Prosperity Every Day

Prosperity Every Day

Prosperity Every Day: A Daily Companion on Your Journey to Greater Wealth and Happiness

By: Julia Cameron with Emma Lively
Penguin Random House
Softcover, 382 pages

I have to admit, I like to indulge in books that emphasize positive thinking especially towards a life of greater happiness. In Prosperity Every Day, there are daily reflections geared towards peace, creativity, compassion, etc. The blurbs are short and straight to the point, but they carry immense meaning. Each day is geared toward some type of affirmation whether there is a discussion of small luxuries or appreciation for actually being alive. In essence, readers can use this book as a wonderful self-help guide especially if difficult situations are currently being faced. It truly is a “daily companion” because there is a strong tendency to lift spirits without redundant detail.

Personally, I have been reading the reflections every day for a few weeks and the ideals pertaining to prosperity are very interesting. Instead of discussing finances and money, there is a shift in perspective. The importance of self-worth and hope are described so that people can experience a fulfilling life. While I do agree with many of the sentiments that are described, spirituality is brought up quite often. It should be known that the book is not made to be religious by any means, but there are symbols that relay the reader towards a higher power and faith. However, much of that faith deals with “inner promptings” and understanding the need for strength and guidance.

Keep in mind that there is also a glossary for basic concepts, so you never have to feel lost when words such as solvency, spirit and prosperity plans are discussed. You can find them at the beginning of the book, and they’re described in very simple terms. Whenever you feel defeated, and if you feel as if life is just not going according to plan, this resource can be somewhat of a guiding factor. It has the potential to assist you in clearing your head and finding the light at the end of the tunnel.  In my personal opinion, you don’t have to wait until the next day to read the daily blurb. Keep reading them in one sitting if you have to.  You can also write them down in a notebook and highlight them if you would like.

Overall, Julia Cameron and Emma Lively have done a wonderful job in reminding readers that they can truly have an abundant and prosperous life once mentalities are shifted in a positive way. I almost like to think of the daily affirmations as meditations. Before you begin your day each morning, take just one to two minutes reading the blurb of the day. Highlight the important parts if you need to and carry that message in your mind. It is bound to make a difference in how you feel about your life.

Review by Anita Haridat, M.S.

Anita Haridat has her master’s degree in clinical nutrition and she is pursuing her Ph.D. in healthcare/business administration. While she lives and breathes wellness and positivity, she has a passion for classic literature and Stephen King novels as well. Her health blog can be found here:


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