The Power of the Root Chakra

The Power of the Root Chakra

By Kelly Lydick

Its color is red. It symbolizes all things earthly. In dreams it symbolizes all things tangible, all things passionate. Its balance determines our relationship to money, and our relationship to sexuality. It spins counterclock-wise at the slowest rate compared with the other chakras. Its conical shape points downward toward the ground, helping to “ground” energy.

 When it’s out of balance, anxiety occurs. We feel ungrounded. Thoughts can be scattered, and projects go half-finished. We may have fear or shame around sexuality. We may be careless with money. Out of balance, the chakra may spin clockwise, or wobble, its conical shape off-balance like a potter throwing a crooked vase on a potter’s wheel.

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The first chakra is a powerful one, as it connects us with life force and the awareness of survival. It also connects us to animals, the Earth, and our own basic drives and instincts for food. Any time fear is present, the first chakra is charged. Likewise, any time feelings of physical safety are present, it means the first chakra is activated. Caroline Myss calls this the “tribal chakra” responsible for feelings of connectedness, or lack of connectedness to other people, especially family (103).

Donna Eden, author of Energy Medicine, refers to this chakra as “psychic heat” (161) as it is so powerful it directs energy up and outward away from the body. Kundalini practitioners know the root as the base of the kundalini opening, its symbol a coiled serpent ready to strike.

It is so powerful, it has a cascading effect upon the other chakras. Meaning, if this chakra is out of balance, the others will be, too. As the lower three chakras connect through the heart to the upper three chakras, the root is established as the base for the entire system. Those who experience imbalances in this chakra will see outer effects manifest emotionally, physically, mentally—and even spiritually.

Keeping the root chakra balanced doesn’t have to be a difficult thing. In fact, when we have a good sense of its magnitude, we can more consciously work with its energy for specific desired results. This includes self-confidence, career achievements, community connection, balanced emotions, and a clear connection to the higher self.

To begin working with the root chakra, envision its red color in the mind’s eye during meditation. See its counter-clockwise spin. Feel its “psychic heat.” And allow its power to naturally manifest.

 Tips to Keep the First Chakra Balanced:

1. Process emotions as they come up. Feel them, and let them go.

2. Maintain a healthy exercise routine. When you devote time to the physical body each week, the energetic body also responds.

3. Keep your energy clear by eating clean. Non-GMO, organic, preservative-free, high-quality foods bring a higher vibration of energy into the system, helping to maintain it.

4. Stay in the body. Avoid escapist tendencies like alcohol or drugs, too much television, or other avoidance behaviors. This easily pulls the energy away from the body, and contributes to a lack of grounding.

5. Commit time to self-understanding. Our most basic drives can appear complex as we try to intellectualize them. But, they are just instincts. Devoting time to self-understanding of how these instincts manifest will bring great self-awareness—and therefore, greater balance and healthy choices.

6. Remain confident in who you are as a person. Everyone experiences feelings of insecurity from time to time—some more than others. Confidence and high self-esteem will also keep you in your body, and in addition, will strengthen your connection to this energy.


Eden, Donna. (1998). Energy Medicine. London, England: Penguin Books, Ltd.

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About the author:

Kelly Lydick received her M.A. in Writing and Consciousness from the New College of California, San Francisco (now at CIIS). Her writing has appeared in Guernica, Drunken Boat, Switched-on Gutenberg, Mission at Tenth, Thema, Tarpaulin Sky, and True Blue Spirit magazines, as well as on the home page of Her work has also been featured on NPR’s The Writers’ Block. She is the author of the experimental work, Mastering the Dream.

Kelly holds certifications as a Meditation Facilitator, Reiki Master, Crystal Reiki Master, Past Life Healer, and Gateway Dreaming™ Coach. She teaches writing and metaphysical workshops, and offers private consultations through her company Waking the Dream. You can learn more about her work at



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