Oil Spill & Law of One- Part I

Oil Spill & Law of One- Part I

By Dr. Stewart Bitkoff

Every day I watch NEWS coverage about the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, and its growing effect on the region, and I am filled with a deep, profound sadness. It just isn’t the poor ‘greaser’ birds that are covered with slime, or the dead fish and polluted marshlands; or the out of work fisherman and summer vacationers that will not have a clean beach to recreate upon that makes me sad. It’s the effect, this regional catastrophe will have upon the entire planet and the interplay of BP’s greed along with our own government’s inability to solve basic problems that tares me apart.

From reports, it appears that the reason for the explosion and spillage is due to people rushing to make money, not following safety regulations or having an adequate safety plan.  Also, government regulators seem to not have been doing their jobs. It’s always easy to blame someone . . .

Personally, I see this as a moral issue, where many have given their life’s energy to making a buck, and have forgotten the Universal Law of One. Yes, we are all connected and share this planet as visitors and care takers.  Here a self-seeking energy conglomerate and their careless action, thousands of miles away, affects me as well as the others about me. For too long many corporations have focused solely on the bottom line; and our government has reached the point, because of its involvement through lobbyist funding and special interests, government officials are seemingly incapable of doing their jobs.  By looking the other way, laziness and accepting gifts, many officials have chosen to think of themselves first rather than those they serve.

Eventually, the leaking well will be capped, a major clean-up effort will restore some surface level order, investigations and new laws will be passed, a culprit will be blamed, people will be reimbursed for their losses through the oil companies obscene profits, however, the problem is much deeper than it appears. It is a question of morality and what is happening to us all at a very basic, even microscopic level.

Do you really think, that the clean-up effort will completely eradicate all traces of oil? My fear is that, eventually, through evaporation and new cloud formation, small particles of oil will fall from the sky as rain water. Then all across the planet, drinking water and fish will become affected by oil tainted water and during meals pass along oil particles to people.

Perhaps, our bodies will adjust to this new oil tainted environment, hopefully, without a host of medical problems. It seems this multi-level set of problems will take generations to overcome.

Yet, the real problem, as I indicated earlier is a moral one.  BP is made-up of individual share holders- people like you and me- who are just fine with the goal of their company making money at any cost.  Will CEO and Board of Directors get fired or brought-up on criminal charges?  Also, we in America seem to be going along just fine with a government that doesn’t solve its problems anymore. Sure we complain about the government’s inefficiency, we call for investigations, watch countless experts on TV point fingers, and read funny e-mails.  Yet, nothing is changing.

Again, the problem is a moral one. When will our society focus on developing good, honest citizens, who make good decisions that help the most people?  Instead of developing good consumers who consume the most money? Our collective goal must be to develop good lawyers, doctors, nurses, school teachers, corporate officers and elected officials who will cry out and demand change when a corporation has as its singular goal: making money, instead of making money and helping the entire society reach higher.

People forget we all connected- that is the Law of One.  And unless we change our focus very quickly, from a personal to a more universal one, ‘a hard rain is gonna fall.’  And this time it will be filled with microscopic particles of oil, that will pollute you and me and the entire planet.

Remember, we are all connected . . . that is the First Universal Law.

Look for Part II- Oil Spill and Better People.

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