Reducing Your Cancer Risk (A Holistic Approach)

Reducing Your Cancer Risk (A Holistic Approach)


The author, Carl O. Helvie, is a registered nurse with a doctorate in public health and wellness. He has 60 years experience as a nurse practitioner, educator, author, and researcher who has received numerous national awards. In addition, he has published nine books and over 100 professional papers. Hosting a Holistic Health Show on BBS Radio since 2008, Mr. Helvie has been interviewed on over 150 radio/television shows since then. Because of his personal experience with cancer and healing, he founded the Carl O. Helvie Holistic Cancer Foundation in 2014 and published this book in 2017.

Reducing Your Cancer Risk (A Holistic Approach) is an essential reference guide for those who want to prevent cancer or are currently struggling with a cancer diagnosis. Western medicine pushes the traditional radiation, chemotherapy and surgery to ‘cure’ cancer. In reality, these treatments cause cancer to proliferate and kill off healthy cells. Patients and their families are left struggling, not only with physical illness, but emotional and spiritual concerns. This book is broken into three parts; environmental factors, individual factors (physical) and individual factors (mental/spiritual).

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In each section, the author describes specific things a person can do to prevent cancer and then provides action steps to assist in implementing these suggestions. At the end of each section he lists additional references that provide expanded information. This book is very well written and easy to read. In fact, I could not put it down.

The author addresses tough issues that a lot of people are afraid to discuss. As a retired hospice and holistic wellness nurse, I really appreciate his all encompassing approach. I believe a person should be treated as a whole, not just a diagnosis. This book provides easy to follow guidelines to prevent cancer and offers a beacon of hope to those who have a cancer diagnosis.

About the reviewer:

Leigh Ann Tatnall is a retired RN who specialized in geriatrics, hospice and wellness. She has completed a Doctorates in Naturopathy and is a Certified Wellness Counselor. When not reviewing books, you can find Leigh Ann cooking, exercising, teaching wellness or crafting therapeutic essential oils. For more info, you can visit her on her website:


I found the book so interesting that I could hardly wait to see what came next and I could not put it down until I had read it from cover to cover. So much of the information we may know or probably have heard about, however the way the author sets it out makes it new, tantalizing and exciting. I was thinking as I read through it, everyone can benefit from reading and using this information. He shares his interviews with many experts and it is so helpful how he lists their individual contact information. The book, I feel, covers all aspects of health, diet, exercise, meditation, prayer and much more coupled with a huge dose of ‘Common Sense.’ He puts it all in a way that is interesting to read and understand.
– Rev Dr. Anne Marie Evers ‘Best-Selling Author;’ Ordained Minister; Doctor of Divinity; CEO of Affirmations International Publishing Company; Radio Host

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