Renew Your Mind/Body Connection for Healing and Happiness

Renew Your Mind/Body Connection for Healing and Happiness

When it comes to subjects such as bio-energy, the subconscious and the mind/body connection, many are simply left dumbfounded by what it all really means. According to Tom Griffin and Dr. Nuala Bent, the answer is simple – it literally means the difference between life and death.

The duo are the masterminds between the compelling and game-changing HiddenMind program, which empowers people to reconnect their body and mind to kick-start a transformative journey toward healing, happiness and total wellness.

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In ‘HiddenMind: A Journey of Reconnection’ the entire program along with its foundations are laid out for anyone to harness.


This book will lead you on a journey back to the essence of yourself. It will explain the secrets of the HiddenMind/Bio-energy, and Corrective Sound Programme as developed by Tom Griffin. It looks at the mind body connection which has long been forgotten about with the advancement of bio medicine.

However, one of the most important trends in medicine in recent years has been the responsibility people are taking back for their own health. Healing is about the re-integration of Body, Mind, and Soul. When these three elements are out of balance the experience is that of illness or disease. One of the causes of stress in the body is cellular memory. Many issues have their source in cellular memories and are below the level of our conscious awareness. Contrary to conventional beliefs, recent research has demonstrated that our body cells are controlled by the conditions of the environment. The cells respond to information derived from our thoughts, our mindset and our behaviours and consequently influence our health in a positive or negative way.

The HiddenMind programme involves Bio-energy therapy, accessing the subconscious mind to determine the hidden energetic causes of diseases and correcting the energetic system using special sound frequencies. It is also a valuable treatment in the special needs area, such, Dyslexia, ADHD, ADD and Autistic Spectrum Disorder. The HiddenMind programme is also very beneficial in the treatment of depression and anxiety both of which are reaching epidemic proportions in our society.

“The bottom line is that the wisdom of the ages in relation to healing has in fact become the scientific wisdom of the modern age,” explains Dr. Bent. “The world is rapidly moving toward a trend of people inspired to take back control over their health and, as we show, the answers to the future definitively lay in the past. Through our book, topics such as Epigenetic Theory will become second-nature to readers and literally hand them back the power to keep themselves well from a mental, physical and total wellness perspective.”

Continuing, “I’m so proud to be collaborating with Tom Griffin, a global leader in the field of Bio Energy Healing and joint founder of the Plexus Bio Energy System. In the second part of the book, his insights and wisdom showcase his self-created integrated healthcare approach. The goal is to have individuals connect with and understand their own ill health so they can use all of the tools the book gives them to switch back to a healthy state of being. It may sound profound – and it is, while also being incredibly simple to put into action.”

Testimonials for the program have been nothing but outstanding. For example, one previous client comments, “I began bioenergy in April 2014 after a major open abdominal surgery. I had tried acupuncture, reiki and physiotherapy previously and while I found some effect, I wasn’t keen to continue. My first session with Avril in Claremorris was interesting. It was like nothing I’d seen before. I learned a lot about myself with the Hidden Mind and found the crystal bed intriguing. I listened to the affirmations and sounds and after some initial giggles, I felt very relaxed. Afterwards, I felt like a weight was lifted from my weary shoulders. I was far less anxious and the post-op depression I’d been suffering with had improved massively. I took away methods that I could put in to use in my everyday life and I love returning for top-up sessions.”

‘HiddenMind: A Journey of Reconnection’ is available now:

ISBN: 978-0-9932867.

About the Authors:

Tom Griffin – A History of Energy Healing:

Tom has been involved in energy healing for almost thirty years. He had a background in philosophy and theology and developed an interest in healing. He became interested in Eastern philosophy and studied the Martial Arts and through this was introduced to Zdenko Domancic, a World famous Bio Energy healer.  Tom trained with Zdenko twenty-five years ago in Croatia.   Tom has popularised energy treatments through the medium of Bio-energy therapy and was the co-author of a best-selling book, “Bio Energy Healing – Therapy of the Future”. He appeared on several television shows, and in numerous newspaper articles, national and international, testifying to the success of this therapy.

Tom and his colleague Michael O`Doherty set up the Plexus Bio Energy System to protect the identity of their specialised work. Tom has treated tens of thousands of people with a wide range of symptoms and diseases and has incorporated advanced bodywork programmes including the Harraga program and Vibrational Kinesiology into his work.  He has also studied Tai-chi and Chi-Gung and is a third degree black belt in Martial Arts. Tom is also a Touch-For-Health Instructor and Muscle Metaphors teacher.

Nuala Bent BA; MSc; PhD

Nuala has a background in Academic Research. Following a post Graduate degree in Research Methods, she worked for many years as Panel Manager of a longitudinal study researching into cognitive ageing at the University of Manchester and later as Senior Research Fellow (Rehab Medicine) at the University of Leeds.

She was awarded her PhD in the School of Epidemiology and Health Sciences, Faculty of Medicine, University of Manchester, in 1995.

Nuala has taken early retirement in order to pursue her career in Complementary Therapies. Her passion is to raise awareness of the need for an integrated model of Healthcare.  She is a Plexus Bio Energy Therapist, Registered Reflexologist and Reiki Master.

Nuala is a member of the British Reflexology Association (BRA) and is currently registered with the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC) for her Reflexology. She also holds a European Diploma in Bio-Energy Therapy.  Nuala has worked in the complimentary therapy field since 2003 and qualified as a Bio-Energy Therapist in 2010.

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