Re-Creating the World, Part One

Re-Creating the World, Part One

Re-Creating Your Self by Christopher Stone

As I write this column, grim headlines are daily reminders that the world sorely needs re-creating if it is ever to be the kind of place where we can healthfully, happily and peacefully live the life that we desire.

Our times have witnessed some of the world’s worst fears realized: wars, terrorism, problematic climate change, catastrophic oil spills, and economic recession, among other atrocities. Yes, we’ve experienced the frightening and tragic consequences of humankind’s most negative beliefs made physically real. It hasn’t been pretty and it’s far from being the best of what we’re capable.

World events continue to raise classic questions on a daily basis: Is science a savior or a saboteur? Is the price tag for continuing economic growth the very destruction of our planet? Is humankind defenseless against personal illness and global epidemics? Are aggression and violence innate ingredients in the nature of man, making war an inevitability? What will the future bring? Even more to the point, does humanity have a future, or will aggression and greed lead to our final destruction?

Over the years, these questions have troubled my students, friends and family. Perhaps you have similar anxieties about things to come. One of my students, a young woman who dropped the Re-Creating Your Self course mid-stream, put it this way, “Things are going from bad to worse. What’s the point of re-creating my self in a world that seems bent on destruction -an other-created world that strongly believes in poverty, disease and war – a world that doesn’t value the individual or the planetary environment? The situation seems hopeless.” My best effort notwithstanding, I was unable to convince this student not to give up on herself, or the world.

Later that same week, a teenaged student approached similar feelings in a more positive manner. “My parents came of age in the 1960s, and they believed they were going to change the world,” he told me. “Looking around now, I sometimes feel helpless to make the world a better place. It’s so big, and such a mess. But I’m not ready to give up. Though I don’t share my parents’ innocent optimism, I still want to try and make a difference. Is there anything I can do to help re-create the world?”

My answer was an emphatic, resounding and unqualified, “Yes!”


You – the individual – can most definitely help re-create the world. In truth, you are even now contributing to the creation of the world you know.

Let me explain: Through Re-Creating Your Self, you’ve learned how we create our personal experiences in line with our beliefs. Together, we create world events based upon our most powerful mass beliefs. The world outside our windows is the cumulative result of the world within all individuals. It’s a physical replica of humanity’s combined inner beliefs and strongest expectations: a mirror of what we believe ourselves to be at any given time. Because the world outside reflects our inner development, as we are re-created, it is re-created.

You not only perceive and participate in your personal experiences, you create them. Likewise, you not only observe world events, you help to shape them. Your personal beliefs, and the private and shared experiences they create, help form the world you know.

The beliefs of every individual, along with the emotions and expectation they produce, move out into society through mental and physical actions, coalescing to form world events. Everything that exists in the outer world is created first in the inner worlds of individuals.

Briefly, the process works like this: The beliefs of the individual create his personal experiences. The basic ideas of all individuals in a household come together to form their shared experiences. The prevailing beliefs of individual households merge to create what exists in the neighborhood. The predominant ideas of the collective neighborhoods determine what happens in a country. And the most powerful beliefs of individual countries combine to create world events.

But everything begins with the individual and his or her personal beliefs. It always has – and it always will. The private choices you make every day extend outward, affecting you, your household, your neighborhood, your country and the world. This is not meant to make you feel blameworthy or guilty for the woes of the world. It is meant to empower you.

The future of the world will not be decided by political, religious or scientific systems. It will not be determined by God, the stars or karma. For better or worse, the future of the world will be decided by the personal choices that each of us make – and we will make those choices based upon our personal beliefs. Therefore, if you want to take part in successfully re-creating the world, the first and most meaningful step is to re-create your self.

A Re-Creating Your Self Thought: The individual can, and does, make a difference in the world.

Coming October 1: This column concludes with Re-Creating the World, Part Two.

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Copyright 2010 by Christopher Stone

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