing separate areas of our lives to shine a spotlight on, Anahata emphasizes the importance of honoring each one fully. Through the Shamangelic Medicine Wheel ceremonies in Sedona, people can reflect on each of the symbolic meanings as they travel through the wheel.

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Anahata advises to start in the west, declaring it to be the direction for letting go, closing chapters and allowing any grief, anger, hurt or frustration to be brought to the surface to be felt and processed. She offers private Shamangelic Healing services to those looking for a deep release and clearing within a safe, supported space. She states the west is represented by the setting sun, (conscious closure), autumn and the water element, (releasing old emotions), as well as the snake, (shedding what is no longer needed).

Anahata tells Onnit listeners that the north is represented by the winter season. The shamanic healer explains, “This is the air element. So that’s breath… rest, hibernation, replenishment, and there’s a lot of social judgement about that.” She points out the importance of self-care and turning around the stigma of taking time for doing so. Anahata shares, “This is where inspiration comes, to be in spirit, to allow spirit in. Inspiration comes from this place in the north where we are humble enough to allow something else in, which means we’ve got to quiet the mind.” Anahata has created an online course teaching Meditation Tips for Relaxation and Connection to assist with accessing a place of calm clarity.

The Shamangelic healer leads Kingsbury to see, “With that replenishment and inspiration, then we go into rebirthing, and that’s the east,” She teaches it is represented by the rising sun, (new beginnings), spring time, (planting seeds of new ideas), the fire element, (taking action) and the butterfly, (blossoming into a new chapter of life). Clear, specific goals set into motion during this period is advised. To assist in discovering how to do this, the Shamangelic Healing Center offers a session on Manifesting your Dreams in to Reality, with Anahata.

Lastly, is the south area of the Medicine Wheel. The shamanic healer reminds podcast listeners that it’s the celebration area, the summertime and the earth element of abundance and prosperity. “The fabric of the community is strong when each of us is bringing our magic to the table,” says Anahata. She explains to Kingsbury the animals associated with this area are the coyote, (working together) and the hummingbird, (going after the joy in life).

Anahata Ananda has trained extensively with gifted shamans, energy healers and spiritual teachers from around the world to artfully integrate the fields of spirituality, energy healing, self-empowerment and shamanic teachings. Her client-base spans the globe with individuals from all walks of life who are seeking to heal and awaken to their fullest potential.

Kyle Kingsbury, is Onnit’s Director of Human Optimization and podcast host. Aubrey Marcus is the founder and CEO of Onnit, a lifestyle brand based on a holistic health philosophy he calls Total Human Optimization. Onnit is an Inc. 500 company and industry leader with products optimizing millions of lives.

For detailed descriptions and a calendar of all training courses and spiritual awakening services offered by Anahata visit

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