New Reincarnation Book Reveals Life After Death

New Reincarnation Book Reveals Life After Death

Have you ever questioned what happens after you die? Does the thought of spending eternity in one place bring you anxiety? To Earle Hanna, life after death is nothing short of an adventure. From his new book My Reincarnations: Time Traveler, readers can gain perspective on life’s tough questions through his personal testimonies.

As a self-proclaimed psychic, Earle has been talking about his past lives since the age of three. With his past being proven by historical evidence, My Reincarnations: Time Traveler is Earle’s way of sharing with readers how he has seen and communicated with people that have passed on. From personal adventures to his many accomplishments, Earle describes in detail the centuries he was a part of in his book.

“I have traveled forward through time for many centuries to reach the present. I have stopped for a while to start a new life only to be forced to move on once again,” Earle said.

Besides sharing his reincarnations, Earle also wants his book to encourage others to do the right thing so that they can stay in the kingdom of God.

“The three main things to focus on are to be charitable, treat everyone with respect, and don’t turn on others when they need help,” Earle said.

Through Earle’s perfectly documented non-fiction stories, readers will learn about reincarnation from a fresh perspective. After reading My Reincarnations: Time Traveler, you won’t have to think twice about what happens in the afterlife.

My Reincarnations: Time Traveler
By: Earle Hanna
ISBN: 978-1-4907-5735-3
Available in softcover, hardcover, e-book
Available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Trafford

About the author 
Earle Hanna, past president of Vanish Exterminating Corporation, began writing at the age of 15 when his first short story was published. Now the author of Would You be Interested in Traveling through a Portal in Time and My Reincarnations: Time Traveler, Hanna is sharing for the first time personal events that have happened in his past lives. Hanna currently resides in Langhorne, Pa., and is a member of the National Writers Association.

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