Our Future, Their Potential

Our Future, Their Potential

by Debbie A. Anderson

I know we live in a world where there are no guaranteed conclusions, but that same world offers us incredible universal sources for sharing positive guidance.

Being an adult can be difficult and confusing, so imagine if you were a child living within the essence of the core vibration of knowing but wanting more to assist you?

Some children who may today be deemed as crystal or rainbow children, could possibly be blessed to have parents or adults around them to support and encourage them.  Acceptance of this spiritual gift, is the vibrational essence of openness and genuineness, even if that adult doesn’t truly understand what is happening, or how to help the child.

When I was a child, I grew up in an era where spirituality, seeing angels or dead relatives was not a topic of discussion.  In fact it was either swept under the table or you were marched off to visit a doctor of the mind.  In my case I experienced both.

Of course I was blessed to be given educational tools to grow my life skills and people around me who encouraged this aspect.  But the upkeep of my spirit on a soul level was not discovered by me until I was in my 20s.  It was then I discovered that my grandmother had been a “seer” or psychic, so it helped me to, at that point, accept that what was and had happened to me was just spirit’s way of awakening my vibrational soul to what pathway could be available to me.

The children of today will be the adults of tomorrow, and we should not forget that they are the most precious resources for the future and destiny of our world.   So the more we can encourage and empower them the better for all of us.  Empowerment is about education, but it is also showing them how to be open to discovering new things and being inclusive and accepting of everything and everyone on a spiritual level.

That is why I was lead to create the Vibrational Earth Children Deck.  I wanted children to be able to work with a tool that was non-denominational and all inclusive to help them find out more about themselves and our beautiful, ever evolving universe.

During the development of the Vibrational Earth Children Deck I consulted with mothers and educational specialists because I kept hearing that children need guidance presented in a way that they can understand.  Through this process, especially when getting feedback from the children, I realized that they know a lot more than we give them credit for.  This I am sure is down to the nurturing they experience through their peers.  Be it positive or negative, children just seems to be able to weed out the nonsense that we as adults, are sometimes are not perceptive enough to acknowledge or see.

The deck has been created so children from around 8 years old and upwards, discover and learn with direction and interaction from adults.  But the feedback I am getting already is that parents/grandparents with younger children are using the deck to engage with day-to-day perceptions and dialogue.

One element that became very clear at the beginning, especially working with the wonderful Kim Dreyer, who was the artist on this project, was that spirit wanted us to use photos of “real” children.  So, as always, I followed their lead, reaching out to anyone and everyone I could to see if parents would be interested in allowing their child/children to participate.  I have to say, when working with spirit, I open my heart and soul in the full belief that they will assist and guide me in whatever way they KNOW is needed.  I was just so blessed with the response, which was overwhelming and heartfelt.

Stepping back a moment, I should share, that is how I was blessed to connect with Kim Dreyer.  I had completed writing the deck but I had not found the “right” artist.  I closed my eyes and directed the vibrational intention of my soul to spirit asking “please help me find the artist for this project.”  When I opened my eyes, I realized I was sitting in front of my keyboard, so I started typing words into my Google search engine, and the first one to pop up was Kim’s website.  Really?  That easy?  And yes, it was.  Kim is located in South Africa, so I sent her an email and sat back praying that spirit had yet again guided me to where I needed to go.  And as they say, the rest is history, because she and I worked on it with heart and soul creating the Vibrational Earth Children oracle deck.

The deck consists of 52 delightfully created interactive cards depicting everyday occurrences.  The concept is to assist children in understanding useful and positive messages when using the deck. The essence of the deck is its innocence and pure simplicity of play.

There is an 80 page guide book providing safe, age appropriate, positive messages which are very much connected to the concerns that children have surrounding day to day life.  This deck, used as a learning tool, is a great way for any adult, be they parents, grandparents or teachers, to get children to open up and express what they think or feel about the card they have picked.

Also, the Vibrational Earth Children Oracle deck will be giving five percent (5%)  from all sales to children’s charities around the world.  Purchasers will be given the opportunity to share the charity they would like us to support in the years to come.  We will be focusing on children’s charities where, if possible, all the money goes directly to help change the lives of children.

If you would like to discover more about the deck please check out, http://www.vibrational-energy.com/vibrational-earth-children-oracle-deck.html

The deck can be purchased online for $25Cdn + shipping, by visiting http://www.vibrational-energy.com/oracle-deck—vibrational-earth-children.html

It is also available in selected retail stores in Canada, US & Australia.

About the author:
Born in England, Debbie A. Anderson is a natural healer who has worked in the magical sphere of spirituality all of her life, where many modalities have evolved along the way. She is a Psychic Medium who now lives in Canada, and has been doing intuitive spiritual readings for over 30 years around the world. She has also developed Vibrational Energy Therapy which she teaches to others & Vibrational Sound CDs. She has written bodywork meditations which have been narrated & published by others. In 2013 she self-published the Vibrational Energy Oracle Deck which is being promoted worldwide both as a physical deck and as a mobile app. In November 2014 she created a children’s deck called Vibrational Earth Children. Find out more at www.Vibrational-Energy.com

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