Psychic development in a new paradigm

Psychic development in a new paradigm

By Becky Walsh

We are entering into a spiritual revolution a new paradigm is coming forward. As part of this change the old ways of looking at being a psychic need to change. We are becoming aware of the ideas of ‘Manifestation’ or ‘cosmic ordering’. It is starting to be believed that our thoughts create our future. So when a psychic tells you the future, are they going someway to create it for you? If so, depending on the view point of the psychic, they could be changing your life course, and possibly not for the better. There for interfering with the free will of the client.

We have been living in a technological age, where we are defining ourselves through matter rather than spirit. We tend to think: ‘If I have this and own that, then I am successful; if I am successful, then I am a good person and I will be respected and loved.’ We measure whether we’re sad or happy by what we own. But it doesn’t satisfy us. We’re always looking for something else. Happiness is a question of perspective. When we believe that things outside ourselves make us happy, then we keep our minds busy with those things. Our culture, as a whole, believes that if we can have the right things around us, control our surroundings, then we will be happy.

People are waking up to the fact that this control we are fighting to have is, in fact, an illusion. How do we change the world? Most attempts, however wellmeaning, are frustrated because they still focus on trying to change the surroundings. Whenever we do that, we meet resistance.

There is another way to change the world, and it starts with us. It’s the new psychic’s way. The psychic begins with changing spirit rather than matter. This way works because, ultimately, all matter is spirit. Everything that exists is simply a different form of the same thing: vibrating energy. Nothing that we believe to be solid is truly solid. We just perceive it that way. In the real world, nothing is permanent. The only constant is continuous movement and change. The same is true of our emotions. They are also moving, vibrating and changing, made up of tiny chemical particles. You might feel fear in the pit of your stomach, or joy and love in your heart.

So what does this have to do with being psychic? There is now a scientific term for psychic ability, Anomalous Cognition (or AC. The transfer of information through means other than the 5 traditional senses). Many within the scientific community are increasingly ready to accept these ideas, if not publicly then certainly in private. Maybe one day we can call ourselves AC practitioners. It would be wonderful to leave the name psychic in the past with ‘Madam Ruth’ and the fortune-tellers. A psychic is aware of his/her energy, of the frequency at which it vibrates. They can change it, adapting it to be in sync with someone else, or the energy of an object or environment. For example, if you are in a good mood, and you take a seat on a coach and find your mood quickly shifting to something less pleasant, you will know if this is ‘you’, or if you have picked up on the vibration of the person who just stepped out of the seat, or indeed the collective energy of the people on the bus. We blend our energy with the energy around us. That is why we feel relaxed in the countryside. It is a slower pace of life, and why many people in the country don’t like ‘city folk’. We arrive in the country still vibrating quickly, and it takes us time to ‘wind down’.

At present a shift in consciousness has started, moving from the material to the spiritual. This involves a shift in vibration. We are living through a spiritual revolution in which people are becoming increasingly aware that if you don’t look within yourself for answers, you end up with no answer at all. Becoming an advanced psychic means taking part in this revolution. It means you also need to be an advanced spiritual person as the two go hand in hand. If you don’t have one, the other won’t work for you. It has nothing to do with extraordinary or unnatural powers. Any person can learn to develop psychic ability. We mostly had it as young children, but social conditioning drummed it out of us. It is what you now do with this ability that makes you special. To be psychic is to be in tune with energy, be aware of it and be able to make use of it in order to help others as well as yourself. So to be ‘psychic’ is a general term to describe a state of heightened awareness and receptivity, whereas to be ‘advanced’ is to begin the search for wisdom and enlightenment, trusting your own intuition and being in service to the truth. It means developing your sensitivity to subtle energy and the information that it carries.

© Becky Walsh 2007 By Becky Walsh author of ‘Advanced Psychic development’ O Books and ‘Westend Theatre Ghosts’ Tempus. Becky presents ‘The Psychic Show’ in London on LBC 97.3fm Radio as is a tutor at ‘The College of Psychic Studies London’ See

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