Planning Your New Self

Planning Your New Self

Re-Creating Your Self by Christopher Stone

Last time, you explored your own truest ideas about the nature of selfhood. The reason for this exploration is simple: Once you understand what you believe about the inherent nature of your very personhood, you are much more capable of Re-Creating Your Self effectively, becoming the person you want to be, living the life you desire.
This column, as well as the next one, is your creative opportunity to be the architect of the blueprint for your new self: the re-created you. Many of my students have remarked that this represents their first opportunity to consciously create themselves as the person they want to become. It has always been joyful to observe the energy and enthusiasm with which students have laid the ground work for a better version of themselves, especially those student who never before understood that this recreation was possible.

Designing your blueprint for personal change is a determining step in transforming your self from an other-created person to a self-created individual. Before taking that important, life-changing step, let’s recap briefly the basic tenets of the Re-Creating Your Self process.

The Heart & Soul of Re-Creating Your Self

You and you alone, have the power, the privilege – and the responsibility – to become the person you want to be, living the life you desire. You alone create your life. You are not controlled by any outside forces, and that includes God. Your Original Source, or God, is a creative entity, not a controlling, manipulative deity. Free will is your birthright. Your life is what you make it.

You create your life in line with your beliefs. The ideas you accept as being true about your self, others and the world in general coalesce to create the life you know. This isn’t just my opinion. Throughout the ages, many of humankind’s greatest teachers, Buddha and Christ among them, have preached this dynamic principle: All that you are is the result of what you have believed. Your beliefs create your reality. That’s how life works; it’s what makes things happen, they tell us.

Earth is the school. You are the student. Your challenge is to learn how your beliefs come together to form physical matter. In Schoolhouse Earth (and in most dictionaries), a belief is defined as “any idea you accept as being true.”

The person you are now, with the experiences you call your own, was created largely by beliefs you first acquired from others. Many of “your” ideas about reality were blindly accepted from the people who most powerfully influenced your formative years. This is not as it should have been. In an ideal world – which this most definitely is not – you should have accepted or rejected beliefs based upon your personal experience, and not because you were told to do so by an authority figure. These people, along with the prevailing cultural attitudes of your time, largely defined reality for you. They defined your concepts of selfhood and the world. Some of the beliefs you accepted from others were positive and life-affirming. Others simply limited your ability to create a life of health, happiness, fulfillment and success.

Some of the beliefs you accepted from others were negative, and/or outdated. It follows that when you create your life with negative and outdated beliefs, you reap negative and defunct results. A successful life is the product of a positive belief system that reflects the truth of being while confirming your basic goodness and value – as it promotes personal achievement, creativity and well-being.

You can re-create your self, becoming the person you want to be, living the life you desire, by replacing your negative beliefs with positive, life-affirming ones. The first step is to identify your beliefs. In doing so, you must also learn the difference between personal beliefs and the unalterable “facts of life.”

Examining and evaluating your beliefs one at a time will reveal the positive beliefs that create your successful experiences, as well as the negative and outdated beliefs that impose limitations.

You can change negative and outdated beliefs. The inability to change is self-inflicted, and not based in any universal law. Change is a natural process. For as long as you’re alive, it’s never too late, too early, or too soon, to change.
Your ability to re-create your self – to make the personal changes you desire – increases as you learn more about the enormous potential and creativity within you.

A Re-Creating Your Self Thought: Before planning your new self, put aside all beliefs of personal limitations. Allow your new self to be a much more expansive entity than the person you now know as your self.

Next time: Planning Your New Self, Part 2.

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Copyright 2009 by Christopher Stone

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