On Finding Grace and Resolving Pain in Challenging Times

On Finding Grace and Resolving Pain in Challenging Times

Q & A With Author Stuart Wilde

By Peter George

Stuart Wilde is the maverick writer, thought-leader and best-selling author of more than twenty books on empowerment, spirituality, and progressive metaphysics including the popular Miracles, Silent Power, and Sixth Sense. He’s toured with Deepak Chopra, Wayne Dyer and Louise Hay and is known for bringing humor and a practical understanding to often cutting-edge work that intersects with that of the leading physicists of our time.

In his groundbreaking new book, Grace, Gaia and the End of Days (out this March 2009 from Hay House), Stuart Wilde examines grace from a twenty-first century perspective and postulates that grace, or “pure love,” as he calls it, is a golden light seen coming from the inner spiritual world that is data-driven and laced with trillions of bytes of fractal information that “offers you hope, good fortune, miracle healing and respite from pain.”

While many traditionally have sought grace through prayer or hope, Wilde writes that one can learn to access grace as “downloads” experienced as visions, extrasensory perception, and dreams when in the trance meditative state. The data bank for grace is so vast no one person can comprehend but a small part of it, he says, adding “anything can be changed with enough of this data flowing into your body and mind.”

Q: How do you define grace?

SW: In religious terms, it’s often portrayed as the concept of the goodness of God that seemingly saved a sailor from drowning in the song “Amazing Grace”. And we often experience it as waves of bliss that come over us, or one of those unexplainable moments of inspiration in which we feel grace flowing through us . . . sometimes it manifests an inexplicable coincidence or strange occurrence. But in visions arrived at through theta meditative states (hundreds of thousands of documented visions), we began to access the multi-dimensional hyperspace reality where grace exists, and we saw that grace is very complex.

And while we see grace often as a golden light it and experience it as pure love, it can also be described as a fractal code of vast complexity. In essence grace is data driven, there are trillions upon trillion of bytes of information in it.

Is this the same grace that is referred to from, say, 500 years ago?

SW: Grace is eternal so it has not changed much I don’t imagine, but our understanding now is vast compared to 500 years ago and with that, our ability to work with it.

Why have you written about it?

SW: Grace is a gift-the gift of respite from people’s pain. It’s vast and exciting. And we’re learning that it actually is a very technical subject that offers humans a sophisticated psychological comprehension of self . . . it offers us hope. We’ve observed, for example, that miracle healings come from it, because sickness is a breakdown of the digital-fractal code that describes the proper functioning of a human liver, say. It’s as though we’ve been able to observe the mechanics, or the science, if you will, of the same grace often referred to by religion. But like any technology, we’ve had to learn about it and comprehend the information flow and what to do with it. To that end, Grace Gaia and the End of Days is the first of many possible handbooks.

Can you explain your technique for accessing grace? How might it resolve someone’s pain in practical, day-to-day terms?

I recommend meditation for 24-minutes a day ideally, using a theta metronome to take you down to a lower brain speed while you train yourself to stay awake. Trance is a semi-comatose state which we all go into every night while asleep, so it is natural. Anyone can learn to see visions if they can achieve the trance state (4-7 cycles a second of brain speed) and stay awake, in order to experience and retain visions

When you are in the trance state,  the serenity of it allows you to access the data laden codes of grace because you are disconnected from the discordant energy of the world around you. You become pure and your mental chatter is less active. Grace is received at this more complex level as visions, extrasensory perception and subtle feelings that are usually far more accurate than reason and the waking mind.

I have seen grace flow as a divine wind that looked gold to me, when in the trance state myself, and I have seen it come down to us as complex tubes that exist in the hyper-state, that quantum physics describes, and latch to the crown chakra. In those tubes is the offer of a miracle healing expressed as digital-fractal codes of vast complexity. This serves to align the person who is ill to the new codes and their inherent blessing.

Or the digital-fractal codes provide a feeling of peace and well-being to someone who is suffering from worry and anxiety. I believe it comes in part from a person’s higher-self and the inner knowing that has our well-being a heart.

So in terms of helping someone on a practical, day-to-day level, often the intuition that comes from grace offers creative solutions to problems in the here-and-now, like paying the rent or making a car payment. So grace might appear, for example, in the form of a money-making idea or a creative project that may will generate new income.

You say we “download” this data-grace-as “visions, extrasensory perception, and dreams” due to the nature of the human “operating system” so to speak. This data bypasses the brain?

SW: It does not by-pass the brain as that is where we understand the eventual delivery of the information, but the ‘blip’ in which that download is contained is not comprehensible. Like a compressed Zip file, it has to first be unlocked and delivered to the hard disk, your brain.

Is grace missing from modern life?

SW: It is. Grace is a component of people’s lives if they are soft. But we are obsessed with ourselves, with our importance, our specialness, ego-trips and materialism . . . and we often can’t perceive beyond all that noise in order to experience grace. In one of my books, I call the collective mind of man the Global-Ego. It is the ego’s desire for itself that destroys an individual, and it is also the Global-Ego’s destiny to falter. So it is from that perspective that I call this the end of days, the end of the world as we know it, because it’s the end of the world of hyper-consumerism. An  it’s my hope this book might inspire people to take to the spiritual journey within so they can see and become safer.

How did you arrive at this understanding of grace?

SW: It was complex, it took eight years. Much of our understanding came from information that was shown through thousands upon thousands of visions-and I’m  lucky to know eight of the greatest visionaries in the world-and with their information laced in with my 200,000 visions, we gradually triangulated a subjective comprehension of the data bank we call grace. These visions are akin, really, to the power of the Delphic Oracle and many are informative explaining or showing the nature of the hyperstate reality. Then some are prophetic. They accurately indicate our destiny and things that will happen in the next few months or even years.

Sometimes these visions play as a video clip would on TV, showing information often so pin point in it’s accuracy that can later be verified as events unfold day to day . . . and there is always the problem of corrupt information or flights of fancy of course, but if a vision shows, as one of mine did, the exact time of a plane crash in NY to the very minute, then one can’t argue.

And sometimes the visions appear as pictures and words in the mind’s eye, some black and white, but most in color. Some of these visions are very beautiful fractal nature, geometries and words and information. We learned of other dimensions, heavens and hells and magical worlds and worlds so complex in their digital-fractal topography there no real words to describe them. There is a shamanistic quality to some of them.

You know for some people reading this, what you’re describing might sound like something out of a science fiction movie.

I know that some of this may seem far out, but in fact when people dream at night, they dream inside these Aluna Mirror Worlds, so everyone has a passing knowledge of the celestial world we speak of even, if their waking mind does not remember much. It is akin to the Aboriginal Dreamtime that is well-known and documented.

And then science today-string theory and quantum mechanics-also describes the world as we know it in fantastic terms and gives evidence of these multiple dimensions.

How did you correlate the information from these visions with an understanding of grace?

SW: Because we realized the visions we see are inside grace. In other words, the visions are a gift of grace, the gift being information. And in the speckled ambience of grace are tens of thousands of doorways that take one to other worlds where there is even more information.

Is this related to the “quantum mysticism” that Deepak Chopra talks about?

SW: Yes it is akin to what Deepak speaks of, a sort of quantum mysticism, for it shows us how all things are linked in a holographic universe that is vast and small at the same time. Fritjof Capra’s bestseller The Tao of Physics also talked of this unity.

In your first book, Miracles, published back in 1984, you wrote extensively about concepts later popularized in the book The Secret. How has to your work evolved?

SW: My early work was much influenced by my Taoist teacher, and my mid-period in the ’80s was all about money and success. I wrote The Trick to Money is Having Some then. And it was only later after 2000 that my writing went to the fractal worlds, the Morph and the hyper state of our 26-reality as described by Michio Kaku in his book Hyperspace.

For those who’ve never read Stuart Wilde, are there other of your books you might suggest for additional background?

SW: The Infinite Self wraps it all up, and God’s Gladiators unwraps it.

Grace, Gaia, and the End of Days is out from Hay House this March, 2009. For more information go to www.stuartwilde.com

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