Quero Apache Teachings

Quero Apache Teachings

Learning to Live Your Light

Original Memory by Maria Yracébûrû

When I touch the Stone People, when I touch the Standing Tall Ones, when I touch the marks of the world that are part of the land, I touch the face and heart of my ancestors. I touch the face and heart of myself, and I am home. I carry my home with me, in the reality of my flesh upon the flesh of the land. It is the one essential seeding as my life as a storyteller. I feel my home beyond my fingers reach, deep inside where dreams are born. And I can silently reach out… touching the this and that of my home… by reaching inside with spirit fingers, and seeing inside with spirit eyes.

My spirit fingers write the words that create ancient connection. My spirit eyes see the images and truth and knowing moving up through my spirit, entering the pen that makes my marks on the talking leaves of paper. My marks are my spirit movement in the world. I move lovingly from one place in my home, to another place in my home. Resting where my spirit pen stops in its dance.

So many suffer from fear, and I too fall prey from time to time. I have a great need to share the ancient teachings I have been honored to receive. And so I write. I strive to be a good storyteller. I have a great drive inside of me to bridge communications. When I was a little girl, I held this image of storytellers as extremely mystical people. I have discovered this is true, and it is born of the path of experience. I have found that to become a good storyteller one must embrace all that life has to offer. This in turn, takes us to the very core of our spiritual essence. I am a storyteller, a life partner to my mate, a healer, a mother and grandmother, a teacher and ceremonialist, and I am happy. I find my life rewarding because spirit breathes with me in each of these roles.

Now humanity is beginning to know what the word “connection” is all about. Sometimes it is necessary to be alone, separate from others, in communion with nature and Spirit. I am not a product of mainstream America. I am of a time long ago. I live a lifestyle whose philosophy was first actualized centuries ago by my ancestors, the Quero Apache. This is my way. I am very connected to all things.

My work reflects my connection. I write what I hear within the whispered echoes at edges of my consciousness. I am very proud of my “dictation” skills. These words resonate with many. I do not look for validation from others. I am confident in the path I walk. I am very fortunate because this is a job that I love, and I wouldn’t trade for any other. I put my entire self into it. I have been told I put more energy into what I do in one day, than many put into their entire life walk. Much of this energy is given to my community.

There was a time when I started writing and our community was small. Now Nohwiké Bagowa – House of Our Footprints – extends around the globe. I always try to teach the importance of personal integrity, whether I am writing a story, or in ceremony with others. It is a “walking my talk.” This is a good way to be. The more at peace with myself that I am, the more powerful the words are, the more at peace the community is. It goes in a big circle. I always relate my life to walking the great wheel Tutuskya. This speaking to you now is part of it… one of the many spirals. Being in service is my job and my life. I consider myself a traditionalist. Being a traditionalist means living in a nature conscious manner. This can be equated to dancing the sacred spiral. This conscious way of being shifts the energy of time paradyms in evolution.

I am of the earth like my great grandmother. When my great grandmother gathered the medicinal herbs of the earth for healing, she was gathering a bit of her own essential self. My grandfather, Ten Bears, was a well respected holy man. He knew the legends and prophecies that re the foundation of our living life philosophy. He facilitated ceremonies that resulted in “healing complete.” As is our way, in his passing to me, the circle was complete. In the same manner, I shall honor my granddaughters. The path is very simple, and is one that I have a great deal of respect for. It is a family way… a cooperative, regenerative way. When I work with people and landscape and All My Relations, I am looking into a mirror of my community, the dance of life, our swaying energies and moving emotions, changing times.

Traditional peoples seem to have strength… a great deal of strength which keeps them going. Within them lies the need to move forward, and yet they know that the ancient path is the surest route to travel. This knowing gives them pleasure. This time is about interaction, and it is exhilarating to watch others awaken to remembrance. I am always connected. Not connected as many would think of it. But connected in a fashion with the beauty of energy, the sharing of light and songs, and love exists. My connection is a great dance of life affirmation. My connection is of quickening and silencing, an energetic garden where relative butterflies move among relative flower blossoms. Where the Shadow of Fear cannot enter. And where at the end of my earthwalk the echos of the dance will dance away with me to my home in eternity. I am always conscious in my great connection…. gentle butterfly trails, and Changing Mother’s fragrant soil smiles.

Moon Fire Painter of Visions is my name. I think it is a beautiful name. It is very important to me that humans learn about being part of the earth and their place as a part of the whole. Many are demonstrating interest in knowing these ancient teachings, a love and respect for All Our Relations. They sense when to be still and when to act. They are fortunate in that they have responded to the spiritual call. I think it is very important that these seekers have the opportunity to walk a path of responsible co-creation. I always feel that when I return to spend time in nature my ancestors are celebrating. I sense when I was my great grandmother, and I remember. Images in time overlap and I realize, I am who I am meant to be. Living in contemporary society does not mean we must live apart from our natural connection. It is always a part of us.

Humanity awakens to its existence. Humanity is finding its true place with the dance of life they once missed in their knowing. My participation exists as inspiration through my work. Humanity now takes an active part in singing the blessings, dancing the dances of energetic shift. There has been a period of separation. We now choose peace and illumination. We claim our spirit, providing future generations a life of harmony and balance. The heart center of humanity has been opened. This is me. This is what I give.

I think of my life as a circle. A circle that has no beginning, nor ending. A circle that spirals inside of itself. That’s how my life goes. This circle keeps going, and has more parts, and is always complete. There are overlapping energies in the connection of my knowing. I move easily between the rhythmic cycles… dance sharing my planting seeds… dance sharing my nurturing time… dance sharing my healing complete… dance sharing my time in silent listening… In the connection of my knowing I travel upon the heart line of past and present. Grateful in Grandfather Sun’s blessing for who I am today. Writing in rain puddles… there is much to say, as I speak from the Four Directions. It is where I have been. It is where I am going. It is where I move. It is where I am. I invite you into the connection of knowing…

Maria Yracébûrû, author of Legends and Prophecies of the Quero Apache, has captured the imagination of thousands with her remarkable actions in walking a path of true knowing, as typified by her traditional Quero Apache upbringing, and pursues her personal goal of sharing the ancient teaching foundations of a balances lifestyle. As founder of Nohwik Bagowa – House of Our Footprints – non profit spiritual organization of earthwisdom, Maria has become the inspiration for life changes – life changes of empowerment along the path toward personal and planetary “healing complete.” Her website is http://www.nohwikebagowa.org

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