Re-Creating the World, Part Two

Re-Creating the World, Part Two

Re-Creating Your Self by Christopher Stone

Almost three years of Re-Creating Your Self columns conclude with this final installment.

Step-by-step, we’ve explained how your strongest-held beliefs about your self, others and the world in general, create your personal reality.  We went on to provide you with the effective tools for changing your false, limiting and outdated beliefs in order to become the person you want to be, living the life you desire. Most recently, we’ve explained how you can go beyond re-creating your self and re-create the world.


We create a better future when, individually and collectively, we understand that the world’s future begins on an individual level, then moves out into society. Our current beliefs have already formed today’s world events and they are shaping tomorrow’s.

We reform society when we fully recognize that society is comprised of individuals, then acknowledge the basic integrity and value of every individual – even when outwardly that goodness and value are imperceptible.

We rid the world of evil only after we identify the true nature of “evil.”  Evil is ignorance – an ignorance that generates fear and pain, and causes humankind to violate the laws of nature, or, if you prefer, the laws of God.


Are violence and aggression inherent to humanity, making our destruction through war inevitability?


Although we have long believed ourselves to be an aggressive and violent species, and we’ve created world events based upon that false belief, it is not a fact of life. It is a belief, and it can be changed. A Third World War is not inevitability, nor is the nuclear destruction of the planet.

Though many disagree with this statement, I’m supported by the UNESCO-sponsored Colloquium on Brain and Aggression. This colloquium represents the findings of 20 different scientific fields of specialization.

As they put it, “There is no scientific evidence to support the view that, other things being equal, humans will behave aggressively….It is scientifically incorrect to say that we have inherited from animals a tendency to make war; that war or violence is genetically programmed into human nature; that natural selection has favored aggressive behavior in human beings; that we have a violent brain and that war is instinctive.”

To the colloquium’s statement, I add, wars begin in the minds of men, and so does peace. Humankind has created wars according to some very powerful false beliefs, among them, a belief that aggression and violence are instinctive and necessary….a belief that the end justifies the means,,,,a belief that you can create good (peace) from bad (war)….a belief that life is a competitive game, not a cooperative effort.

By changing these false beliefs, we change the destructive and dehumanizing events they create. The same species that created war is capable of creating peace. But world peace is dependent on individual peace. The answer to the question, “Will there be a future?” lies within each of us.

To change the world outside, you must first change the world within.


Start by identifying the social, political and economic conditions in the world that create the most powerful emotional reactions within you. Many times, you react most strongly to global problems that somehow reflect your own personal challenges.

An example: If you’re passionate about environmental issues, look within your self to see if “toxic” beliefs are polluting your inner environment. If so, change your poisonous beliefs and you help change the world. If you would eradicate illness and epidemics, then begin by going within and healing any personal dis-ease.

Do you desire an end to world poverty and hunger? You won’t create planetary abundance by denying your self what you need and want. Love and be generous with your self. Satisfy your own positive needs and desires, and you will automatically, naturally help others fulfill theirs.

If your goal is world peace, then make the attainment of personal peace your first priority. Let it flow outward toward your neighbors, your country and your world.

Virtually, everything depends on you, the individual. If you are not re-created, then the world cannot be either, because the world is simply the sum total of individuals in need of re-creation.

Can you change the world for the better?


In fact, you already have. In a way that is both meaningful and real, you began re-creating the world, when you started Re-Creating Your Self.

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