Rest and Relaxation Important for Wellness

Rest and Relaxation Important for Wellness

Vikash KumarTake a Break!

by Vikash Kumar

The relevance of taking rest is understood by most of us. Everyone craves for holidays, breaks between work, or a healthy and sound sleep, etc. but with hectic work- life or over-commitment or else the boredom at extremity doesn’t let one to rest completely. Just sitting ideally, lying in bed can’t be said as rest. As a rest is the charging time for your energy stock, after which you feel enthusiasm and mood to execute your responsibilities and duties.

People plan and schedule holidays, of a few days, in a stretch to realign their mindset with ongoing work, which gives them a lot of enjoyment with after trip blues. And they feel the same work pressure after coming in the same old world. Hence, taking frequent breaks rather than going a long vacation is having an upper edge. As this practice relieves you from regular stress, while it keeps you in touch with regular work.

Some tips to enhance your quality of breaks to increase your productivity:

Rest for activity: While being on work, take a few min breaks and end it before it starts making you lazy or initiating a tendency of inactivity. This style of stop and pursue gives a jerk on your feeling of energy level. This 2-5 min break can fill you with more energy.

Air your system: Air is the most important substance for body that can enhance its activities. Take 7-8 times deep breath filling your stomach and exhale completely. Your mind body gets synchronized and gives a deep feeling of relaxation and motivation.

Rest vs. work: Taking breaks between the works is as important as the work itself. Never give it a lesser priority than other activities. Plan it before hand and stick with that regularly, after all this is for your well being.

Rest away from bad habits: Break is for your upkeep and health, so never use this break for smoking and other negative things. This break can be used as an exercise, reading few lines of a book, staring at walls or creating your own dreams.

Break your mindset of holidays of few days and replace it with frequent breaks. You will feel much productive which will be evident with your outcome in work.

About the author:

Mr. Vikash Kumar well-known as “ForeZorba,” author of Nugget On Wings book is a Mindfulness Coach & SQ Trainer. He offers Counseling, Corporate coaching, Meditation & Astro-Numero guidance. He transforms and empowers people with psycho-dynamism, which is more than just advice & talk therapy. A voracious reader & ceaseless thinker, ForeZorba is an ardent writer who writes for magazines worldwide. To know more about him, call: +91 9741122250; E-mail: [email protected] or visit:


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