Portland magick and occult festival August 10 – 12

Portland magick and occult festival August 10 – 12

This August, Portland, Oregon, the City of Roses will play host to esoZone, a unique, three-day event billed as a “Designer Reality Expo.”

esoZone will bring together people from disparate Internet subcultures to exchange art and intellect from Fri., August 10 to Sun., August 12 at the Someday Lounge in downtown Portland. It will feature mind-altering performances, dangerous entertainment, occult art, futurist rituals and a dance floor, all to culminate with an epic meditation by cult phenomenon artist Paul Laffoley.

The event will showcase members of the experimental occultists and artists, and other highly active anti-professionals toiling away in isolation.

“We’re trying to create a bridge between the sort of intellectual aspects of these fringe cultures and the artistic aspects,” says art director Danny Chaoflux. “We want this to be a great party, as well as an event where people learn something.”

esoZone is being coordinated by people from online communities all over the world and locally supported by Portland Occulture, a loose affiliation of people with an interest in esoteric subjects.

Performers will include: syndicated television host Freeman; alternative Internet radio personalities the Viking Youth; the London theatre troupe Foolish People; and acclaimed local performance artist the Red King.

Klint Finley, esoZone executive director and Portland Occulture organizer describes esoZone as “a natural extension of both the international Internet culture and the local network we’ve built.”

“Portland, Ore. has long had a reputation as a city for outsiders, marginals and malcontents,” says event director Nick Pell. “It seemed the natural place to hold a weekend dedicated to both high and low weirdness.”

Other organizations contributing to esoZone include the Key 64 webzine, the online community Irreality.net, and the Foolish People.

For tickets and more information, visit www.esozone.com.

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