New Year in the Age of Aquarian Consciousness

New Year in the Age of Aquarian Consciousness

by Vivitha Naidu

Dear souls,

A wonderful 2018 to you and to the earth’s 6th year in the Aquarian age.

Many of us could be setting our intentions in the coming weeks to what we would love to bring forth this year. You may have noticed or begun to feel a little differently about your desires, like they have evolved from a personal focus to a more encompassing one. We begin to feel into the universal matrix of life where we are all interconnected, and start to learn that individualism can’t bring us true fulfillment.

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This can feel like an internal restlessness in a positive manner, if one embraces their own organic growth process towards living a meaningful holistic life of inner and outer contribution. By that I mean your personal journey in life follows your personal timing, through an organic growth process, and is not influenced by comparison with others or perceived achievement benchmarks. It allows linear timing to take a second seat to Divine timing.

This need to give a voice to our deepest desires is not unusual since entering the Aquarian age in 2012.

What is the Aquarian Age?

Following western astrology, there are 12 constellation signs we are familiar with, from Aries to Taurus and ending with Pisces. However astrological ages are calculated in reverse, or in retrograde. Thus the year 2012 brought closure to the Piscean age which the world had been in for 2000 years within the Pisces zodiac. Which famously could be the misinterpretation of the Mayan calendar by modern society, as the ‘end’ of the world. Rather it was an end to a cycle bringing the earth into the beginning of a 2000 year cycle in the Aquarius constellation, metaphorically we can say the earth is 6 years old as per 2018.

There are many metaphysical interpretations of the Aquarian age, this is my personal take on it, so please always keep in mind what holds meaning for you, stems from how it feels personally to you.

The constellation of Aquarius is typically represented by a picture of water and a maiden pouring water from it.

A maiden is a woman who is independent in her power, her choices and is self guided. All this is necessary as she begins to move forward in the world. The energies of maidenhood represents sovereignty, it has little to do with cultural or religious interpretations such as that of a woman’s virtue or sexuality.

Next, the continuous flow of water shown flowing from the water pitcher to a stream. It represents the continuous stream of consciousness, a flow and flexibility of the mind, along with our subconscious and emotions. Are we aware of what we are pouring out into the world? Are we responsible for our thoughts and emotions?

The Aquarian millennium brings us the gift of individuality, independence, standing apart from external expectations such as societal, religious and familial structures. Moving apart from the collective way of thinking in the Piscean age, which brought us organizations in all forms, hierarchical structure, and collective conformity. We can see the tangible effects by the dismantling of many organizations in the areas of health, financial and gender dominance; it is not a coincidence with the energies of the maiden we are seeing more people becoming self advocates on issues which matter to them, the wave of feminine empowerment by women globally and men embracing their emotions openly.

To understand further where we have moved from, and how we are still shaking off the remaining energies of the Piscean age, let us look the at the symbolism of the fish in the Pisces zodiac. There are two fish, representing living in a school or a collective. Globally we took comfort in being in a group, spiritually, emotionally and mentally, which is not a bad thing, rather it was a primeval means of survival as venturing out alone from the tribe risked death from external elements. On the other hand, this has led to co-dependency, disbelief in one’s personal power, pushing aside personal aspirations for the good of the group, fear of speaking out about unfairness or uncomfortable issues in order to conform to the status quo.

For those who wish to embrace or discover their truth and personal path apart from external influences, there is no better time than the present to do so. The energetic conditions are in favour of personal growth and responsibility.

In this New Year and onwards, step aside from external comparisons or perceived success. Before you set your intentions, feel into what really matters to you, for life is truly a journey and not a race.

Where would you like to see inner and outer growth materialise? Using the popular intention of healthy eating as an example; what is your intention for eating well? Perhaps it to improve a health condition or have more daily energy. Remember, an intention sets a base to which you can return, whenever you feel off course.

Externally, what practices have you planned to support this inner desire? Such as a designated grocery day with a shopping list prepared, time for researching or reading about healing foods, or if you are a person who works out of the home, consider using a meal planner, cooking meals under 30 minutes or using a healthy home cooked meal delivery service.

Any time you feel off course, return to your intention first and then look at other ways to assist it, if the initial ways have not brought the desired results, it doesn’t mean you have failed, it could be that particular way is more suited to others and you need another that suits you.

The Aquarian energies are about using your creative mind for long term visions. Stay true to your personal desires with confidence and allow life to creatively inspire your mind.

Wishing you an enlightening new year,


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About the author:

Vivitha Naidu is a Metaphysical Medium and Soul Transitionist. Since childhood she has been able to feel the different realms on Earth, Professionally she was a Registered Nurse which she gradually left as she furthered her metaphysical and professional training in clinical hypnotherapy, mediumship, angelic connections, and exploring women’s and children’s healing arts with several international teachers. She lives in Malaysia, where she offers her services online globally via her website,

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