Remote Viewing – Did ESP Instructor Predict Disasters?

Remote Viewing – Did ESP Instructor Predict Disasters?

Major Ed Dames, a former remote viewing (extra-sensory perception) specialist for the U.S. government, claims to have successfully predicted Hurricane Irene and the Fukushima, Japan nuclear disaster. As dramatized in the movie “Men Who Stare at Goats”, remote viewing operations were developed by U.S. intelligence and were once classified as secret.

The phenomenon was recently reported by Tara MacIsaac in the Epoch Times. Here are highlights of her article:


In a live radio broadcast on the radio program Coast to Coast AM, Major Dames predicted that a huge earthquake would cause a nuclear disaster in Japan. “Tokyo will be OK, but this reactor problem will cause at least a mini-Chernobyl,” Major Dames said. Could it be that he foresaw the disaster that befell Fukushima in March 2011?

Hurricane Irene

Three months before Hurricane Irene hit the North-East, students in Major Dames’s remote viewing class seemed to predict it, according to his website. The students were unaware they were trying to predict the next U.S. mainland disaster.

Remote viewing doesn’t work with the conscious mind, it is the subconscious, thus it is unnecessary for the students to be aware of what they are trying to predict. The class made drawings and compared their drawings, which Major Dames described as “virtually identical.” They drew swirling motions and energy in the sky.

Before revealing what the target subject was, Major Dames had the students say what they thought everyone had seen. They all agreed, it was a hurricane, tornado, or storm. He then revealed that they were to predict the next U.S. mainland disaster.

To read the complete Epoch Times article online, please go to:

Below is a video that reveals more details about the process of remove viewing:

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