October message from the faeries

October message from the faeries

by Diomira Rose

Let Food Be Thy Medicine. Let the Faeries Be Thy Guide

Food is everything. Everything can be important. It is the intention you put behind an action that determines the level of power and impact it wields. That which you put your heart into brings you close to God. God is where the heart is. Working with food is working with Nature. You can either work in harmony with it, or in discord. You can unconsciously throw something together, or you can consciously co-create a beautiful masterpiece of flavors and aromas. Faeries help things to grow. Why would the process with Nature stop there? When a plant or vegetable becomes full-grown the nature spirit doesn’t wave good bye as if seeing it off to college. The Deva doesn’t suddenly cut it off and say, “Ok my job is done. See you later.” No. The relationship is woven into the very fibers of the form itself. It isn’t until the form changes that the relationship is complete. Therefore we can call on the nature spirit of the particular fruit, plant, or herb we are working with in order to co-create. We can also call on the deva of that species to give us a greater insight and understanding into how to work with this particular aspect of nature. What flavors bring out the best in these oyster mushrooms? How should I cook this broccoli? In what way could the full potential of this red kuri squash be utilized?

We can also go a step further. Again nature supplies form. The faeries are masters of form. Perhaps we have a refrigerator full of wonderful food. Why not have a vision of what we might like to create, and let Nature do the rest. For example, it is a cold and rainy day. I want soup. I would connect with the faeries first. Perhaps in this case the deva of cooking. I would welcome any other faery friends who would like to share their creativity with me. I would also connect with my higher self to make sure that our creation was in alignment with my highest good (since my higher self has got it goin’ on and knows these things). You could go deeper, too. If I were healing I may connect with the deva of healing. If I wanted creativity I might connect with the deva of creative inspiration, and so forth. Once I got my posse I would state my intention aloud: “I want to create a delicious soup that is healing and brings inspiration.” Then watch it grow. You can allow the vision to unfold. It may begin to take form in your mind’s eye, or you may hear the first step. Just do it. Don’t ask. We must trust. You may not hear anything either; you may simply get a feeling.

The next time you choose to engage in a cooking adventure. Try consciously connecting with the appropriate team of faeries. See what happens. You may be surprised at the creation that comes to life before your eyes. After all, who better to ask for guidance on cooking something than the one who helped to grow it? ;-)

With Love and Faery Light,

Diomira Rose and the Faeries

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