Remembering the Dreams You Have; Creating the Dreams You Want

Remembering the Dreams You Have; Creating the Dreams You Want

Re-Creating Your Self By Christopher Stone

Last time, you were introduced to the regeneration of body and mind that occurs automatically, unbidden, while you are sleeping.  You learned how this nightly, automatic renewal can help you become the person you want to be, living the life you desire.

This time, the concepts examined are neither automatic or unbidden. Conscious effort on your part is required. The payoff can be substantial.

Remembering Your Dreams

Some people claim that they don’t dream, but this isn’t true. Though individuals differ in their ability to remember dreams, everyone dreams. However, even for those with the best dream recall, we normally forget more dreams than we ever remember; even the dreams we recall are commonly remembered only in part. This isn’t because your ability to remember dreams is inherently limited. More to the point, we forget dreams because we don’t believe they’re worth remembering.

In all areas of life, you tend to consciously remember only those experiences you believe to be significant. For as long as you believe dreams to be inconsequential, you will forget them even as you forget the mundane details of waking life. If you’d like to increase your dream recall, you must first acknowledge their importance. Then you can use the following technique for increasing dream recall.

(1) Get a college ruled notebook – the same kind you’re using for your “Adventures in Inner Space – and make it your Dream Diary.  Keep it, along with a pencil or pen, beside your bed.

(2) Before falling asleep at night, take a few moments to repeat aloud, or silently, this affirmation five times: “Upon awakening tomorrow, I will consciously remember the dreams I have tonight.” If you prefer self-hypnosis, then aloud, or silently, suggest five times, “Each morning will yield a more complete and vivid recall of the dreams I’ve had the night before.”

(3) Immediately upon awakening in the morning -and that means before brushing your teeth or making your morning coffee – open your dream diary. Write down the dreams you remember and date them. Leave a generous amount of space after each dream for any additional details you remember later in the day. ) If you awaken during the night with a dream on your mind, don’t wait until morning to write it down. Do it immediately.)

Whatever your present level of dream recall, you will increase it by faithfully using this technique. Your remembered dreams may well answer simple questions, or they may yield life-altering information about major life challenges. They may assist you in accepting a new belief, or reveal negative attitudes that have previously escaped your scrutiny.

Don’t be discouraged, or surprised, if it takes a while to increase dream recall to your satisfaction. After years of attaching little, or no, value to dreams, your conscious mind may need time to fully accept the belief that they are worth remembering. Be patient and your patience will be rewarded.

Creating Specific Dreams

After increasing your dream recall, you may want to learn how to create specific dreams. Like waking experiences, dream experiences are of your own creation. They don’t just happen to you; you make them happen. They are the constructions of your subconscious mind, and you can direct your subconscious to create specific dreams you want to have. You can ask about any aspect of your life and create a dream that explores that aspect and provides answers to your questions. This means that you can examine and evaluate beliefs in your sleep. You can create dreams that reveal the barriers that are preventing you from Re-Creating Your Self.

The method for learning to create specific dreams is similar to the technique for increasing dream recall:

(1) Decide on the subject for one specific dream you want to create. For Re-Creating Your Self, the subject will be belief-related. You can request a dream that gives you new insights into a negative belief you want to discard or a positive belief you want to accept. You can ask for a dream that reveals personal attitudes that are keeping you from more quickly accepting or discarding a specific belief.

(2) Before falling asleep, take a few minutes to affirm: “Tonight I will create a dream that gives me new and useful information about (your subject here), and I will remember the dream upon awakening.” If you prefer self-hypnosis, this same affirmation makes an effective auto-suggestion.

(3) Immediately upon awakening, write the dream in your Dream Diary. If you don’t remember having the dream you requested, then repeat your request every night until you have the dream, or until the sought-after information comes to you in another way. If the information seems to come “out of the blue,” it could mean that you did create the specific dream you asked for, but you didn’t consciously remember the dream. If you request the same dream every night for a week without success, and the desired information doesn’t reach you in another way, then relax and ask your self if there is any reason why you might block the very information you seek.

A Re-Creating Your Self Thought: Some philosophies refer to physical life as “the waking dream.” The implication here is that the material world is just another kind of dream, distracting man from his true life which is spiritual.

Coming April 15: I Heal and Re-Create My Self in My Sleep.

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Copyright 2010 by Christopher Stone.

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