Report reveals what you need to know before hiring a healer

Report reveals what you need to know before hiring a healer

(Delta du Mékong)Why do healing, visualization and setting intention work only sometimes? Kwan Yin Healing explains why and what to do about it.

Kwan Yin Healing’s Tim Emerson has a colorful way of describing the field of energy healing.

“It’s a noisy world out there,” he observes. “Try craniosacral! You need chi gung! Get some Reiki! No, quantum healing! Psychic Surgery! Clear your karma! My healer channels angels! My angel channels healers! Oy. Now what? Do these approaches work? Which ones? And how well? But here’s the real concern people generally have when they consider energy healing or similar practices—am I going to waste a lot of money and look like a fool? That’s really the bottom line.”

Noting that, unlike other professions, energy healing had no readily available guide for people seeking these services, Emerson created one, “What you need to know before hiring a healer.” “I’ve been working with healing over 30 years, and from the start of Kwan Yin Healing just over three years ago,” Emerson explains, “the focus has been on what gets results, who gets them, why, and for those who don’t, how can they get them. It has guided the creation of Kwan Yin Healing’s programs and approaches, and it guides the work of good providers elsewhere. The report, available later in March, 2015, at no cost, lays it out.”

The 20+ page PDF report covers: 

  • The three common reasons healing doesn’t work (and what to do about it),
  • Why three of the most popular approaches to better lives often fall short (and what to do),
  • Can I use this knowledge for self-healing? Absolutely—and how to do it,
  • That said, how can I tell whether to pursue self-healing or a healing practitioner?

“People study visualization and setting intention, and yet many of them still can’t realize these results. People talk about turning to spiritual solutions, or conversely about getting their heads out of the clouds and into the ‘real’ world, and get no better results. People decide they are going to try technique after technique, modality after modality, and still lack the results they seek,” notes Emerson. “Results are based on four crucial elements, the Four Pillars of Clarity, Connection, Coherence and Change. If all four are present, something positive happens. But that focus, that consistency, that plugging into a demonstrable, proven systemic approach, and the reality that changes are necessary—these are the critical aspects to explore in any healing work. In fact, when I shared this with a nurse friend, her eyes lit up and she said, ‘That’s exactly what we do in nursing!’”

Emerson is candid that not everyone needs an energy healing practitioner, and the report shares three specific techniques readers can put to practical use right away. “Generating energy isn’t really difficult, and I’m happy to share this with readers. Granted, various approaches use a range of frequency bands, but I wanted to keep this simple and doable,” explains Emerson. “There are also simple techniques, like releasing, that anyone can do with a little focus. Other approaches are really common sense things—you probably already know these from your grandmother, but as adults we get mentally complicated and forget.” More information about self-healing is available at this video link.

The report exists to help people curious whether energy healing can help them – do they need healing, can they do it themselves, and if not, how can they best choose an approach and practitioner that fits their needs and circumstances. “This is long overdue in this industry—in fact, when I thought of it, I was at first amazed it didn’t already exist,” add Emerson (he explains more about why he put this together in this video link). “So pulling it together, with feedback from existing clients, was a no-brainer. I’m happy to offer it in humble service, and hope it helps many people navigate this sometimes noisy field.”

Kwan Yin Healing was founded in January, 2012, to accommodate Emerson’s growing healing clientele, now spanning clients across the globe in every continent except Antarctica. More information about Kwan Yin Healing’s services and approach is available at m .

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