November message from the faeries

November message from the faeries

Who are the faeries? They are an aspect of God’s kingdom, an expression of the Divine just as you are. The faeries have no religion and no creed. They worship the Eternal One just as we do. They are somewhere between human and angel. This month they teach us about the rainbow. The Rainbow of light. So many of us are attracted to this miracle of nature. It is such a surreal experience to behold. It is real, and yet it is so fleeting, so transient in nature that one may think to glimpse it is a figment of the imagination; it holds such wonder, such beauty. This is the wave-form that the faeries came to earth on.

For so long the faeries have been associated with pagan practices and religion. This is because the pagans are one of many Earth-based religions, where the Earth is honored and loved like the living being that she is. Working with the faeries however, does not belong to the pagans and Wicca practitioners alone. The Faeries are universal. They were here long before organized religion came to be known on the planet. They can be friends and allies to all of us. They have never been attached to one teaching or another – they are children of the rainbow! They acknowledge those who honor the Earth; they work with those who act in Love; they respect those who respect them, as they are God’s creatures not unlike animals, plants, angels, minerals and all the rest of creation!

You have heard the phrase “all the colors of the rainbow”. All colors moving together as one field of light, but each retaining its own individualized unique expression. The faeries can be thought of as beings of the rainbow. This is what they bring to us to ponder and remember this month. As different as each color is, they all coexist for the greater good of the whole. Why can we too not coexist for the greater good of the whole regardless of our differences? Does our uniqueness not in fact enhance those around us? When we shine our light in all its grandeur are we not a blessing to all whom we touch?

How can we heal ourselves, so that we can own who we are and radiate that expression out in the world? We must remember. Encoded within the rainbow is much wisdom and much love. Great healing energy lies within its colors. To begin to understand it, we must first open ourselves up to the blessings of the universe and receive, for color is all around us. Each color expresses differently in the world of light and form. Every color has a particular vibration that is unique to it, and a set of qualities. As a ray of colored light bathes something, it infuses it with these qualities. Here are some qualities that I have felt within each color:

  • Red – life force energy, grounding, power, alertness
  • Orange – creativity, joy, sexual energy
  • Yellow – focus, clarity, will, abundance
  • Pink – love, tenderness, compassion
  • Green – balance, harmony, healing energy
  • Blue – Tranquility, truth, communication, serenity
  • Violet – transmutation, wisdom, higher learning, angelic connection
  • White – purity, cleansing, clearing
  • Silver – dreaming, intuition, lunar energy
  • Gold -Divinity, illumination, enlightenment

Try these colors on.

Close your eyes. Allow these colors to wash over you one by one. Feel the distinct vibration and energy of each. Notice how each affects you. Perhaps you revel in one color, while another feels unsettling. The list above is just a guideline; nothing is set in stone. What qualities do you feel in each color? This is a simple healing meditation, but the effects can be quite profound.

Through bringing the color rays into your field you can begin to work with the energy of the rainbow.  It is in this way that the rainbow will begin to reveal its secrets to you. Ask the faeries to be your guides for they understand this energy like no other.

With Love and Faery Light,

Diomira Rose and the Faeries

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