Sacred Sacral: The Second Chakra

Sacred Sacral: The Second Chakra

chakrasBy Kelly Lydick

Its color is orange. It connects us to our personal power. It symbolizes power dynamics and the ability to create. Its balance determines the quality of relationships to others, and to the deepest source of the divine self. It spins counterclock-wise at the second-slowest rate compared with the other chakras. Its conical shape emanates outward from just below the belly button toward the front, and at the base of the lower back facing rearward.

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Donna Eden, author of Energy Medicine, mentions the sacral chakra is different than the others because from it we are able to access all seven layers of the aura, and, therefore, all other chakras as well (148). This is where the body meets the soul. Caroline Myss describes the sacral chakra as the “chakra of duality” (131) and through it we are able to understand the paradox of human life—that of mortality and divinity. It’s here that we are constantly faced with choice, and how we learn to co-create with spirit.

Myss also calls this the “partnership” chakra, that which gives us the opportunity to understand ourselves—and others—if we are willing. Keep in mind that partnership doesn’t necessarily mean romantic partnership, simply the space where we meet others to co-create with them. This includes all relationships, familial or romantic, friendships and work colleagues, neighbors and community members at large.

The sacral chakra is often activated by fear, and can be chiefly preoccupied with power dynamics and external influences. It can also be preoccupied with external attachments. When it’s out of balance, fear erupts, and it’s difficult to control racing thoughts. Irrationality kicks in, and it becomes difficult to ground your energy (See “The Power of the Root Chakra”). Choices become a struggle, and it’s challenging to reconcile ideas and feelings about the material and the immaterial. But, balancing it doesn’t have to mean an existential crisis! Tuning in to the sacral chakra is as easy as envisioning it in your third eye and beginning to feel.

To begin working with the sacral chakra, envision it in the mind’s eye during meditation. See its orange, counter-clockwise spin. See the rainbow of colors of your own aura, and feel its outer edges. Embrace the calling of your soul, and tap in to your ability to create.

Tips to Keep the Second Chakra Balanced:

1. Cultivate trust. Feeling balanced in the second chakra means trusting and having faith that the universe is supporting you and all your endeavors. On the days when you feel a bit fearful, challenge yourself to trust even more.

2. Work with fear. Not against it. Not for it. And don’t give in to it either. Explore your fears and their causes, and let them breathe. Then counter anything that comes up with rational thoughts.

3. Feel. Let emotions flow, don’t stuff them down or try to ignore them. Try not to fear emotions either. Feel them and let them go, knowing that emotions are just energy in motion.

4. Keep your boundaries. It is possible to set healthy boundaries with others in a positive, energizing way for all parties. Keeping your boundaries means knowing where you begin and others end, that is—owning what’s yours, and not taking on what’s not yours.

5. Engage in creative projects. The sacral chakra loves all things creative and artistic: music, poetry, painting, creative writing, architecture, or DIY crafts. Make creativity a regular practice—or even a career!


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About the author:

Kelly Lydick received her M.A. in Writing and Consciousness from the New College of California, San Francisco (now at CIIS). Her writing has appeared in Guernica, Drunken Boat, Switched-on Gutenberg, Mission at Tenth, Thema, Tarpaulin Sky, and True Blue Spirit magazines, as well as on the home page of Her work has also been featured on NPR’s The Writers’ Block. She is the author of the experimental work, Mastering the Dream.

Kelly holds certifications as a Meditation Facilitator, Reiki Master, Crystal Reiki Master, Past Life Healer, and Gateway Dreaming™ Coach. She teaches writing and metaphysical workshops, and offers private consultations through her company Waking the Dream. You can learn more about her work at

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