Re-Creating Your Self: An Introduction

Re-Creating Your Self: An Introduction

By Christopher Stone

Re-Creating Your Self is a process of personal transformation, based upon belief system work, that assists people in becoming the person they want to become, living the life they desire. This life-changing blueprint explains one time-honored theory of how life ‘works,’ and what makes things happen. Re-Creating Your Self reveals how you became the person you are right now. It details your natural ability to recreate the unfulfilling conditions of your life, and then shows you exactly how to make those changes.

I originated this life-altering process for myself.

My early life was shaky: My parents are wonderful and I cherish them. Unfortunately, like many children of hardscrabble immigrants, they were raised in an atmosphere of guilt, fear, worry and personal limitation. And so I was taught to worry, fear, experience guilt, and, above all, know my limitations.

I came into adulthood reflecting many false and self-limiting beliefs. I wanted a fulfilling life, but I didn’t know how to create one.

I spent years trying to learn why some people have the best of everything while others drink life’s dregs. On the one hand, the religion in which I was raised teaches that good and bad things are sent by God as rewards or punishments. On the other hand, Science claims that we are accidental by-products of a world created by chance. If the world was a haphazard creation, then so was my life. Other philosophies expressed that life experiences are determined by past-life karma or present-life genetics. For me, none of these theories rang true.

It wasn’t fair. How could I win the game of life if I didn’t know the rules? At one time or another, you have probably asked yourself, or others: How does life ‘work’? What makes things happen? When I asked these questions of others, even celebrated others, their answers sounded counterfeit.

Until I met Carmen Montez, a renowned spiritual healer and psychic teacher. “Beliefs make things happen!” she told me. “Your strongest-held personal beliefs determine the conditions of your life.” In subsequent sessions, Carmen explained this philosophy in a manner that resonated with truth.

Hungry to learn more about how beliefs create personal reality, I read voraciously every book I could borrow or buy that dealt with philosophy, psychology, metaphysics, religion and the occult – everything from A to Z (Affirmations to Zen). I attended lectures and seminars conducted by top opinion-makers in these areas. I discovered that the life-determining principles I’d first heard from Carmen were the philosophical core of some of humankind’s greatest teachers.

Whether it was Buddha declaring, “All that we are is the result of what we have believed,” or Christ advising, “As you believe, so will you be,” this message prevailed: The power and the responsibility to create the life you want is yours, and you do it based upon your beliefs. Distilling, organizing, and simplifying thousands of notes made from my study of beliefs as reality’s building blocks, I formulated a step-by-step blueprint for personal change that I called Re-Creating My Self. As I took the first steps along the Re-Creating Your Self path, I wondered, “Are people going to notice?” The answer was, “Almost everyone noticed.”

As my personal beliefs improved, so did my quality of life. Eventually I changed the name of my transformational road map to Re-Creating Your Self. In a private practice and in small classes, I taught my methods to others. Later, under the sponsorship of churches and New Age organizations, I presented Re-Creating Your Self in seminar and workshop formats. A successful book version followed.

Personal development news-makers took note. Dr. Mark Victor Hansen wrote, “Re-Creating Your Self is must reading! I love it, and the results it generates!” Lucia Capacchione enthused, “Applying ancient wisdom to modern life, Christopher Stone shows us how to choose and become who we want to be. I can say from experience, these methods work.”

I was invited to teach Re-Creating Your Self for Continuing Education at California State University, San Bernardino.

Now I’m here to share Re-Creating Your Self with you. In twice-monthly columns, I’ll take you through the process, incorporating into my methods fresh insight and new inspiration gained from readers and students since the book’s publication. In return, I would greatly appreciate your email feedback ([email protected]), expressing your experiences with the process, your thoughts for improving my method, and your questions about Re-Creating Your Self.

I don’t present Re-Creating Your Self from high atop some lofty perch of perfected personhood. My life is filled with challenges. I’m very much a “work in progress.” Nonetheless, my life has improved immeasurably by practicing what I teach.

This world can seem frightening, confusing and overwhelming. In such a world, it is not always easy to believe that you matter, or that you can better yourself. I believe that you deserve the best life has to offer and that you have the power to create that better life.

Next Time: We’ll explore Your Now Self.

Copyright 2008 by Christopher Stone

Christopher Stone created and developed the Re-Creating Your Self ® method of personal transformation, and he also authored the book version. With Mary Sheldon, he co-authored the popular Meditation Journal Trilogy of books.

As a journalist, Christopher has written more than 600 entertainment, lifestyle, and metaphysical feature stories that have been published in some of the most popular consumer magazines. Many of these features were syndicated worldwide by the New York Times Syndication Corp.

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