Radical Spiritual Beliefs to Stretch the Mind

Radical Spiritual Beliefs to Stretch the Mind

by Linda Anderson

Since the beginning of this decade, it appears as though every aspect of our civilization is in a state of flux. Just looking at the news bombards us with unprecedented global, environmental, social, and political challenges. Our collective attention span is short lived as we attempt to focus on one dilemma only to be pulled toward another before we even have time to come up with any long-lasting solutions. This leads us to the undeniable conclusion that these challenges are indicative of the flaws in our systems, showing us what’s working for us or what is not, based on our collective goals in a given moment in time.

Many who are in touch with the pulse of humanity understand that this widespread upheaval we are experiencing signals the need to move toward a gigantic shift in consciousness. Relatively speaking, in terms of our evolution, this dramatic shift is now occurring rapidly at an accelerated, exciting pace. We have an opportunity to positively transform ourselves and the world, as part of this necessary change requires us to make a quantum jump in our belief systems by discarding now useless, dogmatic ideas. This shift also dares us to rely more on our own inner authority rather than outside ourselves to solve these personal and global challenges.

History shows us that major evolutionary change occurs when unique visionary ideas are introduced in society. However, these ideas are at first ridiculed and rejected because they go against deep-rooted, orthodox beliefs among older generations. Plato stated that, “Those who are able to see beyond the shadows and lies of their culture will never be understood, let alone believed, by the masses.”It isn’t until many years have passed before an altered view of reality becomes accepted and established among the younger generations.

To take advantage of this growth opportunity, we need to comprehend the power of the mind that each and every one of us has. Activating creative mind power begins simply by making a profound decision based on what we choose to make work for us, and then turning that choice or belief into pure knowing, beyond any doubt that it will happen. This way of acting is extremely dynamic in influencing certain outcomes; it filters down through our own behavior and interactions with others. These newly adopted concepts reverberate down through our younger culture, impacting future ethos.

To make this next step in our evolution toward becoming more empowered individuals, we need to at once start questioning what we consider the norm for ourselves, our society and culture. I offer the following list, and invite you to stop for a moment with each one and ask yourself: is this a belief that serves me in a way that works for me, or serves humanity to evolve as a whole? When you find a statement that runs counter to your current beliefs and it creates an emotional charge within you, follow that down and question why it pushes your buttons, why you feel this belief is wrong, and who do these beliefs actually serve?

  • We need a higher authority to intercept for us on behalf of our well-being. [higher authority = Religious figurehead, government, corporation, etc.]
  • My body ages as I get older.
  • The people who have hurt me in the past deserve to be punished by not being offered my forgiveness. [We end up punishing ourselves by holding onto harmful thoughts.]
  • I can never make a difference (in the world, in the workplace). [Every one has a “gift.”]
  • Death is bad.
  • People from other countries and cultures are separate from us.
  • It’s harder to learn new skills as I get older.
  • My _______ is better than your _______. [Fill in the blanks with Country, God, Religion.]
  • Sickness comes naturally with aging.
  • Enforcing more and more laws and rules makes us a better society.
  • Right is always right; wrong is always wrong. And there is never any in-between.
  • I’ll never get ahead in life. [This comes from feeling powerless]
  • Contradictory ideas cannot coexist. [e.g., I cannot have more money AND more free time.]
  • Old habits die hard.
  • The poor are a blight on society – the rich are better and smarter and deserve our admiration and favors.
  • Guilt is bad. [This one is tricky. Guilt can be used to help us develop our conscience and then we need to move on and offer forgiveness; however, if guilt is held onto, it can become a self-destructive emotion.]
  • God is a jealous, wrathful, judgmental God.
  • Democracy is the ideal political structure. [This will change as smaller communities will play a part in the new political structure, one that is more of a “town hall” constitution.]
  • Non-religious people are not spiritual. [I define spirituality as “finding and experiencing meaning in life.”]
  • Sex is bad. [Sex in its most beautiful expression carried out with respect and awareness is a natural, divine part of ourselves and should not be suppressed; we have witnessed the devastating effects of sexual suppression through the abuse tribulations of religious clergy.]
  • A management executive is more important to a company than one of its line workers, or secretaries
  • Advanced civilized cultures are better than aboriginal or primitive cultures.
  • The Bible is the only and final word from God because there is nothing more to say to us. And the Word of God cannot evolve along with us.
  • Beautiful cannot be ugly and ugly cannot be beautiful.
  • Losing is bad.
  • Objective information is better than subjective experience.
  • Romantic relationships are meant to last a lifetime.
  • It’s easier to gain weight than to lose it.
  • I can only love one person at a time.
  • I am powerless to create my future and who I want to be. [This is one of the most destructive beliefs of them all.]
  • It’s us versus them. [There is never any “them,” it is only “us” trying to survive and thrive the best we know how.]

Linda Anderson, founder of Holistic Future, is a Certified Alchemical Hypnotherapist and has studied naturopathy, herbalism, and acupressure. Passionate about exploring and understanding mysteries surrounding our existence, Linda has researched holistic, spiritual, and metaphysical subjects since childhood. Since 2005 she has been undergoing a progressive kundalini awakening with subsequent physical, spiritual, and perceptual changes associated with the kundalini’s transformative energy. Linda sees herself as a futurist — a conscious explorer of the evolutionary leap humanity and our planet is currently experiencing, and an observer of where we are headed. Website: http://www.holisticfuture.com

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