No Pressure

No Pressure

by Lucinda Romeijn

There are very few of us who watch the sun come up in the morning and feel there is a job in it for them.  Pulling this charismatic source of life up from underneath the horizon simply feels like too big a task for human hands to contribute anything of value to.

Aside from things like planets spinning around their axes there is little we humans don’t enjoy meddling with. Seasons change all on their own and animals have no problem migrating to a designated location they’ve never been to before. This without the help of an electronic voice instructing them to ‘turn right at the next intersection’. In spite of having witnessed these phenomena we seem still reluctant to put a lot of faith in the natural order of things.

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Could our need to interfere be to do with the fact that we’ve gotten too smart? Is it because we’ve built such an ingenious society that we now think we hold the responsibility for everything down to creation itself?  Or does our tendency to control have more to do with us not being quite as clever as we think we are?  It’s hard to go back to where you started once you’ve progressed past a certain point.

For us modern humans to sit outside a cave at night pretending we haven’t got any ideas around what the shiny dots in the sky are isn’t reasonable. But we would certainly benefit from leaving a bit more space in our minds open to life’s mysterious workings.

Aside from providing us with a lot of luxuries, society’s progress has caused many of us to give up our ability to trust in something greater than ourselves.  The chanting medicine man invoking spirit has made place for the surgeon who prefers to take a look for himself.  Trusting the land to provide for us has given has given way to working around the clock to make enough money to sustain ourselves. When someone dies or something comes to an end we berate ourselves for not having done all we could to prevent the tragedy from happening. Our development gives us the opportunity to collaborate in an advanced way with universal order, which is not to be confused with completely trying to take things over.

There are many people who are aware of this. Still, our acquired knowledge often works against us, because when the moment asks for it, we are unable to let go and allow life to take its course.  The progress of our modern society is nothing to look down on but without a foundation of trust and surrender our many undertakings come with a likelihood of stress.

We’d probably come a long way if we simply learned to give things some time. A big part of our stress comes from wanting things when we want them and not one minute later will do.  Life knows exactly when to yield to us what we need. Trying to rush this process by using force or heavy machinery to make it happen tends to create unnecessary difficulties. It can even shock things to a halt.

One way to get our foot off the gas is to find a little appreciation for the things life so generously gives to us. All too often when we unwrap a gift that is bestowed upon us we can hardly wait to rush to the store and exchange it for something better.  But if we were to just flip it over in our hands a few times and look at it from different angles we might see it is exactly what we need. Life is a confident gift giver and it doesn’t provide us with a receipt to run and second guess its purchases.

While we are at it we could also do with showing ourselves some appreciation. Doing the best we can in the midst of a whole lot of confusion is no small achievement and it would do us good to acknowledge this. Self doubt causes us to always strive to become in some way better or other than we are at this particular moment. And as we all know, trying to get away from something is not a good foundation for positive change.  For those who are worried about appreciating themselves to a standstill; being at ease with who we are right now will never stop us from growth. If anything, a little self-encouragement will more easily take us to new heights because the relationship between having faith in ourselves and trusting in life is an intimate one indeed.

Another way to give our problem-solving brains some rest is to allow the idea that seemingly undesirable situations can ultimately be of great help to us. Even something as serious as disease can serve a purpose beyond our understanding and a person doesn’t always benefit from rushing in and doing all they can to eradicate the condition, without feeling into why it has appeared. Minds rich with the knowledge of countless beneficial therapies may find this difficult to accept. But our hearts are more open to a divine order and the possibility of miracles. They have the capacity to tune in and give circumstances the kind of attention they require without the need to overpower them.

It seems at this point in our development as the human race we are beginning to harmonize progress with intuition. With our ingenuity and our faith in a happier marriage, advancement can continue in a way that doesn’t interfere with our ability to relax.

The simplicity of easing off on the pressure we put on ourselves to make it all work will allow a chance for inspiration to sneak in and show us the way to actions that truly enhance our lives. As an added bonus, taking a break from continuous effort will provide us with some well-deserved free time to enjoy the beauty of being alive.

Lucinda RomeijnAbout the author:
Lucinda Romeijn is a writer and counselor from Amsterdam. Her focus is on unveiling the innate beauty that each of us is made of. Through guidance and bodywork she helps people reconnect to their authentic selves so that well-being can flow into their lives more easily.

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