Oil Spill & Better People- Part II

Oil Spill & Better People- Part II

By Dr. Stewart Bitkoff

Gradually in this age we are remembering, authentic religious and spiritual teachings are tolerant and The main purpose of religion and spiritual development systems is to provide a basis from which a more complete, balanced life and society can be created. Ideally, religion and spiritual development systems provide a set of rules, a moral code and structure that can be used in daily life, and with training an inner yard stick develops against which to evaluate personal and societal action. Daily, this moral code provides a framework to help the individual and society make positive decisions which affect the greater good; when the spiritual traveler has added a measure of personal spirituality to their life, they have a vision of what is possible personally and for society.

Spiritual development systems, like Sufism, were the original human development systems and were designed to foster human excellence, one person at a time.  These personal development systems work alongside religion; being the basis from which this more advanced spiritual learning occurs.  When better people are created, who have added a degree of spiritual awareness to their other skills, a healthier more complete society is created, through individual personal excellence.

Slowly across the planet, there is re-emerging a vision of the First Universal Law; that everything on this planet is all One- we are all Children of One God and must learn to share this planet with each other. This inner connectedness, that we are all part of the same family, has the potential to save us all.  What is growing, is the understanding that we are indeed our brother’s keeper, and it matters if thousands of children die from starvation, or others blow themselves up to get even with their ‘oppressors.’

Remember, because we all connected, we cannot take from each other without it affecting us all.  Today, because of the potential destructiveness of our technology, unless we work for common good, we can literally destroy ourselves.  Witness the devastation by the atomic bomb and the oil spill in the gulf.

While religion and spiritual development systems can rightfully be blamed for many of the wars and injustices in the world, most often when this has occurred there was a directed manipulation of sorts; a situation where an individual power broker or religious leader used religious ideology to reach their own selfish end.  Typically, the ‘fear and reward’ mechanism was involved and the scenario ran something like this.  “Ours is the only true path, and because ours is the only true path, we have been instructed from on High, that we have a responsibility to do ‘such and such.’  Further, all unbelievers must follow the only true path as well, and follow these instructions, because they come from on High.  Also, if you follow this set of instructions, good things will happen to you. If you do not, bad things will occur.  Sociologically, this type of motivation, is a form of indoctrination and brain washing.

Gradually in this age we are remembering, authentic religious and spiritual teachings are tolerant and based upon love; where individuals are taught, over a period of time, to make their own decisions. With authentic spiritual teaching, individuals are not threatened or motivated by personal reward; they are motivated by what is best for the situation and have developed an inner spiritual sense to measure potentials against.  Coercion through fear and reward, creates fanatics and automatons, who have no tolerance for different ways of believing. Multiplicity of religious form, because people are different across time and culture, frightens them.

After the investigation of what went wrong in the gulf coast, it is likely what will emerge is that specific individuals used the fear and reward motivation to feed personal gain. The boss said, work faster, take some short cuts, and we will be rewarded.

Cut corners, get this well online, feed the God of Money and we can all take more from the situation. Further, if you do not follow me, you will be fired.

Where were the spiritual champions to stop this dangerous situation from developing?  It seems that there was at least person who stood-up for what was in everyone’s best interest; and sadly he died on the rig. He knew what was right and took action; as a planet, we need to help create more people like this.

Look for Part III- 10 Steps to Create Better People

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