Reclaiming the Authentic Self and Discovering the Wildness Within: The Vision Quest

Reclaiming the Authentic Self and Discovering the Wildness Within: The Vision Quest

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by Arianne Pfoutz

If you were to meet Robert Wagner, he might invite you to accompany him on a hike, or settle into a deep conversation about what makes you feel most alive in your life. He’s comfortable in the wilderness, from his early adventures as an Eagle Scout (he achieved Brotherhood in the Order of the Arrow), his forays into scuba diving, and his global travel to destinations in Europe, Australia, Singapore, Bali, and Thailand.

But when he leads you on a vision quest, it’s a journey with a purpose, no casual afternoon amble. He’s offering his skilled and sensitive service as a guide, on an adventure that you’ve chosen (perhaps with curiosity as well as apprehension), to discover the wild spirit within you, the essence of who you are at your most authentic.
What I discovered on my adventure with the Wild Sacredness quest is that ‘out there’ is really ‘in here’. The process was really a soul excavation, where I was thoroughly prepared and supported by the guides to go way deep inside myself. The results have been truly life-changing.” ~ Lorna C., Director – Los Angeles, CA

The Vision Quest and Warriors Quest are empowering journeys delving into the Wildness Within aspect of Wild Sacredness, Robert’s recently launched company offering pathways for personal transformation. You might ask yourself: Am I at a transition point in my life, where I want to be conscious and directive with my life? How can I best deal with a current loss in my life–of a job, or a loved one, or a relationship? Who am I really, beneath all the roles I play in my life, and what did I come here to do? The quest invites you to confront yourself–light, shadows, and everything in between–so that you can embrace your authentic self and re-enliven your deepest dreams for your life.

“The quest is a precious opportunity to remove one’s self from everyday distractions, and surrounded by Nature’s silence, reconnect with your deepest essence and experience profound healing,” Robert said. “When I went on my first vision quest, I was feeling very confused and directionless in my life. I had lost my joy and purpose, my marriage was dissolving, and I wasn’t inspired by my work. To my great surprise, I came away from this rite of passage empowered, hopeful, and reconnected to that essential part of who I am that I had lost touch with. I felt whole.”

Robert also gained clarity about his own gifts, and began leading quests. The Warriors Quest has a specific focus: What does it mean to be ‘masculine’ or ‘feminine’ in today’s world? Are there qualities within the ‘Sacred Masculine’ or ‘Divine Feminine’ that I can look to as I align with my purpose?

Participants co-create their experience on the quest, clarifying their own intention for their journey and using specific self-generated ceremonies that help peel back the layers to reveal the authentic self. The journey becomes a self-referral platform for valuable insights, for healing psychic wounds and removing limiting obstacles, and for clarifying one’s life purpose.

Bob from California was recovering from a divorce and wanted to strengthen his masculine energy.

“I thought the quest was going to be a survival/macho kind of experience, but it was much more intense than that. For me, it was emotional soul searching. I was pleasantly surprised, because I needed this. I got my mojo back, as well as a healthy appreciation for women?I’m ready to re-open that door again, after lots of past heartache.”

Lizzie, a television producer in New York City, was hoping to bring her life up a notch.

“I felt I’d been living ‘small’ in my life, and I knew it was time to live ‘big.’ I needed a kick in the pants. I’m ready now to show up in my life and do what I came to do.”

And Carrie felt that the time alone with herself in nature was “worth years of therapy.”

For many, the bonding that occurs on the quest is profound. “We have all types and ages of people on our quests, from teenager to retirees, Robert said. “But when the heart opens and the wounds and wisdom are shared, those differences become insignificant.”

Peter of Las Vegas had such an opening:

“The quest cracked open my heart, which had not been free and open for the last 40 years,” he said. “I feel like I’ve come out of hiding and I’m going to live my life fully from this time forward.”


For many, the quest promotes a transition to full manhood or womanhood. “It’s a growing up, in a way,” Robert said. “An initiation into being the conscious, powerful man or woman you were born to be.”

He goes on a quest himself every year, to enliven and deepen his connection with Spirit and continue to refine his life goals and direction. “When you take precious time for yourself in Nature, with intention, it re-ignitesyour passion and realigns your life with the focus and essence you want to experience on a daily basis,” Robert said. “The journey is ongoing, a continual unfolding of all that you can become and contribute.”

Merrill, a producer from Ashland, summed it up:

“At an extremely vulnerable place of great transition in my life, The Vision Quest afforded me the opportunity to step into the wilderness of my own soul and there face both the shadows and the light that dwelt within me. The solitude of the desert allowed me to bring those parts of myself into reconciliation. It was a catalyst for dynamic transformation.”

If this multi-facetedadventure is calling you, you can give Robert a call at 541-301-8591. An extensive description of the quest can be found at

About the author:

Arianne Pfoutz is a professional writer specializing in transformational tools, the healing power of art, and non-GMO issues. Her work can be viewed at

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