The Power of Ego Unravels the Mysteries of the Human Psyche

The Power of Ego Unravels the Mysteries of the Human Psyche

It’s horrific, yet absolutely true; Rémi Meyer’s childhood saw him both emotionally and physically abused by none other than his own birth mother. Meyer somehow managed to break away as a teenager, and decided to dedicate his life to understanding the human psyche in an effort to help others enduring their own despair.

Two decades later, Meyer truly understands what the psyche/ego actually are, and how they affect each person’s every thought and decision. In his new book, ‘The Power of Ego: Master Your Life!’, Meyer unravels the mysteries, so anyone can discover and embrace their untapped internal happiness.

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A book that invites you to an inward journey to maximize your happiness and well being. Rémi Meyer’s entire childhood was fraught with horrendous emotional abuse. His painful experiences gave him a great thirst to understand the human psyche, which led to the writing of his opus, The Power of Ego. Experiences of grand dramas of life are always acted upon subconsciously and directed by the ego. In fact, it is just like being in a movie where characters are playing their roles, except that in real life an individual is living that movie! Everyone has challenges; to be alive is to encounter life’s challenges. The secret to overcoming such obstacles is to perceive each moment as an invitation to grow, an opportunity to reveal your inner self, and to inch closer towards fulfillment. Rémi studied psychology since the age of 16, and for 20 years has now been involved in unraveling the nuances of the human psyche. To accomplish the task of developing an understanding of your own psyche, or “ego,” requires dedication and devotion. It is similar to exercising at the gym – the more you do it, the stronger and bigger your muscles develop. The Power of Ego details for the reader – like never before – the different components of our most complex aspects, which are expressed as a unity through the ego. The Power of Ego explores the diverse facets of the psyche and their impact on our lives, through the lenses of psychology, psychoanalysis, philosophy, sociology, anthropology, biology, and metaphysics. Rémi details a piercing perspective about the essence of this reality and the purpose of your ego in a way that inhabits your soul way longer after you have put down this book. As Carl Jung said, “The world will ask you who you are, and if you do not know, the world will tell you.”

“If we’re going to improve our well being for good, we have to start by looking inward,” explains the author, “…to understand the role the ego and psyche play in our everyday life. We must then find the “blind spots” that serve only to breed negativity into our lives, and eradicate them. Don’t worry, it sounds complicated, but this book walks you through every single stage.”

Continuing, “The ultimate goal is to become more self-aware than we ever thought possible; a state that is guaranteed to help us find the happiness, success and prosperity we crave so deeply.  Just look at what readers are saying – this is the real deal!”

Meyer is correct – reviews have been glowing. For example, Antonin Hebben comments, “You can learn so much from reading this book, it put together the essentials of the human psyche and how it works which help increase our awareness and thus quality of life. A very informative and rich content.”

Basit adds, “Very much enjoyed reading this book. It is packed with lots of knowledge – all in one book. Very well put together.”

About the Book:
The Power of Ego: Master Your Life!
Paperback: 310 pages
Publisher: Rémi Meyer (February 8, 2018)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1999942116
ISBN-13: 978-1999942113

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About the Author:

Rémi Meyer was born in Beirut, Lebanon and later on moved to Cyprus where he spent a big part of his life. Rémi spent his childhood, growing up under the influence of Catholic nuns at a French school he attended. Despite it being a Catholic school and possessing its own church on premises, the nuns welcomed all type of beliefs. They had a progressive secular outlook in uniting people.

Rémi’s unfortunate childhood was fraught with several years of emotional and physical abuse. The adverse circumstances were created by none other than his own mother, sadly – a good woman who was not taught better. As a youngster, he was able to acutely perceive and understand the abusive patterns and emotional manipulation caused by his mother. She put him and his siblings through the worse, and because he was born with heightened empathic abilities, he could discern the atrocities.

He was downhearted that the very exact place where he was supposed to feel safe at home, he was not. He realized that there was something troubling about the way he and his siblings were treated. Until, gradually, as the time progressed, he was able to understand the reasons underpinning his mother’s behaviors. This living amongst an abusive family and a culture built on abusive approach was an intense period in his life. However, despite being raised in an extremely painful environment, Rémi always felt the undeniable and unconditional love the Creator continues to hold for this entire universe.

Holding compassion towards others, Rémi has an innate ability to pierce into the psyche and emotional states of people around him. However, this gift, concurrently caused Rémi great frustration, as he could perceive that the majority of people’s behaviors is subconsciously propelled primarily by their “ego self.” In these delusive conditions him great pain and grief.

Being uniquely different from his family and possessing special observational skills brought forward in Rémi an unquenched thirst for understanding the sophistication of the human psyche. He looked for answers through the lens of psychology, psychoanalysis, philosophy, sociology, anthropology, biology and metaphysics. He has been researching and studying these subjects in depth for the last 20 years. This helped Rémi understand the reasons that dictate each and every conduct – his, and those of others.

Holding a very special place in his heart, Cyprus offered Rémi the serenity he needed with space and time to self-reflects on his childhood and life. The magnetic pull he feels towards the island is always present in him. He started his university studies and subsequently transferred to the United States to complete his studies at the University of Indianapolis, IN. He graduated in 2006, and then moved back to the island, where he pursued a successful career. He has also received a Medal of Honor and Courage for the volunteer work he did for the French Government (he helped expatriate European nationals from Lebanon to Cyprus at the time of war). He has, in addition, worked in Business Development arena, which offered him the privilege to travel frequently all over Europe and sometimes the world.

During his life, Rémi has lived in seven countries and has experienced the variety and diversity of cultures in these places. The travels and contacts he has had exposed him to a large spectrum of people from all corners of the world and thus offered him an expansive outlook on life.
He has been quoted as saying, “Whenever a person desires to experience life on the intention of self-discovery; the entire universe will then conspire to assist that person. And, the more a person grows with those experiences, subsequently, the miracles of life surface. What actually changes are our outlooks, as well as our perceptions of things. Thus, those external things don’t change – we do.”

Rémi now lives in the United Kingdom, and he has made London his home for the last eight years. His passion and unquenched thirst to comprehend the sophistication of the human psyche still lives within him – and will, forever. Rémi’s thirst for life and self-discovery will keep leading him on a journey of an infinite love to this extraordinary opportunity of existence – which we call life.



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John Michael

I have read a bit so far of this book, it is so well written and wow it is really incredibly rich with so much knowledge. It helped me understand so much so far about myself.