Psychic Workshop

Psychic Workshop

Psychic Workshop by Vince Price
Paradise Music Ltd. (2009) 46:00 minutes
Review by Kate Russell

It is often said that psychic abilities are within us all and that some of us are just more in touch with them than others.

So what about those of us who aren’t so in touch, but would like to be? The process of getting past one’s insecurities and fears, as well as finding good guidance in these matters can seem ever so overwhelming!

Enter: Vince Price’s ‘Psychic Workshop’ CD and its common sense, easy listening approach.

A professional medium and psychic from England, Vince Price has already released two other ‘workshop’ CDs through Paradise Music (one on Mediumship and another on Healing). Through a narrative style that is both friendly and encouraging, Price educates and inspires the listener to feel that psychic ability is within one’s grasp. Encouraging trust in one’s own imagination, honesty and acknowledging feelings as conduits for psychic ability, Price guides the listener through six exercises and one meditation that are meant to improve psychic ability in these areas through repeated practice.

I must admit, when I first saw the seventeen track list on the back of the CD, I was a little skeptical. I wasn’t sure how one could go from discussing the aura and dreams to chatting about the intuitive sense and psychic tools without sounding scattered or overly simplistic. Turns out my worries were unfounded. Whilst each topic ‘lesson’ is fairly short, they are very enjoyable to listen to, and perhaps most importantly of all – one comes away remembering what has been said.

I’ve included a breakdown of the exercises below:

1. Exercise One (Psychic Sense) – can be done alone

2. Exercise Two (Working with the Higher Self) – work with a partner

3. Exercise Three (Aura) – work with a partner

4. Exercise Four (Telepathy) – work with a partner

5. Sensing Color (Psychometry) – work with a group/with a partner

Price puts emphasis on the use of psychic abilities to “help oneself and others” and the emphasis on others is clearly demonstrated in the fact that five out of the six exercises on the CD are either two person or group exercises. This is great if you have a few like-minded friends in your social circle to do them with, but lone wolves might be left initially frustrated by this co-operative approach (still practicing with others is probably the speediest way to finding out whether you are right in your intuition or not).

That being said, if you have the friend to practice with, these exercises are quick to set up and fun to do. Solitary listeners can benefit from exercise one, which is a guided visualization to mentally evoke each sense. A guided meditation technique is also given in track nine, the reason for which is Price’s equivalence of meditation to the altered state psychic readers experience when drawing on information for the sitter.

There really is so much covered in this CD, not just in the actual tracks, but the thinking that goes on outside of listening to each one. If you’re a beginner to this subject with an ardent desire to discover your inherent psychic talents, I highly recommend this ‘Psychic Workshop’ CD as a firm foundation for your learning experience. For experienced psychics, this CD may seem more like ‘common sense’, but could be a useful tool for helping teach others.

For more information on Vince Price, please check out his site at:, or for his CDs, go to

Kate Russell is a singer/songwriter and busker from Vancouver, up until recently performing under the stage name Jadis Gloom ( Currently she is taking some time out from her solo music projects to write, listen to other styles of music and gain inspiration from other artists and their own creative journeys. Believing that to look into someone’s art is also to look inside their soul, she enjoys the intimate opportunities for understanding others in new ways that being a music critic provides.

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