Rising Star: New Book Empowers Readers to Master Art of Living Life of “Enlightened Wellness”

Rising Star: New Book Empowers Readers to Master Art of Living Life of “Enlightened Wellness”

In her four decades of life, Sarah B Elisabeth has refused to become complacent; she’s a brave maverick who knows no boundaries when it comes to pursuing true peace, freedom and fulfilment.

This lifelong journey now culminates in ‘Rising Star: A curriculum of true self’, Sarah Elisabeth’s ground-breaking, core-cutting new book. It’s a beacon of light that will urge anyone to dig deeper and, along the way, discover more about their true self than they ever thought possible.


A journey to “Finding home” – the Zen place of peace, freedom, and fulfilment. In Sarah B Elisabeth’s forty years of life on earth, she has come to the realisation that many are plagued by a vague sense of quiet desperation, a fraught awareness of something being missing; adrift in a perpetual and seemingly never-ending search for the ultimate meaning of life. In our generation, this search has taken on the form of the ‘pursuit of happiness’, and at its heart is an unshakable need to address the five mutually dependant questions that most trouble the human race. Who am I? Where am I from? Why am I here? What am I capable of achieving? And what is my purpose?

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Wellness advocate Sarah B Elisabeth uttered the words “I want to sleep and never wake up” at the tender age of five. This was a startling declaration to her bewildered mother. She sincerely believes that it was at this point her very own search began for that place of peace, freedom, and fulfilment, for which she coined the phrase “Finding Home.” Sarah B Elisabeth argues that many people are heavily influenced by the drumbeat of popular culture and do not arrive at their worldview from rigorous investigation or indeed any deep sense of conviction. At a time when the standard of truth for so many is relative, seeing the big picture of life is of pivotal importance.

From the outset the book seeks to position readers at a vantage starting point – their standard for truth so to speak. For surely it is an individual’s level of vision that colours their outlook on life which, in turn, determines how they live and experience that life. Thereafter, the book guides the reader to go beyond merely having an awareness of self, but to live in the consciousness of what that means. The underpinning wisdom leads readers to confront humanity’s ultimate age-old search for God, as the expression of divine beings longing for completeness by re-connecting to their true source to fill the God-shaped hole within. Building on that groundwork the book drives home the necessity of anchoring fundamental practical matters of life such as purpose, success, happiness, relationship and lifestyle to the wisdom gained by addressing the five questions that most disturb the human race. Subsequently, this helps to cultivate a conducive life-long Personal, Emotional, Physical, Social and Spiritual development. When we begin to live in the consciousness of the fundamental truth, and the overarching implications of who and what we really are – tri-une, infinite spiritual beings possessing impressionable souls housed in perishable, physical bodies that are having a temporary human experience here on earth – it is a life-changing awakening.

“We all have a pathway to “finding home”, and it’s different for each of us,” explains the author. “My book will help readers discover where their “home” is and chart a course for getting there. It’s a mix of my own wisdom, life lessons and direction to further resources. One thing is for sure, readers will form firm convictions on life’s most important issues, and learn how to master the art of living in a state of enlightened wellness.”

Continuing, “My autobiographical style is interspersed with deep theological doctrine and offset with a broad range of humanitarian viewpoints. The goal was to produce something anyone could read; a timeless and boundless resource for helping anyone change their life for the better. I don’t believe there’s anything else like it on the market.”

With the volume expected to be in high demand, readers are urged to secure their copies as soon as possible.

Rising Star: A curriculum of true self’ is released week beginning 29th April.

About the Author:

Sarah B Elisabeth is an author, childhood education consultant and coach whose enduring tenacity to meet the challenges of that age-old quest to find the meaning of life has created her wellness operation, building from an eight-year Financial services career with top tier corporations. Sarah has been a long standing member of the London Wildlife Conservation and The Woodland Trust. She routinely publishes articles on social media and now her own website, unveiling life-reforming truths for conscious living.

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