Personal Renewal

Personal Renewal

by John W. Cardano

Oh, I recall the easy years of youthful growth. These days, as I watch my granddaughter grow and change in beautiful ways every day I see her remind me. Natural radiance glows from each of us during our years of growth.

As many years pass by, that radiance is too often a fleeting experience. A quality of excitement for life can be worn down by the various weights of life in our busy world.
I have observed friends, strangers and myself lose that wonderful glow.

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My health issues began 45 years ago on a forward military base in Vietnam. The years since then were difficult. For some unknowable reason, my spirit supported my belief that the “glow” is always a part of our potential.

The doctors informed me that there was “no hope” for my chronic pain, and later the cancer. I could never accept the idea of no hope. We have all experienced the wonder and mystery of radiant health. Simple in children, rare in older adults. Yet we do meet bright, radiant and spry adults who have a free and energized spirit.

Years of study with holistic health modalities, personal effort and uplifting experiences with compassionate others in this vast community of ours, allows me an uncommon quality of health. There are dynamic forces combining together for the fullness of life.

Almost everyone is most motivated by qualities we all cherish: trust, integrity, good will and so many more. This may seem odd in a world where economy appears to set how life will be. Yet those shared values are spiritual qualities that have a special place in our lives. It is common for us to recall people setting economic values aside in all variety of disasters and celebrations.

This happens because we are spiritual beings having a physical adventure with mental ability and an emotional power system. Emotions push us into many activities for our needs, development, success and fulfillment.

Recognizing the fullness of these dimensions – spiritual, physical, mental and emotional – opens a large doorway towards health and that “glow”. Conscious awareness of what is happening with me is another step into that doorway. The big push through health’s doorway is breath.

Breath is automatic. Hold your breath. Eventually you will automatically be forced to breathe. It is fundamental to staying alive. Minimal breathing fuels minimal health.

As age grows, or injuries bring their unique problems, our breathing patterns diminish. We require a mindful breath for robust health. Unfortunately, our priority lists accommodate what we are used to doing. Develop my breath? Give me a break! My agenda is full of important things to do!

Our involvement in our health is important. Accepting valid change is natural, fun, and health giving. Nature changes constantly. We are apart of nature. Our physical bodies are nature!

Humans have mental abilities to plan and direct how we behave. To choose what we eat, to control the temperature of our selected environment.

We determine how to use time in order to enhance our ability to make it in the world. Quality breath for health requires our attention. It is intelligent to integrate our manner of living with enhanced breathing. The benefits are better performance, enjoyment and health.

Our mental abilities are a part of a vast consciousness that, currently, is unexplainable. So what! It is an inherent quality of our life with potentials completely open to our use!

Top scientists and ancient mystics agree, this is not a random existence; intelligent design is the source of existence. When we choose to use our intelligence to improve life, we enrich it. Breath is a fundamental resource that allows us to integrate ever more fully into the mysteries of life.

Consider a good friendship. It may have started because of a pleasant feeling between both of you. Yet the depth of the friendship is based on shared experiences. Doing things together builds trust and more of the shared values mentioned earlier.

Personal commitment with our self works the same way. We commit with our self to develop quality breath that is meaningful. It begins a pathway into a fuller self-relationship. We feel our breath. Breath opens our body and exhales allow us to feel the body settle ever more comfortably. This affects all of our dimensions, silently, easily generating an ever-growing relationship that integrates our physical body, our mental awareness and soothing emotions, while deepening spiritual values.

Consistent breath reveals new qualities of patience with our self. This prompts an uncommon emergence of an ever-deepening self-trust. Next, self-love is recognized and enjoyed. Even when we notice that we are back in an old pattern we are trying to change, forgiveness and recommitment happen more easily. We abandon self-judgment in favor of self-appreciation for our efforts.

Conscious aware breath is a pleasant pathway into a fuller relationship with self. Quality self-relationship allows confidence, ease of being, as well as new levels of health.

This practice of breath consciousness is a true cornucopia of life. Gentle exercise of consciousness causes mindfulness to steadily grow and continue growth. This wonderful expansive growth brings forth other spiritual qualities like enhanced intuition and the blossoming of self-love into self-compassion. These values harvest a secure foundation and generously radiate out into our family, friends, community and all of life.

We naturally feel and then explore these esoteric energies. Life is enhanced.
Serendipity is a regular feature of a life with aware conscious breath stimulating gentle compassionate growth.

When serendipity brings along an easier flow in our physical world, the dynamic of our multidimensional life becomes clearer. We accept that living our preferred spiritual qualities brings real value – emotionally, mentally and in our physical reality. If our emotions are in harmony with which we know we most desire to be in life, health follows. This demands a good level of self-confidence and discernment – personal qualities that develop through consistent aware breath.

Eastern philosophies, Taoism, Buddhism, Hinduism, speak to the energetic flows that effect our body, emotions and mind. Balance and harmony are emphasized as important throughout them.

Harmony can appear because of one’s natural grace. More often it is developed through conscious aware breath, and conscious personal change. Our natural potentials can be accessed through the pleasure of breath. Each of us has our own unique paths and timing into healthful growth.

The prognosis that there was “no hope” for my health issues is a linear projection. We come from a history of deductive linear thinking. First this, then that – a supposed clear line of development. That thinking still permeates our beliefs.

Quantum physics shook that thinking. Today, we recognize that things appear to go in a steady progressive pattern but it doesn’t really do that. The interacting variables of life: my physical body, my emotional confusion or harmony, my mental attitude, my spiritual belief system, and other elements – all of this – my multi-dimensional life is a quantum reality!

When a desire is fulfilled by some serendipitous joyful experience, that is quantum fulfillment – a harmony throughout all of me. There is an emerging field of health science called quantum biology. It is a merging of quantum mechanics and theoretical chemistry observing biological processes.

Photosynthesis was taught to all of us. How it works, no one fully knew. Recently, the high efficiency of a plant’s photosynthesis became explainable due to observable quantum activity. Observing quantum activity in nature is magic to us. Perhaps magical feats have always captivated us because our existence is more magical than we could imagine.

Our delight in life sparks our “glow”. That inner radiating light seems related to developing our ease of being, a harmonious flow for delight to become an easily accepted experience; a jump away from anticipating more drama.

The confluence of our fullness contains all of these elements and more. We continue into exciting times of change and growth. The growth of knowledge in our sciences continues to affirm more and more of the ancient mystical wisdom. New disciplines are emerging: epigenetics explains how our manner of living can change our genes; neuroplasticity confirms that the brain is continually able to transform it’s potential; the recognition of the reality of intelligence within every cell brings respect for our smallest parts; and more.

As this growing awareness and active acceptance within our heart and spirit combine with new medical findings of our true potential, our ability for personal renewal gathers meaningful reinforcement.

Certainly, this is not a broadly accepted view. Change from old schools of thought is a difficult road to travel. Established structures hold on to their positions often without willingness to accept a newly proven reality. It is also difficult for the average person to navigate such broad change.

Relationships are in flux. The individual is recognized to possess abilities that were previously considered impossible. The medical community needs to update its training and philosophies. These changes are complicated for everyone.

My experiences, as well as that of many others, demonstrate that renewal happens. For me, it is not a “spontaneous renewal”. However, the changes due to the consistent development of breath, willingness to change emotional and mental patterns, along with trust in life’s abundant nurturance is transformational.

In reality, life is simple. Take a breath. As we allow enjoyment of breath, we feel our presence. Our patient, loving and compassionate breath refreshes our capacity for truth and well-being. Allow and accept peaceful calm within. Awareness, intuition and confidence guide the moments ahead. Personal renewal is a natural potential. All is well.

About the Author
Pain and cancer set and kept John W. Cardano on a quest toward health. He is also the author of two nature-focused picture books designed to relax and inspire readers, “Natural Relations” and “Little Wild Horse Canyon.” His newest book, “The Fabric of Health” shares his story of reliving chronic pain with alternative health solutions. For more information, visit

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